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  1. Sorry, I cant choose just 1, I’m a seasonal shooter/ drinker. On a cold winters day I like today I like a nice pint of mild, a nice steady beer. I like to shoot my MK70 a nice steady gun. On a damp winters day doing walked up I like a nice nip of Drambui to warm up, I like to miss everything with my S/S which has a warming effect. On a warm spring day I like a nice glass of red, a refined drink. When shooting clays I like to shoot my MK38, a nice refined gun. On a hot summers day nothing beats a refreshing pint of cider, the strong, mad variety. I like to use my semi for e
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Lots of scores of 1 from me.
  3. After many years and many thousands spent I should have gone back asap. I wish I had cut out the thousands, taken a small hit on the money and gone back straight away, not over 20 years later. But....I have enjoyed all the guns I have owned and try not to think about the money. I have realised i can shoot well with my MK38, MK70 and Affinity, absolutely useless with pretty much everything else. I have recently acquired my 2nd ( in 20 plus years) S/S, cant hit a barn door with it but for some reason I'm not bothered, its a laugh. Just my opinion buddy.
  4. 12 years ago I had 2 jobs and was raking in over 120k, then it all went down the toilet. Everything I had been breaking my back for was “given” to the now Ex. I ended up potless owing 40k in solicitors bills trying to keep my kids (in vain). Back to 2 jobs to dig myself out of debt then more tragedies ensued. Your post is absolutely spot on, life is not a rehearsal and needs to be gripped and cherished, but people who have not experienced tragedy will quote the phrase, but not follow it. I’m retiring in 18 months ( the day before my 50th ) and will have paid off my modest mortgage. I intend
  5. Don't forget to keep the pin feathers for bragging rights. Went out boxing day and bagged a nice brace of pheasants, on the walk in I bagged a woodcock. I was shooting Skeet/Skeet and Lyvale ultimate power 32g No.7. Good Luck👍
  6. Hermes......simply the worst courier service going has excelled yet again. The “agent” decided to launch my parcel over the fence into a completely different house on Monday. He then used his PDA to GEO tag the parcel and vanished sending me an email saying “your parcel has been delivered” After spending an age on the phone trying to speak to an actual human, the “representative” in her very best broken English could not get her head around that I did not have my parcel, because the PDA is saying delivered. Fortunately the bloke who owned the house had the decency to realise the parcel was not
  7. Having size 12 feet, I have always struggled to get shoes. Usually the shops/online retailers have more choice of size 14 than 12. My recent purchase of slippers were the usual last ones on the shelf and fell to bits in quick time. I remarked to Mrs Taileron that this has happened and she has excelled herself. She has purchased me a pair of memory foam slippers, has anyone else tried these bad boys? Another level of comfort, I actually put them on and found myself groaning with comfort, like an old dog getting comfortable in his bed. Currently half price in the Debenhams sale, get a pair
  8. When I had my renewal in January with West Mercia, the FEO started that WM Police do not accept “due diligence” of simply hiding the keys, he wanted a key safe, which I subsequently installed. He went on to say that guns are generally worth more to burglars than the average haul in most houses, so if they find a cabinet they will ransack the house to find the keys. A few weeks later one of the houses on my estate go burgled, in broad daylight, and they got away with a safe (the size of an average fridge) which contained 40k worth of gold and ignored the shotgun cabinet.
  9. Taileron


    Part of our family Xmas build up. Good old Clark Griswold on the TV.
  10. I have two, one .410 and a 20b, one for Mrs Taileron and the .410 for my daughter, both have had about 1k carts through so far and no issues. Both the guns are non ejector as I found (particularly the .410) the ejectors are very powerful and bang the empty cases about 2 meters over the shoulder. Both are junior stock models and fit a smaller frame very well. My wife chose the Yildiz after handing a browning 525 micro, beretta Vitoria, the other 525 ladies gun and a Kofs 20b. Nicely scaled down actions, nice wood and seem well put together. Not sure about the 10 year warranty, I was told 3 by m
  11. Nice one, just did the video for my little girl.
  12. Times change, but slowly in the military. As a young liney (1990) my diet was bacon butties for 10am when the first wave had launched. Lots of fags ( cowboy killers were the chosen smoke ) and brews, chips at the mess for 19:00, beer until blurry, bed, awake at 05:00 for another 12 hours. 30 years later back on the same Sqn its protein shakes/monster energy, vaping all day, 7pm chips in the mess and vodka shots/ cheeky vimto until blurry.
  13. I have always had a semi in my cabinet apart from now. I sold (virtually gave away) my Affinity to a good friend who was down on his luck and needed a boost. I have just (today) ordered a new Affinity De-lux, hopefully it will be here soon. For walked up I now use a S/S, I was using my O&U, this is simply for ease empty case retrieval. Pigeons ( in a hide) and clays I have and always will prefer a semi. Saw a bloke at millride using an elastic band to the same effect, worked very well.
  14. 100% accurate. I have spent my whole working life in the military and a huge amount of time in both of those places. The youngsters who were deployed just got on with the job at hand. My son has followed his father into the military and weeks before his wedding he/we tragically lost his sister. We just endured and again got on with the job at hand, his wedding. I’m at the very end of my career and occasionally we do get a idiot through the door but the vast majority are as good, if not better than when I joined up in 1990.
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