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  1. Lever357


    Brand new MTM 100 round boxes, ideal for 38/357 6 available £5 each plus postage Advertised elsewhere
  2. Lee Challenger Press, bought new just a few years ago and only been used to load 38 Special. Comes complete with: Instruction leaflet Quick change bush inserted in press Quick change bushes Primer trays and arm Spent primer tube £65 including post to mainland UK Advertised elsewhere
  3. Only £221 at Kranks and £226 at McAvoys, Not being funny, but your pricing is way off
  4. They're only £240 ish at CDSG. McAvoys are pretty close to that price as well.
  5. Yes, a friend of mine went on a high bird shoot a few years ago and a lot of the guns were using 40 - 50 gram no3s!!!
  6. Clays and Game may do it through a courier but it is my understanding you cannot post primed cases. Even the auction houses won't do it.
  7. Looking for a set of micrometer dies for reloading .270 calibre, a full length seater and a sizing die. Preferably Redding or RCBS competition dies.
  8. Thanks Farm Boy,yes got a good deal on them. I've even used some!!! I bought an auction lot a year ago as I could see some older Winchester boxes. When I picked them up I was disappointed to find none of the boxes were full, but there were other brands in the box and I got a nice surprise when I pulled this one out. A still sealed box of Eley Jackie Stewarts!!!! Someone had put at date stamp on the top of one of the Winchester boxes - 1969!!
  9. A lit bit of Google search provides the following information - they do not have any adjustment for elevation or deflection and would probably have been used as a spotting scope on an artillery piece or on a heavy machine gun. Apparently no good for use on a rifle as all the adjustment would have to be on the mount. They were also used as the sight for the co-axial BESA machine gun in the Mk7 and 8 Churchill gun tank. Some parts may be compatible with the no32 as used on the No4T but not many.
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