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  1. Teague invector plus extended chokes. Used condition. 1/4 & 1/2 Browning/Miroku. Selling as I’m upgrading to Teague Titanium. £56 each new, £40 for the pair or £25 individual. Collection welcome from Shropshire or £3.50 to post. Cheers
  2. Yes they do, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the bloke operating them, he either hits most or misses most😃
  3. No problem at all, glad it helped. You may find that the BWM stand will have some fantastic specimens on display, might be worth an early doors visit, once you have had a blast see if you can pick a nice one up. Best of luck👍
  4. Yes, have to agree with this and depending on which gun you shoulder they all vary. People often say the MK70 is far too flat shooting as the comb is very low, but TBH I find it spot on for walked up.
  5. I have a 32” Mk38 and a 28” MK70, both are GR1, the 38 is my clay gun and the 70 is for rough/walked up. A great deal of people will say the 38 is essentially the same as a 525, I have to disagree with this for how they fitted ME. I was fortunate to be able to try them both back to back and I could hit 50% with a 525 with a nice bit of cheek slap, rising to 85% with the 38 on the same birds, so please try them both. As for the wood, I have several friends who shoot 38’s and only one has had a broken stock, that was a grade 5, but he was insured. Miroku stocks in Grade 1 have a huge variety, some horrible fence posts, some more like GR3 and believe it or not they ALL feel different in the hands. I shopped around for both of mine and purchased the best GR1’s I could find which felt the best in the shoulder, I managed to find my 38 which was a special order from Miroku and came with a trap forend, which is lovely, I have now purchased another for my 70. I’m not at all bothered by the cardboard box it comes in because that just goes up the loft. The 1 downside is the recoil pad, rock hard rubber, not the nice one on the 525, so that is a consideration for you. The wood on my 70 is that nice I have recently had it London finished and you would honestly believe it to be GR3+. One of my friends has a 38, he is a very good shot who is sponsored by a cartridge company, his 38 has had 500,000 through it and has only ever had 2 bottom pins and 1 top lever spring in a lot of years shooting. The 38 in 32” is quite barrel heavy, more than a 525 because of the solid mid rib, I have balanced mine with the aid of Teague titanium and some weights in the stock, it’s now perfect on the hinge pin and I won’t ever be selling it. For some reason Miroku barrels get heavy leading after a 150 bird shoot, not sure why, so get yourself a tornado brush which quickly removes leading/plastic marks. Hope that helps, best of luck with the purchase.
  6. ^^^^This….But make sure it fits you as a lot of semis are quite short LOP. I bought the extra thick pad of GMK to get my affinity long enough.
  7. Make sure you buy the Mk2 version, it’s worlds apart from the Mk1. I now have a Dacia Duster Mk2, Skoda got a little bit too expensive for my tastes. Hands down the best value for money car I have ever owned, does everything the Yeti did and loads of handy extras for a LOT less money. I must however state that the customer services are absolutely shocking should you need to use them. I had a minor problem, my vehicle had not been added to their database when I bought it new. I mistakenly thought they could sort it in a couple of clicks, 2 years later no further forward.
  8. I had a 4x4 TD for a number of years without any problems. The build quality is very good and the dealer support is also without fault. The VW/Skoda DPF system ( if you buy diesel) has active/passive re gen mode and you must read up on how to use it because it’s quite different to other systems. I followed the guidance but others didn’t which caused a “blocked DPF” and had to pay for ultrasonic cleaning which is expensive. It was not the best for fuel efficiency, the 2.0 TD unit would deliver a max of 30 mpg around town, rising to 40 on a long run. Hope that helps.
  9. Solid point, it must be millions sold per year so I suppose it’s just a spin of the dice as to when it’s “your turn” to get a dud. The place where I buy the cartridges from is an agri shop, they are not particularly known for the smooth handling of items and I suspect the slabs have simply been dropped at some point.
  10. We tried that but they were so damaged it was near impossible. We did however examine another pack of power blues and 2 had dents in the case, tried them and they failed to eject. I can only surmise that this batch we currently have has been mishandled somewhere along the lines. The bad primers I’m unsure about, we have used lyevale for as long as I can remember and never had one before.
  11. Agree with you there Scully until a couple of weeks ago. I have never had a problem with lyevale in any of my guns but within the last fortnight my pal and I have had 3 bad primers and 8-10 with the exact same problem as PJM has had. We were shooting power red/blue/English sporter and both guns failed to eject sporadically. The ejectors are not worn as both guns are only a year old.
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