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  1. Dauntsey Guns have some in stock according to their website
  2. The importers are Westlander and when my RFD looked, the prices weren't any cheaper than more readily available brands
  3. What has happened to the open end of the three cases from the left??? The cases look very waxy, like a candle.
  4. Where have you been for the last few years!!!!😁 There has been the perfect storm - elections in the US - apparently 5 million NEW gun owners. Now if each one of them wanted just 100 rounds that is an additional requirement for 500 million rounds that wasn't there previously. The bullet and primer manufacturers cannot keep up with demand from the ammunition manufacturers. Then Covid came along and shut plants down for a period of time. Once they reopened they had reduced staff levels so the output was lower. On the European front, Sellier and Bellot stopped exporting primers as they needed them to make their own ammunition which was experiencing an increase in demand. There also happens to be a war going on which is using resources from all over the globe. Shipping rates have gone up considerably too. I know one of the main importers and distributors has not had a full order from the US in over 2 years. I am also hearing importers say when primers are gone, there will be no more until 2024. Same with some powders from US.
  5. Best way to start is to sit with an experienced reloader to see the whole process. There are also lots of videos on YouTube Unfortunately, you are coming into it at a bad time as a lot of components, especially primers and bullets, are extremely difficult to obtain and have risen a lot in price. Assess why you want to reload - if its to save money and you are only shooting one calibre then I probably would not bother. The outlay on equipment to set up can be expensive. Plus sides are you can tailor the round to your rifle and it becomes a hobby in itself. google RFDs near me and you may find some that deal from home and can offer second hand gear or lower prices than retail.
  6. All are boxer primed and once fired GGG 5.56 07 headstamp, a bag of 75 £7Radway Green 5.56 98 headstamp, a bag of 93 £10Radway Green 5.56 93 headstamp, a bag of 114 £10Radway Green 5.56 RORG 93 headstamp, a bag of 100 £10Radway Green 5.56 L2A2 04 headstamp, a bag of 156 £15Radway Green 5.56 L15A1 04 headstamp, a bag of 100 £10Radway Green 5.56 L15A1 04 headstamp, a bag of 73 £7Radway Green 5.56 RG 04 headstamp, a bag of 95 £10 2 Boxes of Magtech 38 special = 100 cases £10 148 Magtech and CBC 38 special cases, fired a number of times £12 All prices plus postage and advertised elsewhere
  7. A good friend who is an RFD told me and if you think about it, it is illegal to sell a shotgun or firearm that has not been proof tested so why would they let people sell home made ammunition that had not been tested.
  8. I think you will find unless the reloaded ammunition has been proof tested, then it is illegal to sell them.
  9. Made in Belgium by FN, usually SG shot. Not rare. I have 6 boxes that have black stenciled numbers on the boxes as they were issued to the military possibly for use in the jungle. The metal case would have been an improvement over cardboard cases that had a habit of swelling in humid climates.
  10. No, 24k is the standard load on a pallet and they were being delivered direct to me hence it would have cost me money to lose a day's work waiting for a wagon to deliver and then move two pallet loads of cartridges into my garage. I really am tired of hearing "there is no money in cartridges"!!! What ever profit he was going to make he was making it very easily by just making a phonecall. Believe me, the whole experience was like trying to herd cats!!! I had to do the maths for half of them - we shoot twice a month so thats 120 cartridges per month so 1200 for say ten months. Plus 250 for a clay day we go on and say another 200 for a few rounds elsewhere. That equals 1650 - so why do you just want 1000 if you're stocking up???
  11. I did consider that but too much of an unknown quantity. No one has tried them, it was bad enough getting some to agree to buy Gamebore instead of Fiocchi!!! THE most expensive place to buy cartridges PLUS delivery No, that was to be split between 17 of us
  12. Exactly Scully!!! You would have had to have spent a fortune to actually purchase anything at the show. You are dead right about Fortis - I have a few of their jackets and over trousers and fancied the new gilet when I saw it - but not at £160!!!! And even more so when they was a jacket near it for a few quid more.
  13. Went on Saturday, enjoyed the day out and people I met but show was poor compared to previous years. Kept bumping into fellow club members who were complaining they had pockets of cash and couldn't find anything to spend it on!! I think out of 15 of us, I was the only one who bought anything shooting related - lead bullets from Shellhouse Bullet Co.
  14. I just tried to place an order for 33,000 cartridges as a group purchase, through two local gunshops. One offered £4 discount per thousand, the other??? Not a penny, same price as if you bought 1,000 over the counter.
  15. The writing has been on the wall for the last 2 years folks - presidential election in the USA = huge surge in demand for everything shooting related; apparently 5 million NEW gun owners in USA in 2019 - if each one just wanted 100 rounds thats 5 billion more rounds required than a year before; Covid = factories closed down for period of time and when reopened not fully staffed so production levels down; ammunition companies in same boat and demanding more bullets from Sierra, Berger, etc so the bullet companies cannot keep up with demand and therefore have to reduce supply for home loaders; US companies realise what is happening and look to Europe so they start importing PPU, Viht etc so in turn less available for UK market, which lets face it is tiny compared to US market. I am a servant for an RFD and have been supplying my shooting club members for 2 years and advising them to stock up - buying 200 of your favourite bullets is not stocking up! Have not had any supply issues with Viht powder so far.
  16. What make, type and weight are they????
  17. A friend of mine bought some of these from a gunshop last year. Got me a few boxes, too, £3 each and they are in as new condition.
  18. They won't be for much longer!!! Most retailers online are now advertising Federal and CCI at close to £100. In fact bench rest are £127!
  19. Are you saying he actually loads them himself?? Or are they a special order he does with one of the manufacturers? Would have thought he was on a sticky wicket selling cartridges he has loaded.
  20. They are worth nearly £100 for a 1000 at the moment. I would alter your price!!
  21. I was on Malmo Guns website last year and on one of their price lists they had the trade price on - it was more than £70 cheaper than retail. And there's no money in cartridges!!
  22. I know the price of cartridges has been discussed but here are some figures for Hull Superfast fibre. I bought 1000 in June last year for £207. A few weeks later I was in a different gun shop and they were asking £229. I mentioned it to a friend of mine and he rang a local shooting ground - they had 7000 at £209 and the next lot was going to be £236 when they came in. We bought the 7000 and split them between a few of us. That same shop is now selling them for £254 and a famous online only seller is charging £271!!!! That's nearly a 25% increase in 8 months!!! And we know they will never come down in price.
  23. Excellent!!! No problem.
  24. Hi Steve,

    I hope you are well.

    Would you be interested in Hornady bullets:

    22cal .224 52gr boat tail A-Max, part number 22492 6 boxes of 100

    22cal .224 75gr boat tail A-Max, part number 22792 15 boxes of 100

    Old style packaging

    Kind regards,


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