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  1. Could be you're just getting used to it, it's only your third time out. Just keep practicing.
  2. Shot again today and after another hundred it's certainly getting a little easier to remember to do it naturally. Cheers all
  3. Thanks for the responses I've been shooting about a year and I think I just got used to the quirks of my other gun.
  4. Thanks! I did think this, From a bit of inspection that it's the ejector cocking levers are a bit keen on new springs, by no means a deal breaker just a tad annoying at the moment.😁 Yeah I load that way anyway so it's not been a huge pain, hopefully will wear in over the next few weeks.
  5. Recently purchased a Rizzini V3, so far has been excellent for busting clays. However when I break the gun to eject cartridges it ejects them fine but then the barrels rock back slightly and I can't put a cartridge in the bottom barrel unless I pull down slightly on the forend. The natural "resting" position on the break is a fraction out of line stopping a new cartridge going in the bottom. Gun shoots and ejects perfectly fine other than that was just looking for some guidance on what might be causing the barrels/foreend to rock back slightly.
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