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  1. Brand ambassador!!! Don’t get me started on that nonsense. Long story short, a few years back my son and I were choosing him a nice watch for his 18th. The sales person genuinely thought that telling us Mr G Clooney wore this particular brand would somehow sway us/me into buying it. We didn’t buy it.
  2. I’m reaching the end of my career working for Her Majesty and I have started to feel a little past it, a point which was illustrated by one of my young subordinates this morning. Allegedly being a “social media influencer” is an actual job. I thought it was just a term for some work shy loser to sit at home on facetube all day. I mistakenly thought an actual job was where you went to an actual place of work and contributed in some way and received remuneration in return for your efforts. How wrong was I....
  3. I have had several affinities and with the exception of one, they have all been faultless. Getting extra bits for them can be an issue, but the basics like extended bolt handles/chokes is relatively easy. I’m not sure about how it would fair for PSG as I don’t do it myself, but a mate does and he rates his M2SP very highly. If your in Shropshire at any point your welcome to have a go on one of my affinities. Best Of luck with the search.
  4. Taileron

    Ghost Ship

    Absolutely amazing that it has drifted for that length of time.
  5. Someone remembered the lesson on corrosion! It bored me to death. For some reason I can still remember Y=MX+C, that helped me many times when changing an engine in some far away sandy place😂
  6. I sent my wave back to leatherman, it was absolutely battered. I contacted them via the website and returned it for repair. Took about 4 weeks but it came back like new.
  7. This ^^^ I went out last Tuesday with a couple of pals to do 100 birds. My buddy has an old MK70 which he has used day in/out for donkeys years choked to super full/super full. He is a keeper/grounds man and started shooting at about 8 with his dads .410. He dusted 92/100 then to add insult to injury mentioned he hadn’t shot clays for about 5 years.
  8. My neighbors had exactly the same problem. It cost £850 for the entire roof to be done and came with a 25 year guarantee.
  9. Taileron

    Flood water

    I used to work with a bloke who’s Mrs worked for the EA some years back. We were at a formal function and over polite pre lunch drinks/conversation one of the group asked her if she knew why the river 7 had not been dredged as it was flooding every year and his home was effected. The response, people should move away from rivers as dredging damages the river bed and harms animals that live in it. That put his mind at rest. Couldn’t make it up!
  10. They were happy for people to drop the guns off themselves and have a coffee whilst the service was done.
  11. I’m selling this gun, it’s mint condition as it’s only had 25 carts though it from new. Please PM for images, it’s the black polymer stock version. As the advert states, I’m selling it to teach my son a lesson that the bank of dad has run dry and if he wants a motorbike he has to sell things to fund it. Thanks for looking👍
  12. We arrived at 09.10 yesterday, none of us were looking to buy guns. Having looked around the show most of the dealers had “sale” signs up, upon closer inspection the “sale” prices were RRP. I could not see any guns in my price range 0-3k that were bargains and a lot of the 2nd hand guns were battered but that’s not to say the mid to high end guns were not cheaper, I just don’t really know the prices as I can’t afford them. One of us did manage to drop onto an XLR5 velocity in good nick for £695, which is about £300 cheaper than any on gun trader.
  13. Yes they have the classis on display, it looked lovely. They are situated on the edge of the guerini stand, only 1 display of guns but very helpful people indeed. Fair point, I didn’t realise GMK offered that. £50 for a 10 year warranty is pretty faultless.
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