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  1. Go onto eBay or similar and type in outdoor anti slip floor paint and then take your pick. Unfortunately I can’t recommend a specific brand for you
  2. Far from it walkedup! It was a great report and immersed me completely! Cracking pictures too. I really enjoyed reading it and as has been said above I’m sure your son will remember that day for a very long time 👏🏻👏🏻
  3. If it’s anything like the 1 or 8 day licence it will just be plain boring text. I’m quite sure that if you ordered the standard one where you get the little card with fish on you’ll also get a confirmation email which is sufficient proof until the actual card arrives. hope that’s of some help
  4. Put simply, yes. Define normal? take into account that it’s an open forum, that anyone can read. This person may have been doing research on the subject come across the post and felt the need to comment, they may have even joined the forum purely for the purpose of replying to this thread 🤷‍♂️
  5. One of the most amusing things about this forum…..post a thread and get replies saying “if you search the forum you will find threads covering this topic” post on a thread that covers “this topic” and get posts taking the proverbial for resurecting a thread that’s years old……it’s literally the definition of “catch 22” 🤣😂
  6. My apologies, I though I had responded to your comment already. I had a fantastic day and completely agree that fenny did his best to provide me with the best possible day, I’ll be going again at some point 😊
  7. Good effort and I think I’d have waited under the tree too! I’d rather be out in the rain and not get a shot than be sat at home in front of the box
  8. No personal experience of driving hgv’s but I have previously looked into exactly what you are talking about, the one company that stood out above all others for me was “Aldi” they run an drivers apprenticeship scheme whereby they put you through all your training but ties you to the company for x amount of years. May be worth a look.
  9. Legally, yes you do need to tax it as it becomes due at 00:00 and it’s an offence to drive it on the public highway without tax. I believe the only valid reason to drive a vehicle on the road without tax is to go to a pre booked mot (you could always book an mot at the dealership) but by taxing it you would instantly lose 1 months worth of tax when you get the re-fund, I’d go with the advice above and drop it off the day before or see if the dealership can arrange collection via a trade plate driver/trailer/truck
  10. Firstly a massive thankyou to @fenny for offering up the opportunity it was greatly appreciated! after a few messages back and forth a date was set for a day on the pigeons, so Saturday the 14th came around and like an expectant child i bounded out of bed grabbed my keys phone and gun (I loaded the truck the night before) and headed off to the meeting point, joy swiftly turned to annoyance, I was twenty minutes down the road and had made a school boy error. My wallet was at home complete with ID cash etc, I had to go back 🤦‍♂️. So, as quickly as I could I got home retrieved my wallet sent fenny a message apologising and explaining the situation along with the fact I would now be late. He was an absolute gentlemen about it, told me not to worry and that he’d see me soon. So, off I went again. A lovely drive up from Essex via the scenic route. I met fenny and took the ten minute drive to where I would be shooting. Fenny helped me get set up and then left me to it whilst he scouted for a secondary location with one of his friends (I can’t recall his name) should it be needed. A lovely setting surrounded by farmers/farm workers getting on with harvest and a few birds milling about, I sat in the hide and thought happy days . As the day progressed I had a few shots, scared a few birds and put some on the deck. Fenny came back to check I was doing ok and seemed a bit frustrated at not being able to find me a better spot……he put me in the best spot available first time around and as I said to him on the day “that’s shooting, you can’t control where the birds go or if they’re there” anyway I had a fantastic relaxed day, shot 5 woodies 1 feral and 1 crow, I scared a good 15/20 woodies too 🤣😂. I saw buzzards hunting, a roe buck sauntering across the field like he owned the place and simply enjoyed my time out of the house. so, @Fennythank you again for making this guy a very happy chap! Your a gentleman and I look forward to meeting you again 👍🏻
  11. I’m booked in to shoot it, although I can’t remember the date or time 🤦‍♂️ I think I best rectify that 😂
  12. Fantastic to read! Congratulations on the huge step forward and very well done to the gents that helped 👏🏻👏🏻
  13. Spr1985


    Further to walked ups comment which I echo, not sure if you are aware but if you go on to find my iPhone on another device you can disable/wipe the phone and also see where it is (assuming it was an iPhone)
  14. Spr1985


    Hvac is certainly worth looking at, good money to be made once qualified. Plenty of opportunities around in that industry at the moment. It’s also not going anywhere anytime soon with domestic and commercial sides getting busier and busier.
  15. The voluntary questions on the online forms have an * next to them, you do not/ are not obliged to answer them.
  16. Spr1985

    Old Cock

    Looks fantastic! Amazing how well they keep once preserved
  17. @oldypigeonpopper I jumped straight on fenny’s offers and I have a duck /pigeon/duck day booked up with him and also a day decoying, I’ll likely book another day too 😁I’m also booked on to do some beating this season and have a partridge day later in the year, I’ll keep plugging away in the search for a local permission too. Thank you for the advice though 👍🏻 Apologies on the slight hijack @Ultrastu
  18. Sounds like you both had a brilliant time! And a happy farmer is always a good thing 👌🏻 plenty of crops round Essex ready to be harvested and being hit by the pigeons and corvids, wheat, barley, oats and rape all being smashed but it seems everyone I ask already has shooters, the closest I’ve come to a lucky break was being asked to send over copies of my licence/ insurance etc and never heard back, chased up and no response 🤦‍♂️ I don’t think my face fits
  19. What a fantastic account of the evening! And to take the last shot together and seal the deal is awesome 👌🏻 Well done chaps 👏🏻
  20. Hi fenny, I have pm’d you regarding the other thread you posted and shall await a response to that but this would also interest me.
  21. 3 down tonight all young dogs .223 +nv total 135
  22. Absolutely fantastic work scully! And the story touched a nerve with me too.
  23. Great post scully, I really do enjoy reading about others outings. it’s even better when you realise just how much of a good day they’ve had 😁
  24. My usual carts for clay shooting have gone up by £10 per thousand at one supplier and £17 per thousand at another. I’m sure this price hike was mentioned on the forum. Couple of months back.
  25. Great post! round my way (Essex) I’ve noticed a lot of movement with farm machinery over the last week or so, barley fields have had a dramatic change in colour (mainly just the ears with the stems still very green) huge flat spots clearly visible with pigeon dripping into them, fields being cut for hay and covered with corvids and a sprinkling of pigeon, a field of osr that disappeared over night (I’m assuming for silage?) and a field of wheat again disappeared over night and ploughed/turned over the following day. I love seeing it all happening around this time of year 👌🏻
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