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  1. Cheddite are proper cartridges awesome throughout the range
  2. Hudson12

    22 rim fire

    I’m left handed mate but tbh I don’t think it matters too much does it I’m near Lancaster but work all over the country
  3. Hudson12

    22 rim fire

    Where abouts is he mate
  4. Hudson12

    22 rim fire

    Anyone a cheap package knocking about please
  5. I’ve a Stalon on my 243 very light and quiet also amazed at the difference when I tried it without reduced the kick also
  6. I just got a Howa plastic case from Malmo hubs cheap enough and decent for transporting rifle safely About
  7. I’ve one for my little fella cracking little gun for the money
  8. Use Cheddite all the time and really like them use smart strike 28g and if allowed Mach 3 these are non fibre I rate them and I’ve tried tales of cartridges and a good price too
  9. Welldone mate know the feeling got my first roe a few months ago just about to set out this morning on the hill for hopefully my first red stag
  10. I’m away October for the boar and applied for 308 and was granted it no bother came within the week on ticket it says AOLQ also no just boar
  11. Hi it’s a Moore power 1800w Dc 12v to Ac240volt invertor I had it in my work van but no longer need it all works perfectly just not brand new looking £25 plus postage
  12. I’ve an invertor for sale if your looking for one quite high powered complete with leads and battery terminals
  13. Anyone offering any guided days yet northwest please
  14. Just on a bottle of Glenn moray quite a nice tipple also
  15. Sadly whisky doesn’t last to long either in my house either
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