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  1. I have bought a 525 and I absolutely love it couldn’t hit a barn door at first but tbh I’m new to the game but I’m getting the hang of it now and tbh shooting pretty well glad I bought it just a great gun full stop
  2. Unsure how to get the picture to show rather than the just the link
  3. No mate was there getting humane killer parts last week
  4. Well folks I got the ticket the other week and bought the gun a browning B525 sporter and since owning it I have almost used it every day from clays to squirrels.This morning I had the chance to go out deer stalking with a friends dad and although i didn’t get anything what an experience watching the woods and fields come alive from the high seat then taking a slow walk up the valley and through a couple of woods a truly enjoyable morning out even with not a shot fired.I can see myself applying for the rifle next my mates dad who takes people on the DSC courses has offered to mentor me and help me fill out the forms ect.Tbh I was planning on getting the fac at some point but perhaps after I’d held the SGC for a while.He said why wait get in to them now I’ll sort the land and everything you need to apply for it ect.Whats folks views on this as I did have a criminal record albeit 18 years ago would this effect the fac or have I satisfied them hence why I’ve now been given the SGC
  5. Hudson12

    Kids shotgun

    Thanks but I think that may be too much of a punch for him to start with he isn’t a very big kid
  6. Any cartridge bags still for sale please
  7. Hudson12

    Kids shotgun

    Wanted 410 over and under for my kids if anyone has anything about
  8. As title says anyone help for a day or two please northwest area but willing to travel fully insured ect useless shot but guaranteed laugh
  9. I applied at the beginning of January around twelve weeks it took
  10. Hi folks I saw an advertisement today for Northwwst pigeon services has anyone had any days out with them are they any good if so anyone a contact for them please
  11. Well folks the ticket has landed and tommorow I will be collecting my gun and going shooting thanks to everyone who gave me advice along the way
  12. I was told I would either receive my ticket through the post within a month or get a visit to receive the reason why I wasn’t getting it
  13. I’ve recently been listening to the country gent podcasts and on there they have had Robert Everett from Hull cartridges who went into the whole range at quite some depth.The partridge cartridge from what I made out was aimed at the mega high stuff and he also goes into what he uses ect and for the his really high stuff pheasants ect he opts for 32,5.Although I’ve no experience and I suppose my comments are irrelevant i whilst awaiting my ticket to come through have spent hours and hours reading up and looking into cartridges ect and tbh after listening to the podcasts I’m planning on going down the Hull route finding one that does my job and sticking with it.Another plus is they do a clay cartridge to almost match the game equivalent this for me as a new comer I will find to a benefit to get onto the swing of things
  14. Perhaps I should of watched till the end but tbh the running pheasant then the headless pigeon was enough
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