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  1. It is illegal to shoot game birds on any Sunday or on Christmas Day so they may have been getting mixed up
  2. I messaged you Graham a few weeks ago, still waiting for a reply
  3. Viht N140 is a go to powder for the .308. Can also use N550 which I think is one of their faster powders.
  4. Sell it to the timber yard - they will come with a wagon and crane I would imagine, pick it up and be gone in a few minutes = lot less hassle for you.
  5. I believe to emigrate to either country, they have to want you. They are both very hard to get in to. I have relatives on Vancouver Island and looked at emigration back in 1999. It was and I think still is based on a points system - answer a set of questions, tot up your points and you either fail the minimum criteria, you exceed the minimum comfortably so can submit an application or you're borderline and can submit if you want but you really dont stand a good chance. The only people they were interested in when I looked were IT bods or hosptail 'ology' specialists. You really have to be
  6. I ran a 2007 Ranger super cab as my main vehicle for a firewood and gardening business for 7 years and put 100k on it and it was very reliable. Replaced it two years ago with an Isuzu extra cab and have been disappointed with it, can't see why some people really rate them as a work truck. Seem really high geared, cheap plastic interior. Very good on fuel though.
  7. That's a great collection of full boxes, some nice ones there. There is a group on facebook i am a member of and there are a few very knowledgeable people on there. Just search cartridge collectors
  8. Is that £7.65 for all of them???
  9. I bought some cartridges at auction in February without viewing first but thought it worth a punt! This is the box I got - I love Winchesters so was happy with the older boxes, somebody has stamped September 1969 on them!! - although they both contain only 12 cartridges. The Trap box has mostly other shells in and the Topmark box also has the wrong cartridges in. The Gamebore Buffalo is fairly recent and a full box of 12 gauge SG. The two Gamebore boxes were loaded for Arthur Turner Gunmakers of Sheffield who I have since found out closed in 2000. The jewel in the crown was the
  10. I bought some of these at auction last year - my boxes have black stenciled writing on - BN/NK/201 - which somebody told me meant they had been military issue. Mine have 4SG/28B on the top card. from the art work on the box, they may have been originally intended for wild boar.
  11. I have pulled the following information from the excellent Vihtavuori Reloading Guide: 39g 204 - no listing for 39g but powder for 40gn N133, N140, N530 40g .223 - N120,N130, N133 58g .243 - N135 N140 N550 75g .243 - N135 N140 N150 N550 100g .243 - N150 N540 N550 168g - .308 - N140 N150 N550 I use N140 for .308 with 147grain and 155 grain bullets. I note you are in Co Durham - I have an excellent RFD contact who can supply reloading consumables at excellent prices, or can when we have free movement.
  12. You're not going to the shooting show on Friday at NEC are you????
  13. Why would you want to run permanent 4WD - leads to higher mpg and wear and tear on the front axle.
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