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  1. On 30/09/2021 at 12:46, Poor Shot said:

    What are others doing for lead fowling in the first few inches of the barrels? I seem to get this a lot when using fibre wads. It can be a right PITA to remove at times as well. 

    I've tried a few different solvents and cleaning sprays which claim to soften lead fowling but they never work as well as claimed.

    Normally takes 10 mins or so solid brush with a brass brush head to get all of the fowling out.

    I have tried multiple different ways and multiple types of cleaners to remove the lead fowling which seems to be a problem on my Miroku’s. Some were marginally better than others but it was still a problem. I stumbled upon a Hoppes Tornado Brush, revelation. It removes all fouling in literally under a minute with no need for spraying/soaking for 30 mins then scrubbing the bores. The thread is American and won’t fit English threads so I bought some cheapo American thread brushes and rods off flea bay. Best £7.99 I have spent in a while.

  2. On 22/09/2021 at 18:15, retromlc said:

    Thinking about getting some adjustments to my stock it perhaps a new stock made, been doing some research and these guys look capable, anyone have any experience dealing with them?

    Sent you a pm

  3. 27 minutes ago, Nuke said:

    Yes, better workmanship on the inside makes a higher grade a more reliable gun.


    The most unreliable car I ever had cost me the most money, 75k. This was pre divorce, when I had lots of cash on the hip. Now I drive a 13k special which has not put a foot wrong. The most unreliable air rifle I ever owned cost the most and the same goes for watches I have owned. My 3k Bremont is +2 second per week, my Daytona was +2 mins per week. I have learned over the years that apart from more VAT spent and looks, more money does not genuinely mean more reliable.

  4. Teague Invector Plus stainless steel extended chokes. Brand New never used as I have just upgraded to Teague Titanium.

    £60 for the pair (£56 each new from Teague) or £35 separate. Collection welcome from Shropshire or I will post recorded, signed for delivery for £3.50

    Pm for details


  5. 6 hours ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

    Hello, keep us posted if you buy one 👍 

    Will do, I have paid my deposit and he has informed me it will hopefully be available for collection the end of this month. I will post a few images once it’s in my hands.

  6. 1 hour ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

    Hello, well done , what price did Air Arms put on these ? Would go well with a nice Hawke side focus scope, 

    Thanks, my RFD is saying between £1100-£1200 at the moment as he hasn’t been given the exact prices. He took 4 pre orders today. I’m going to put a red dot on it, unsure of which at the moment.


    21 minutes ago, bruno22rf said:

    Are you going to buy the GI Joe Halloween outfit and get your head shaved like Action Man?

    Already have the shaved head due to baldness and the military gear as I’m in the military, not sure how to attach the plastic but to the back of me head though for action man’s evil eyes. Might use some gorilla glue, what’s the worst that could happen???

  7. 3 hours ago, mgsontour said:

    If a Miroku 38 sporter is capable as Centrepin suggests then I'll buy one tomorrow as I think they are a great gun

    It is, it’s as simple as that. I have put some 42g through mine that I was given as a bit of fun, apart from some serious recoil and dust where the clays were, no effects on the gun whatsoever.

    I have mentioned in another thread that my friend, who is a serious shooter, has put 500,000 through his. Some minor work ( bottom pin and top lever spring) and it’s still going strong. My other pal has one of the very first MK38’s, his has had a real battering, it’s used for rough etc and thrown in the back of a landy. It’s never been split and has not missed a beat in over 20+ years as it’s like a magic wand in his hands, he rarely misses.

    The MK60 is lead shot only, but that’s not to say it can’t handle steel.

  8. 2 hours ago, CountryBoyTweed said:

    Taileron, that's a brilliant bit of feedback. Given me lots to think about - Browning are holding an open day in the SW this Saturday which I've got tickets for.. so with a bit of luck I'll have an opportunity to shoot all of the above and make an informed decision from there. 

    No problem at all, glad it helped. You may find that the BWM stand will have some fantastic specimens on display, might be worth an early doors visit, once you have had a blast see if you can pick a nice one up.

    Best of luck👍

  9. 1 hour ago, Westward said:

    My personal take is that Mirokus tend to be low in the comb, at least in comparison with Italian and German guns, 

    Yes, have to agree with this and depending on which gun you shoulder they all vary. People often say the MK70 is far too flat shooting as the comb is very low, but TBH I find it spot on for walked up.

  10. I have a 32” Mk38 and a 28” MK70, both are GR1, the 38 is my clay gun and the 70 is for rough/walked up. A great deal of people will say the 38 is essentially the same as a 525, I have to disagree with this for how they fitted ME. I was fortunate to be able to try them both back to back and I could hit 50% with a 525 with a nice bit of cheek slap, rising to 85% with the 38 on the same birds, so please try them both. As for the wood, I have several friends who shoot 38’s and only one has had a broken stock, that was a grade 5, but he was insured. Miroku stocks in Grade 1 have a huge variety, some horrible fence posts, some more like GR3 and believe it or not they ALL feel different in the hands. I shopped around for both of mine and purchased the best GR1’s I could find which felt the best in the shoulder, I managed to find my 38 which was a special order from Miroku and came with a trap forend, which is lovely, I have now purchased another for my 70. I’m not at all bothered by the cardboard box it comes in because that just goes up the loft. The 1 downside is the recoil pad, rock hard rubber, not the nice one on the 525, so that is a consideration for you. The wood on my 70 is that nice I have recently had it London finished and you would honestly believe it to be GR3+. One of my friends has a 38, he is a very good shot who is sponsored by a cartridge company, his 38 has had 500,000 through it and has only ever had 2 bottom pins and 1 top lever spring in a lot of years shooting. The 38 in 32” is quite barrel heavy, more than a 525 because of the solid mid rib, I have balanced mine with the aid of Teague titanium and some weights in the stock, it’s now perfect on the hinge pin and I won’t ever be selling it. For some reason Miroku barrels get heavy leading after a 150 bird shoot, not sure why, so get yourself a tornado brush which quickly removes leading/plastic marks.

    Hope that helps, best of luck with the purchase.

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