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  1. Being old enough to have watched the original as a child, I honestly thought it wouldn’t be up to the mark. I watched both episodes with my little girl who is now the same age as I was when I watched the original. She was captivated by it and I think he did a good job of putting over the environmental message without ruining the programme. I have also read the books to my daughter and this version is closer to the books than Pertwee version. I did pick up on the fox hunting comments at the end Living near a hunt the view of cruelty is massively subjective, I fully agree.
  2. Cheers Figgy, I have been keeping my eye on guntrader and have yet to find one that fits the bill. They seem to be silly money or poor condition, if I’m going to pay top dollar I would rather buy new. I traveled down to Oxfordshire last month to have a look at one which was described as “mint”.....should have been described as “ rough old dog that’s been thrown around the back of a landy for a couple of months” and that was in a RFD showroom. 6 hours on the road and £40 of diesel wasted.
  3. Thanks for all the help with this, he has made his choice and paid the deposit. He has ordered the AA S510 TDR regulated.177 new from our local RFD and seems happy with his choice. I must admit if I had a spare 1k burning a hole in my pocket I would be very tempted, but my benelli Supersport is still £500 light in the secret savings pot. Thanks again👍 All the best.
  4. Oakley will make ballistic prescription glasses to order. They are not cheap but very good indeed, IMO. I have had a set of “valve” frames with my prescription lenses inserted with iridium tinted. The standard glasses are £130 ish, I paid £195 for mine in total.
  5. Another day spent pondering and browsing shops yesterday. We have now refined the choices to AA S400 ultralight, AAs410 Ultralight, but as we were leaving he was presented with the AA S410 ( or 510 I can’t quite remember) TDR. These are extremely lightweight, he was quite taken with that but again I can’t guide him as I have zero knowledge of that particular air rifle. Is that any good or just a gimmick? Thanks for all the help everyone, it’s greatly appreciated👍
  6. Thanks for all the responses. His budget is about £800 ish, he is going to hopefully take the scope and mounts off his 97 and put them into his new rifle, saving a few £. We looked at a walther Rotex RM8 yesterday which seemed to be very keenly priced, but I have zero knowledge of that. I had not even considered the AA ultralight variants, so thanks for the suggestion we will have a look at those on Monday. Daystate is literally 8 miles down the road from us so he is keen to show some loyalty to a local brand, my only worry is that a few years ago a friend of mine had a huntsman which was plagued with problems, terrible levels of accuracy which was found to be caused by wildly erratic Muzzle energy, are they any better these days? Again, thanks for the help👍
  7. Firing pins, mine went through a few.
  8. Apologies about the strange title but it’s precisely my question. My old man has retired and is getting cabin fever so has taken up shooting at a local club with his mate. He currently shoots a SFS HW97 .177 but it’s getting a little heavy for him and is after something lighter and easy to shoot and has been looking to go down the PCP route. My knowledge of PCP Air Rifles is quite limited, I only own springers. If anyone is in a similar situation or has any advice on particular pro’s and Cons of what he/I should be looking for it would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking at all the usual suspects ( HW100, BSA RA10, Daystate huntsman, AA S410 ) but don’t know enough to make an informed decision. Thanks in advance.
  9. Mate, that’s similar to what happened to me but without the fire. I was in a NATO artic sleeping bag in one of the lovely “stans” in the middle of the winter. I was flat out in a 12x12 on a cot bed when my oppo sneaked into the tent to have a jolly jape. He had found a dead camel spider in the bondu and whilst I was sleeping gently placed it onto my face. The thing was massive and covered most of my face, he then sneaked outside giggling like a school boy with the other lads. They started banging bin lids which woke me up, I absolutely lost my S##t, totally freaked out and started flailing around like a lunatic. The massive spider dropped off my face into the sleeping bag, which sent me into a higher state of panic. Needless to say revenge was swift and severe.
  10. When Mrs Taileron had her initial visit our FEO wanted to see the security arrangements and do a random check on the security to ensure I was keeping everything in order. At the time he advised West Mercia do not accept hiding places as due diligence for keys. I was strongly advised to fit a quality key safe. He mentioned that if I was burgled and they found my cabinets, statistics show that the value in the cabinets is worth more to thieves than household items. If cabinets are located they will stop and go through the property just looking for the keys to steal the firearms/shotguns. The best solution was a key safe located in a difficult to reach location, which I have now complied with. It was a massive ball ache though as they are not the easiest things to fit in an easy location, let alone one which is hidden.
  11. Picked up a ATA supersport, 30” adjustable a few weeks back and what a great gun it is. After a few “teething issues” actually getting it I was really starting to have doubts about the ATA brand, but this one has had 500 through it so far and I’m hitting clays without issue. It comes with some enormous extended chokes which make it quite barrel heavy, after adding a little weight to the stock the balance is spot on. It swings easily, but is planted and not erratic which I like. The build quality is very good for the price point, it’s not beretta/ browning quality but it’s not beretta/ browning price. The stock is a lovely piece of walnut, it needed a couple of coats of oil but makes my 525 look like a fence post. I don’t really buy into the “ it’s a cheap beretta” thing because having shouldered and fired them back to back they are chalk and cheese. I would honest say it’s the very top end of the cheaper manufacturers and I’m sure they will be raising the prices. Points to note for anyone looking to buy one. This is gun No.3 for me, the first one arrived with a massive dent in the rib and a chunk missing from the stock. My RFD contacted SGC who dispatched a replacement which arrived the next day. The second gun double discharged on the first shot. My RFD contacted SGC who were very apologetic and sent out a third, which I’m now using. I have agreed with the RFD that if this one proves to be a lemon then I’m getting a full refund, which will hopefully not be the case.
  12. Taileron

