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  1. I don’t have much experience either but I call it shooting at shadows, always worth remembering that due to the low light it’s likely closer than you think….I learnt that very quickly and started converting shots to kills
  2. The simple answer is that big brother is not only “watching” but also “listening” on any smart device that has a camera and a microphone. As tightchoke said the only time it is not is if the device is turned off. the other day I was talking to the wife about fixtures and fitting when we have our kitchen re-done, 20 mins later I was on Instagram and surprise surprise targeted adverts about kitchen appliances 🤷‍♂️
  3. I won’t argue with you on the definition but according to the Ico cctv covers a specific area (up to and including 360 degree rotating STATIC camera’s) due to the roaming nature of a dash cam it is not considered cctv. The same way as your iPhone,samsung etc etc or digital slr for that mater is not considered cctv. https://www.griffinhouseconsultancy.co.uk/blog/dashboard-cams-need-notify-ico/
  4. Quite simply because they are not classed as cctv. although if they are in a vehicle being used for commercial/business purposes you are required to display a sticker advising of it’s presence
  5. Another great report pc! if you ever decide to change phone numbers I’ll take your current one 🤣 they are the sorts of calls I’d like to receive.
  6. Correct, but I didn’t make the rules, just passing what little knowledge I have along 👍🏻 This made me chuckle 🤭
  7. When it comes to cctv it’s a mine field. I used to install it along with secure entry systems etc, as soon as your cctv system can capture anyone other that members of your household within your boundaries it is covered by gdpr, the operator (the home owner/anyone that can access and Or operate the system) becomes a “data controller” if the system can see beyond your boundaries it’s a requirement to have signs to notify the people that could be seen that they are in view of cctv. if you’d like to do some reading :- https://www.labelsource.co.uk/news/post/cctv-what-the-law-says-about-declaring-surveillance
  8. I’ve not tried one but heard good things about them, along with the puzzle balls, kongs etc. another option is to hand feed whilst out walking/training gets the same amount of food over a longer period and at the pace you decide
  9. 😊 well at least now I know I’m not loosing my marbles or dreaming things up 🤣😂
  10. Spr1985


    I can photograph and send the manual if that’s any use to you?
  11. No mate, a very good friend of mine (Christina) is with a chap called Craig who has the lease for prestwold hall Loughborough, I shoot his land in Norfolk occasionally. He probably has someone else keepering Loughborough. I just assumed he did it himself 👍🏻 So entirely my mistake
  12. Nice report, a pleasure to read and a decent bag too 👏🏻 As tight joke said it’s nice to hear if a member of the public praising the activity instead of slaying its👌🏻
  13. Glad to hear you had a good day, Is that Craig (the head keeper) Or have I got the wrong place.
  14. Was it the mistsubishi or the ranger? Essex police have numerous l200’s and rangers (I believe marine unit and wildlife unit marked and unmarked ) as well as at least 1 blue and marked land rover 110. See them quite often around Boreham (helicopter and interceptors base + mechanics workshops) and also around latchingdon, Wickford and the dengie areas.
  15. I’m in Essex, if I hear of anything I’ll let you know
  16. I have the a400 xplor light and love it. @oldypigeonpopper if you want an exact weight let me know and I’ll weigh it for you 👍🏻
  17. This has intrigued me, I have at home gamebore :- velocity+ /clear pigeon and black gold dark storm, I may well do some cutting of my own this evening
  18. Ah cool, YouTube us many uses if you know what you’re looking for, I had no clue it was called a square knot, if I’d looked I’d have assumed it was some sort of weaving 🤣🤦‍♂️
  19. Well, I followed the advice above and let her sniff and get close but no bitting/chewing. I even managed to get her to “leave it” for a picture….
  20. Looks like a good effort Dave. How did you learn how to make them?
  21. Cracking retrieve and a great photo too
  22. She most certainly did…..she also volunteered us to go beating in two weeks time 🤣. I could hardly say no after her and the ladies had discussed the required amount of sausage rolls and cakes. Thanks walked up, plenty of partridge where shown today I was just not in the best place for them and all seemed to go over other pegs…..my time will come 😁. I’m looking forward to reading your report too
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