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  1. Im sure thats the case regarding rifles which are 2 handed weapons, but the modifications he made caused the police to deem it a 1 handed break barrel air pistol. Which are limited to 6ftlbs, the rifle would not of been below that so i assume was classed as a section 5 prohibited weapon. It ultimatley lead to the guns confiscation with no further action.
  2. As far as i found out taking the stock of and taking the barrel below 30" caused it to be classed as an air pistol, which are limited to 6ft lbs.
  3. Apparently it was for pest control in confined spaces, hed taken the barrel to less than 30" which ment it was a pistol and wasnt allowed to be over 6ft lbs. And yeah dodgy as ****.
  4. I know of someone that sawed the barrel and the stock down on a legal limit air rifle and all he got was if confiscated...needless to say its getting sorted anyway (i dont want it confiscating) and for all we know it could be pefectley fine already. The amount of legislation surrounding air rifles confuses me, iv got a barnett predator that will send a 400 grain bold at 430+ fps and its my springer thats the problem....what a country!!
  5. Don't be daft gordons probably a warm welcoming and understanding individual, just like the rest of you.......im done with this thread now if thats ok with everyone. Im late for the bank job iv been planning anyway, and theres probably a pensioner i can mug along the way. Night all
  6. Good points, well made.
  7. Taking it to gun shop monday. Says if its vastly overpowered he'l sort it or buy it if i want. He said if its only slightly over with the first pellet he fires he'l leave it because springers go stiff when sat for a few days then lose about 10% power after bieng used 2 or 3 times.
  8. I let my bsc in computer science do the taking for my brain vs your brain buddy. To think i get accused of being childish when you send messages like this. Taking it to my gun shop monday for testing.
  9. You wrote that my blade was fixed. You like many other have contested weather or not my claims are true. Iv recieved more replies telling my that the things iv said are false than i have giving me advice. If pointing that fact out and puttin people straight when they call me a liar makes me immature and ensures a less than warm welcome from yourself and those like you, then I dont think im cut out for gun ownership either. Im nothing like you petty close minded judge mental people. When people tell me about there past my first instinct isnt to try and poke holes in there story or judge them. I
  10. The football match was played on fields a stones throw from my house. The park area covers just over 2 acres and is where i spent the majority of my youth and adolesence. The only difference to any other time when i wasnt breaking the law is that an organised sporting event was taking place. Why do you think i got away without even a fine? Tht type of offence carries a few years in prison max penalty. But all it got listed as was possesion of a bladed article due to extenuating circumstances......... Something the majority of you must never have heard of. The football match was playe
  11. Very true. The difference? I was i was 17 and wasnt misrepresenting the facts on a forum to make someone look like a liar. This thread was to get advice on persuing my certificate. It says a lot about the majority of this websites patrons when it spirals into a debate about the legitimacy of my claims.
  12. Your not allowed any knives at organised football games. A fixed knife or blade over 3 inches is an offensive weapons charge not a bladed article charge......the more you know the further you go buddy. Educate yourself.
  13. Took it with me to watch sunday leauge match, got caught smoking weed. The rests history. Another time where asking for clarification would be more appropriate than questioning my honesty. Why would i be asking for opinions about a lie?
  14. We broke into a house due for demolition, we broke into the seperate garage first which resulted in 2 offences. And burglary is breaking into a property with the intent of commiting crimes including but not limited to theft. I was caught due my friend graffiting *my name* shagged *her name* on the living room wall to mark me losing my virginity. I accepted whatever got me out of the cop shop. Theres now a 14 bedroom respite home where the house once was as it was demolished a short time later. But for the record i had no reason to explain to you. Your not the FLO your someone that called
  15. Im guna order a cheap one off of dhgate, 50 quids abit steep . I didnt think springers were big hitters, tbh i might jst take a coil or 2 off the spring if it dosnt sounds vastly over powered?? My grandad taught me how to tune a springer as a kid, i never assumed it to be a problem haha but then again he had an fac.
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