    HW 95k .177

    If anyone wants to part with a HW95k please let me know. I’m looking for a one in Mint condition (Xmas gift). Ideally it’s original and has not had any of the internals changed as I’m going to downgrade the power levels for my daughter so she can learn to shoot. Cheers
  13. Taileron

    Youths 20g

    Just sent you a pm
  14. Now not sold due to “purchaser” not bothering to turn up and switching off mobile phone😡
  15. Hi, If anyone interested would like some HI Def images just let me know. The gun is immaculate and 100% genuine, as the advert said it’s just served its purpose. The stock is 13.5” LOP and perfect for women’s/juniors. 500/750 carts and a slip will be thrown into the sale plus a set of 20g snap caps and cleaning bits. Thanks for looking👍
  16. Spot on. I was at millride last week by myself and used the delay on two really fast horizontal crossing crossers, fired as a pair. Without delay I wouldn’t have had the time to even mount my gun before both clays hit the banking.
  17. Gman, you have a long way to go yet, don’t get to worried until you actually have a date for initial training. Have you completed and passed all aptitude testing and interviews? If so you should soon be expecting a date for IOT. You will not be permitted to take your shotgun with you during the initial periods, but once in the latter stages you simply gain the paperwork from the armoury, get the relevant sigs, then keep it there. Every unit will allow you to keep shotguns in the armoury as regs DO NOT permit any serving member living in SFA (married quarters) to keep weapons on the premises. Points to remember. The armoury do not care less about your beloved woodwork, it will be placed in a rack and treated accordingly, buy a sock to keep it in. Any person can hand any weapon into any armoury, it will be cleared and secured. The paperwork you submit is allowing you to REMOVE you weapon, so once it’s in, it will stay there until you have the paperwork. Military armoury will not accept any ammunition, that goes to the bomb dump, never try to hand in shells over the counter as you will get a hugely angry armourer swearing at you and pointing out your ineptitude. Good Luck and don’t give up if they say ( not quite good enough, come back next year ).
  18. Brand new unused Briley extended bolt handle to fit a browning Maxus. Cost £45 new. £30 posted. PM for details. Cheers
  19. Not if you have a herniated set of discs in your neck it doesn’t. This is the predicament I find myself in. A serious neck injury caused in one of the lovely sandy places I have found myself in the last 15 years means I’m only able to shoot my O&U for 25 carts max. My Auto allows me to continue to enjoy shooting for years to come.....hopefully.
  20. My gaffer went to the wergs a few week back.
  21. It wasn’t until my Mrs was getting her FEO visit and obviously I was present, he looked at me and said “ No more secret guns for you mate”. She has access to the cabinet now so she knows precisely what I have and has spent the last few months looking at prices on line, gradually working out how much I have spent. When good ideas go bad! One if my blokes at my last job had a row with his Mrs and went out into Limassol on a post row bender and blew 5k in one night on roulette and hookers. Come the following morning he was in my office asking for advice on what to do.....fess up to the Mrs.....run the gauntlet.
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