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  1. Thank you so much for you answers! I believe that you are both correct, but that Smokersmith pin pointed it. It is probably an B26 or B27, which sadly makes it a no deal for me. The gun is valued as an B25 A1, and then I can just buy an A1. But I value all of the information very highly. So thank you again! Best regards, Gustaf
  2. I guess so, the discription says "Belgian over and under, brand: FN". (Loosely translated) The picture i posted is the only picture the auction house have posted, so I don't have anything more too go on. I have however sent an e-mail to the auction house, but they have not yet replied.
  3. Thank you! I watched that list earlier and that's why I couldn't figure out what gun it could be since they state it's an FN, and it looks similar to a B25. If anyone would have an idea about what gun it is, I would still be interested in hearing it.
  4. Hi, I'm interested in a gun at an auctionhouse, but I'm not sure what gun it is. The description says it's an belgian FN O/U with serial number 74J10754. Is it a Browning B25? Best regards Gustaf from Sweden
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