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  1. A lit bit of Google search provides the following information - they do not have any adjustment for elevation or deflection and would probably have been used as a spotting scope on an artillery piece or on a heavy machine gun. Apparently no good for use on a rifle as all the adjustment would have to be on the mount. They were also used as the sight for the co-axial BESA machine gun in the Mk7 and 8 Churchill gun tank. Some parts may be compatible with the no32 as used on the No4T but not many.
  2. Had a good haul recently. I know a RFD who works from home and he was aware of my passion for cartridges beginning with a W and ending in inchester so he got these for me from a collector who was liquidating a largely centrefire collection. 500 of each in excellent condition. From the 1990s I think.
  3. Either buy them direct from Westlander at shooting shows or I know a RFD who deals from home and he has started supplying them
  4. I have used Sellier and Bellot small pistol and large rifle primers for a few years. Pay on average £32 per 1000 and have never had one fail to fire.
  5. Hiya, was just talking to someone about one of these today!!! Dont suppose its still available??

    1. mikehutt



      sorry you dont say what but if it is the 9410 then it has gone 


  6. Even cheaper to get them delivered from Just Cartridges.
  7. Yup, very easy to reload. I use Shellhouse Bullet Co 158gn bullets and have used Lovex DO32 and now use Viht N320, 3.5 grain. Straight wall cases, use carbide dies so don't have to lube and don't have to bother measuring length and trimming. I reckon I make them for £6 per 50 as opposed to £19 retail price.
  8. It is illegal to shoot game birds on any Sunday or on Christmas Day so they may have been getting mixed up
  9. I messaged you Graham a few weeks ago, still waiting for a reply
  10. Viht N140 is a go to powder for the .308. Can also use N550 which I think is one of their faster powders.
  11. Sell it to the timber yard - they will come with a wagon and crane I would imagine, pick it up and be gone in a few minutes = lot less hassle for you.
  12. I believe to emigrate to either country, they have to want you. They are both very hard to get in to. I have relatives on Vancouver Island and looked at emigration back in 1999. It was and I think still is based on a points system - answer a set of questions, tot up your points and you either fail the minimum criteria, you exceed the minimum comfortably so can submit an application or you're borderline and can submit if you want but you really dont stand a good chance. The only people they were interested in when I looked were IT bods or hosptail 'ology' specialists. You really have to be
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