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  1. Hi , can you tell me where the cheapest place to buy a silencer for my 410 thanks
  2. Looking to refinish my stock , would removing the lacquer with wire wool then oiling make a difference
  3. Hd1966

    Barrel blue

    Hi my hw 35 barrel needs re-bluing are the cold blue kits any good or any other ideas
  4. Hd1966

    Night vision

    Hi guys in after a cheap night vision set up to do some night time rat hunting , anybody making them on here
  5. Hd1966

    Striup pump

    Ok I'll give it a go for £30
  6. Hd1966

    Striup pump

    Hi , are the cheap striup pumps any good on eBay for charging my s200 , got a mate with a divers bottle but thought a back up would be a good plan
  7. Checked with previous owner he was using diablo fields , and I'll check out the Cree and the web site thanks guys I'll let you know how I get on
  8. Hi just bought myself a s200 , multi shot , what's the best pellets to use , and any advice on a gun light or torch to do some night time ratting thanks
  9. I've got a cluiite I use with my lurcher, 12 v 7ah yuasa battery with an old seat belt taped to it
  10. Hd1966

    Webley omega

    Hi , Looking to get my webley omega tuned, any recommendations,
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