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  1. Yes of course, I hadn't considered it an unfair comparison, but it clearly is. Thank you for your responses.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has both NV systems, and can therefore compare them side by side. I have a Photon XT and was wondering if the performance of the Pard was better. Many Thanks.
  3. What size scope do you have? 2.5 - 10 x 50?
  4. I have just bought a Tikka .17 hmr and want a new scope for it. Does anyone use the calibre dedicated scopes from Hawke? I am thinking of getting a Hawke 4-12×40 Rimfire .17 HMR Scope Any information, personal experiences gratefully received. Many Thanks
  5. I felt the Tikka was light, hollow and plastic like. I want to like it but,.... All noted, thank you. I know nothing of the Sako, so I'll have to do some research. Yes! This is what I mean. It feels very different to hard plastic and I like it. Very pleased to hear that it survives very well. Thank you for checking.
  6. I don't need the Varmint barrel, but I do like the balance of the rifle. I had a CZ 452 American before, that I bought second-hand and wanted to buy new. The CZ feels right to the shoulder and in the hand. The Tikka looks great but the stock feels a bit hollow and plastic-like. However looking beyond that, will I regret not buying one whilst I have the chance? A question only I can answer. The CZ, I feel has a fantastic reputation as a very capable hunting rifle and I'm sure it will do the business in the field. Currently I am watching every you tube vid I can find and reading the internet in an attempt to reach a decision. I really appreciate everyone's input. And very nice shooting. I too wouldn't have taken the 5th shot.
  7. Thank you for that. Glad you like your Tikka
  8. Thanks Barbel, I appreciate your response.
  9. It might not be an official description, but one used by one of the RFD's that I have visited. It does not feel like the hard plastic of the Tikka or a Ruger American, but has a slightly softer/rubberlike texture. Thank you for that. Have you had any issues with it at all? or has it been fine right out of the box?
  10. Thank you, is yours a synthetic stock and has it maintained its condition? I read that they can look shabby after a few outings, but I find it hard to believe CZ would continue to use this method if there was an issue.
  11. I am considering buying the above rifle (new) and would really appreciate any comments. It has a black synthetic soft touch stock. 16" barrel. The Tikka TX1 is also on the list, but is slightly more expensive, however not outside of the budget. Whichever rifle I get I'd get a new scope for it. (Total budget £800) Many thanks
  12. I will indeed, I'm thinking as there are no bad remarks coming back it might be worth a go.
  13. I watched 'Winchester' on Netflix recently, it was pretty good. Also 'Calibre' another shooting related film, enjoyed that one too.
  14. Anyone use these or have any comments on them? Cheers. https://discoveryoptics.co.uk/
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