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  1. 11/08:- I spent the most of the day with the wife and our daughter celebrating my birthday and was then given free reign for the late afternoon early evening 😁, that means one thing….pigeon shooting! I was on my toes and away by 15:30 before Mrs R could change her mind or come up with something that needed doing. I made a phone call as I left home and got the go ahead to go out on the osr stubble next to where I work as I’d seen pigeons all over it during the start of the week. I arrived and found a nice shaded spot under a big tree with a steady stream of birds flighting back and forth, although out of range and restricted in direction of shooting due to neighbours. I’d lifted approximately 100 birds off as I arrived and with the flighting birds I thought I’d give it a shot for a few hours. I’d set my pattern which drew a little bit of interest but nothing major. I managed a couple in the first fifteen to twenty minutes and put the magnet out which resulted in far better levels of interest another 3 down over the next half an hour. unfortunately my fun was short lived as the neighbouring farmer had his lads on the two adjacent fields turning them over and nothing would come anywhere near so I called it a day happy to have had a few and a chilled out couple of hours in the sun. Friday and Saturday ticking things off the wife’s to do list and playing chauffeur to attend a 1st birthday party without being grumpy resulted in the Mrs telling me to go out on the pigeons today too 😁😁 twice in four days….living the dream. so, 11am I set off for a twenty minute drive to a farm that I shoot through my wildfowling club and spent an hour driving about and lurking under trees just seeing what was about. I decided on a spot that I’d shot back in march, plenty of sitty trees around two edges of the field and an intermittent hedge on another side with a high flight line too. I set up in my preferred spot with my back to the hedge and a lovely convenient breeze coming From behind. Pattern out with a couple of floaters bobbing in the breeze and the magnet out courtesy of the pigeons from Thursday. The interest took a while to appear, the birds on the flight line where just not playing ball. I heard a few shots in the distance and a few minutes later a steady stream of birds came my way, I took five singles from about 6/8 groups of two or three birds, the real birds on the deck seemed to draw a lot more interest and I managed my first left and right on pigeons swiftly followed by 3 singles and then out of nowhere an almighty raucous from over my left should, I couldn’t see but I knew from the noise it was crows and jackdaws. They appeared into view and there must have be hundreds of them! I Reached into my pouch and grabbed the primos power crow caller to see if I could pull some into range, it worked a treat, one crow down. The shot didn’t seem to bother them witch I thought was strange. I carried on using the call and a single jackdaw swooped over the top of the hedge and just hung in the air, safe to say not for long he was on the deck. Not even thirty seconds after the shot another three appeared, bang - miss 🤦‍♂️ the next two shots at the same group gave me my first right and left on corvids. And it all went quiet again. I managed another five pigeons over the next hour or so and decided I’d had enough of the heat and was happy with my best day out so far on the pigeons so wrapped up and home for dinner I went. A four day weekend, my birthday, time with the family and two afternoons out on the pigeons my kind of long weekend 👌🏻.
  2. Shooting getting more expensive is unfortunate, especially when it causes people to second guess the expenditure or stop shooting! I’m sure you’ll have a great time working your dogs.
  3. Great report hitman, good to see friends getting out together and having a good days shooting 👌🏻
  4. Stocks and shares Isa could be an option or as Has been said above a pension fund in the form of a sipp (self invested personal pension) the S&P 500 is a decent etf to look at and averages 10% return a year if memory serves me correctly. Obviously there are risks involved and a qualified professional will be more suited to the advice that you require. I generally invest into companies that I know from day to day life (apple, Amazon,s&p500, Bp to name a few) and believe will continue to grow in the long term,( time in the market will always beat timing the market ) bonus points if they meet that criteria and have a decent dividend % (all dividends are re invested) but again as said above, take professional advice from someone that can show and prove there credentials
  5. I’ve done the huma reg switch on mine along with the pellet probe o rng and the buddy bottle o ring and seems to shoot lovely now. All done on a fair bit of advice from @Ultrastu
  6. Ooooh you have me concerned now! I’ve got the r10 In .22 and have had the action out of the stock a few times and when I’ve put it back together I’ve just nipped it up tight…. I shall watch this with interest
  7. I’d like to take this please. please pm me payment details
  8. Great read and great pictures. Sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Thanks for posting 👍🏻
  9. I also grew up watching it as a youngster and had the pleasure of visiting the “set” as a youngster. They don’t make to like that any more
  10. If it makes you feel any better about your efforts, I’ve been trying to find ground to shoot over for around three years, door knocking/ phone calls have always ended the same way (if you don’t already shoot locally and therefore have references then no thanks) but!…I joined my local wildfowling club and that comes with plenty of land to shoot over so that may be worth looking into. I’m also lucky in that the company I work for is owned by a friend and recently moved to a new yard which is based on a farm that is owned by his friend….hey presto we both have some shooting. Don’t give up….things have a way of falling into place 👍🏻
  11. Thanks for the response 👍 appreciated
  12. Out of interest Simon, are these sub twelve rifles that you use? And if so what is your zero distance on the .177? from watching the videos you seem to take shots from varying distances but always on the cross of the cross hairs….or am I missing something?
  13. Another enjoyable watch! I was the same as Ditchman….. waiting for the shot on the crown 🤦‍♂️
  14. Having worked in the hvac sector for a number of years I would believe that alleviating any heat can only improve the rate of cooling. so. in theory what you are saying would work, keeping the condenser cool and therefore allowing it to work at peak capacity would aid in the rate of cooling.
  15. Spr1985


    Good result then 👌🏻
  16. 1 today on the farm yard after work, poked his head out of the wrong place at the wrong time (for him) and swiftly received a .22 hades total 298
  17. Spr1985


    Jaymo, I think it’s more the principal of it. would you put the same principal to - we pay £30k for a car and £3k for a gun so why worry about the gun. we pay £30k for a car and £300k for a house so why worry about the car. it’s quite simple, if you pay out your hard earned £ on anything it should be fit for purpose and work as advertised and should it not then it should be covered by the warranty/ guarantee. also please don’t take this as a personal dig…it’s not. Just giving my perspective using your example 👍🏻
  18. Spr1985


    Ahh I see, that’s fair enough 👍🏻 Well I hope you get it sorted out.
  19. Spr1985


    I’d like to assume that you changed the battery? I believe retailers only have to give 1 year warranty on electrical products (unless you purchase extended warranty through retailer) anything over a year is down to the manufacture. this link me be of use to you :- http://tradingstandardsblog.co.uk/who-is-liable-for-faulty-goods-the-retailer-or-manufacturer
  20. Well done gents! A productive outing 👏🏻
  21. Sounds like you and your friend had a fantastic day out scully 👏🏻 A good read and certainly stoked the excitement for me getting out and having a go 👍🏻
  22. As asked above, where abouts are you based Lewis? I’m aware of a small shoot that’s looking to secure some poults, how many are available?
  23. Hmm interesting, I feel that pictures only add to the quality of a post maybe one of the mods can help or give a reason/explanation as to why you can post pics? Maybe you was costing them to much money in added gb traffic 🤣
  24. Have you tried the screenshot ring the photo trick? It’s hot and miss but sometimes works failing that apps are available to compress photo sizes
  25. Cracking account of yours and your boys day out 👏🏻 Well done mate
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