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  1. Thank you for this. I opted to zero at 120 yards, then set out paper targets to check the drop. The PBR you quoted was spot on. Also I used to zero from a makeshift folding bench (workmate and a piece of ply) and a folding chair, but recently came across an article that said, if you shoot from sticks, zero from sticks, don't expect a bench zero to be the same when using sticks. So tonight, I zeroed from my trigger sticks and got to say, I'm pleased with the result.
  2. Thank you very much, very helpful
  3. yes I think you right, I put out some targets and work it out. Thank you.
  4. It's not the far distance so much as the closer stuff. I have missed seemingly easy shots when a rabbit has appear at say 20 yards. 100 yards is the furthest distance I regularly shoot at.
  5. I have a Tikka 17 HMR which is zeroed at 100 yards and was wondering if a zero at 125 yards would give a practical Point Blank Range. I get 30 yards to 115 yards with a 100 yard zero. I was told that a 125 yard zero would give something like 12 yards to 140 yards. Anyone any thoughts on this?
  6. Yes of course, I hadn't considered it an unfair comparison, but it clearly is. Thank you for your responses.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has both NV systems, and can therefore compare them side by side. I have a Photon XT and was wondering if the performance of the Pard was better. Many Thanks.
  8. I have just bought a Tikka .17 hmr and want a new scope for it. Does anyone use the calibre dedicated scopes from Hawke? I am thinking of getting a Hawke 4-12×40 Rimfire .17 HMR Scope Any information, personal experiences gratefully received. Many Thanks
  9. I felt the Tikka was light, hollow and plastic like. I want to like it but,.... All noted, thank you. I know nothing of the Sako, so I'll have to do some research. Yes! This is what I mean. It feels very different to hard plastic and I like it. Very pleased to hear that it survives very well. Thank you for checking.
  10. I don't need the Varmint barrel, but I do like the balance of the rifle. I had a CZ 452 American before, that I bought second-hand and wanted to buy new. The CZ feels right to the shoulder and in the hand. The Tikka looks great but the stock feels a bit hollow and plastic-like. However looking beyond that, will I regret not buying one whilst I have the chance? A question only I can answer. The CZ, I feel has a fantastic reputation as a very capable hunting rifle and I'm sure it will do the business in the field. Currently I am watching every you tube vid I can find and re
  11. Thank you for that. Glad you like your Tikka
  12. Thanks Barbel, I appreciate your response.
  13. It might not be an official description, but one used by one of the RFD's that I have visited. It does not feel like the hard plastic of the Tikka or a Ruger American, but has a slightly softer/rubberlike texture. Thank you for that. Have you had any issues with it at all? or has it been fine right out of the box?
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