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  1. I shoot a 32” Mk38 in the summer months and in the cold season shoot my 28” MK70. The reasons for this was that I found that with extra layers of padding (Skeet vest, coat etc) the Mk38 felt like a scaffold pole and the MK70 was just right even though I have them both at 15.5 lop. I’m also 6ft 4” and I find the 32” great on the high birds and long crossers but I do struggle to get it up to speed on the rabbits. The MK70 in the summer is far too fast but in the winter on clays and walked up its lovely. Funny thing how much layers of clothing change how much you shoot. On a side note both were choked with browning Midas extended 1/4 1/2, the 32 was throwing noticeably tighter patterns To get the same patterns the 28” now has 1/4 1/2 and the 32” has Skeet 1/4
  2. Taileron

    Lead ban

    Quite agree. I was out last night using RWS hyperdome lead free .177 with my buddy. Usual distance of 25-35m, he was using his HW100 and I was using my AA S510t. Neither of us could get any groupings that were any good, they were all over the place. We switched back to RWS super domes in lead and the difference is quite obvious. Both shot at 30m, the smaller group is 10 RWS superdomes, the larger group is 10 lead free hyperdomes.
  3. Millride Country Sports. Junction 1, M54. Not the best sporting layout as it’s very enclosed and too many traps, but the Skeet/ DTL layout is ok. 32p a clay. If you want a decent sporting layout, oak edge is the place.
  4. Two 1/4 + 1/4 Browning Midas Extended Invector Plus chokes Duplicated Xmas gift from the Mrs. Cost her £48.50 each in December. £50 for the pair posted or £30 separate. Please PM for details.
  5. Fully agree. I cannot see any viable reason why extended chokes would cause anyone to comment. All of my guns have extended chokes, and having bashed one climbing over a fence I was glad they were fitted as a simple choke replacement was cheaper and easier than a costly dent removal. I have a slightly more hardcore view of shooting and firmly believe any shotgun should be accepted, and include the use of semi automatics on driven days. Some people (including myself) have picked up injuries over the years, I have no option other than to use a gas driven semi for recoil removal purposes when shooting over 75 carts, or give up the sport. We bang on about tradition of driven days, which is a good thing in some respects, but a failure to move with the times will only cause a decline in numbers shooting in a sport which seems perpetually under threat. The constant argument over what type of gun is acceptable but the complete lack of comment about lunchtime drinks ( firearms and alcohol??? ) is ignored. We need to encourage more people into our sport rather than put them off. I have done a fair bit of beating and picking up over the years and have seen birds blasted to pieces by individuals taking shots which were unacceptable regardless of what gun (or chokes) were used. I must however put a caveat on the usage of semi automatics for walked up as littering the land with cases which have been thrown out of site is also unacceptable. I have already put on my Kevlar helmet for the incoming.
  6. Now sold to Bigdavet. Nice talking to you buddy👍👍
  7. As the title says, two Teague invector plus titanium chokes, 1/4 & 1/2 in 12g. Will fit Miroku/browning/ Winchester invector plus barrels. Very lightweight and great quality, only used a handful of times. Selling as I have been forced to change my Mk38 for a gas auto due to a neck injury. Cost £74 each from Teague, £35 each plus £3.50 p&p or £65 the pair. Collection fro Shropshire if wanted. please pm for details cheers.
  8. I have tried multiple different ways and multiple types of cleaners to remove the lead fowling which seems to be a problem on my Miroku’s. Some were marginally better than others but it was still a problem. I stumbled upon a Hoppes Tornado Brush, revelation. It removes all fouling in literally under a minute with no need for spraying/soaking for 30 mins then scrubbing the bores. The thread is American and won’t fit English threads so I bought some cheapo American thread brushes and rods off flea bay. Best £7.99 I have spent in a while.
  9. Spoke to my RFD on Friday, the expected delivery date was a tad…..optimistic. Looking like the end of November now at the earliest.
  10. Used Stainless steel invector plus chokes. Cy, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 plus case. Over £200 new. £110 posted, absolute bargain. Pm for details
  11. The most unreliable car I ever had cost me the most money, 75k. This was pre divorce, when I had lots of cash on the hip. Now I drive a 13k special which has not put a foot wrong. The most unreliable air rifle I ever owned cost the most and the same goes for watches I have owned. My 3k Bremont is +2 second per week, my Daytona was +2 mins per week. I have learned over the years that apart from more VAT spent and looks, more money does not genuinely mean more reliable.
  12. Teague Invector Plus stainless steel extended chokes. Brand New never used as I have just upgraded to Teague Titanium. £60 for the pair (£56 each new from Teague) or £35 separate. Collection welcome from Shropshire or I will post recorded, signed for delivery for £3.50 Pm for details Cheers
  13. Will do, I have paid my deposit and he has informed me it will hopefully be available for collection the end of this month. I will post a few images once it’s in my hands.
  14. Thanks, my RFD is saying between £1100-£1200 at the moment as he hasn’t been given the exact prices. He took 4 pre orders today. I’m going to put a red dot on it, unsure of which at the moment. Already have the shaved head due to baldness and the military gear as I’m in the military, not sure how to attach the plastic but to the back of me head though for action man’s evil eyes. Might use some gorilla glue, what’s the worst that could happen???
  15. Just put my deposit down today on one of these beauties.
  16. Does anyone know when the shooting is scheduled to happen at the Olympics? The BBC IPlayer has nothing. Cheers
  17. It is, it’s as simple as that. I have put some 42g through mine that I was given as a bit of fun, apart from some serious recoil and dust where the clays were, no effects on the gun whatsoever. I have mentioned in another thread that my friend, who is a serious shooter, has put 500,000 through his. Some minor work ( bottom pin and top lever spring) and it’s still going strong. My other pal has one of the very first MK38’s, his has had a real battering, it’s used for rough etc and thrown in the back of a landy. It’s never been split and has not missed a beat in over 20+ years as it’s like a magic wand in his hands, he rarely misses. The MK60 is lead shot only, but that’s not to say it can’t handle steel.
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