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  1. Not to sure that may depend on the style of your glasses, when my wife uses them she wears her contact lens, I think you can get prescription lens from aimcam. Hope this helps Cheers Kev
  2. Aimcam Pro 2 Only used a few times, comes with hard and soft cases, three sets of lenses (black/yellow/clear), also has a 16GB card. For full specs please follow this link https://www.aimcam.co.uk/ £140 + £5 delivery
  3. Kevster66

    Ferrets as Pets

    We had some when we were kids, some for rabbiting, one my sister used to walk with a cat harness and lead 😁
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=541128403383758&id=2315356868496656
  5. Ron Thompson fishing jacket, never worn size is medium. £35 posted. Pm me if you want more photos
  6. XL Open Field Wax Jacket, in good condition no tears in pockets etc £40 posted can txt more pics if required pm me
  7. Thanks all, think I'll get some poles and use dead birds see how it goes
  8. Hi All looking at buying some bouncers/flappers and not sure whether to go for the Enforcer Pro or the Sillosocks Hypa-Flap. Anyone used either of these? if so which would you recommend Cheers
  9. Hi, not from that area but I believe there is a club at Wadebridge - https://www.greenleisure.co.uk
  10. Thank you I'll make an enquiry through the site about joining Cheers Kev
  11. Hi Bird Scarer Thanks for the invite, I can't make tonight as I don't finish work until 7pm, I see from your website you meet the 2nd Monday of each month, that should fall on the 8th April which is great as I am off that day so could come then if that's ok? Cheers Kev
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