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  1. Pleased to report she absolutely loved her gift. We laid up 10 static clays and she hit all 10, no messing about or fear whatsoever, I was over the moon. Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend and we are going to move onto some easy slow moving incoming hangers. Funny how things work out, I took out her little gun for a blast, what a laugh it was. I have not enjoyed shooting any gun as much as I enjoyed shooting her .410 on a sporting layout. I sort of expected to miss every shot, when you hit them, it was the same satisfaction I remembered from when I first started shooting....so I have just bought another for me. 30” with the adult version stock.
  2. Could be anything from worn sears to debris in the action so it really depends on the fault and your skill set. My first instinct would be to take it back to the dealer, it must have some sort of warranty. If it was a private sale then try to contact the seller and ask for cash back. Failing that you need to contact a good smith and get a quote for repair vs the value of the gun. All the best.
  3. I have just seen a photo of Mr L Hamilton wearing a chain and padlock around his neck at an F1 press conference, this apparently is to show his support for BLM. The same clown was wearing a T Shirt with Mercedes and Hugo Boss motifs. Im pretty sure Mercedes used forced labour ( both Jewish and other nationals ) and worked them to death in WW2, this must be ok with Mr L Hamilton. Hypocrisy at its best!
  4. I have a pal in the same situation. He worked through with 1 other and was on the same money as the lads on furlough. The lads on furlough then got cash in hand delivery jobs and he was told yesterday there will be 3 up for redundancy ( out of 8 ) and everyone is in the firing line.
  5. Will do, fingers crossed the weather is nice on Sunday.
  6. WOW, that’s a show stopping year. I had a carbon copy of that year 8 years ago ( no testicular cancer ) as my wife got “ lonely” whilst I was deployed in Afghanistan. A mate at the time gave me a gem of advice when he said “ your divorce is going to cost a fortune, you know why don’t you?.....Because everything that’s expensive is worth it” Best of luck mate. Hopefully things improve👍
  7. Went out yesterday afternoon with my buddy for a Stress relief DTL session, which turned out to be a stress raising disaster as neither of us could hit a barn door. The fella that runs the traps at Millride has agreed to allow us to come over on one night next week and he will lock off and wind down the spring on the incoming teal. It will be really slow and have a nice presentation right in front of her. Sunday AM we are off to our little private ground ( which is a massive field owned by a pal with our traps setup ) and she will be doing some simple mounting and firing practice.
  8. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I will try the stationary ones, had not thought of that👍 Yes, fully agree, I’m very lucky with my little one, she is double keen to have a go. It’s a multi choke, comes with 5.
  9. She is 10, but with the build of a 12 year old. I’m 6ft 4 so she was never going to be tiny. I don’t think that age is the best guide TBH, it’s about maturity and experience. She has been sat watching me and her mom shoot since she was 8 and has been nagging for a go for some time. Same here, I have the use of a private ground. We were setting up a perfect incoming hanger on Sunday, fingers crossed she can whack it this Sunday. If not then lots of praise and practice. I’m going to deliberately miss loads prior to her having a go......at least that’s what I’m telling myself!
  10. After months of deliberation I decided to get my daughter a .410 as her start into shooting. She may not be able to hit anything with the 9g carts I have got but I’m thinking it will get her used to the noise, recoil and feel of a shotgun. I picked up a Yildiz spz ( non ejector ) to make things even simpler for her. First impressions out of the box, what a cracking little gun for less than £400 brand new with 5 years warranty, lovely bit of wood and it appears to be very well put together, for what in shotgun terms is virtually no money. Lets hope she like her birthday gift.
  11. Start of last year I was in an RFD not far from where you and I both live. My friend was after a 525 as his first gun along with slip, glasses, vest, cap etc. We were chatting to the bloke behind the counter trying to get my buddy a nice deal, not rob the RFD, but perhaps get him to throw something into the package. Two blokes walked in and went to look at the perazzi stand, the dealer literally walked off in mid conversation and left us stood at the counter like a couple of fools. Goodbye, money spent elsewhere! On a separate note I have been dealing with Shooting Sports UK on the A5 of late, just down the road from Weston park. Couple of young chaps run the place, can’t do enough for the customer, excellent service if you happen to drive past👍
  12. Same here. I happened upon a CG Invictus 3 ascent a while back and it just came up into my shoulder lovely. Couldn’t afford that, so tried a Fabarm Axis RS12 which I could afford and is now in my cabinet.
  13. Taileron

    Wasp sting

    My shooting buddy is a bee keeper, has about 20 hives. He was working with them a week last Saturday evening, he got 20+ stings on one arm as they were particularly angry he said. His arm was 1/3 swollen over normal and as red as fire.
  14. Taileron

    BBC again.

    Agreed. I just read the article about this and have decided to pull the plug on the BBC.
  15. +1 Im from Wolverhampton, only rich people can afford coffee! Tea, 10am, bag left in, delivered in my grotty work mug, bacon butty..crispy, 10.30 back to work! Happy Days.
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