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  1. Popped out yesterday afternoon and had a play with a new ATA 12g Black Laminate sporter 30”. I have to say for £625 I was super impressed. It balances a bit better than the standard due to the marginal extra weight of the laminate stock. The fit and finish was on par with my 525 and the Matt black barrels looked very well suited to the laminate. It swings easily and shoulders nicely, but I didn’t buy it and I’m not sure why. Now I’m starting to think that I’m actually a internally suppressed brand snob, and I really don’t like brand snobs, so my internal voice is telling me to buy it to ensure I’m not a brand snob. Never thought decisions were this difficult.
  2. Did a full day a few weeks back, I put 100 through my Maxus as did 4 other people and the gas piston was absolutely filthy. Tried all of the above suggestions but still couldn’t remove some of the grime. I purchased an ultrasonic cleaner off flea bay and dropped it in for an hour, it came out like new.
  3. My maxus will cycle 24g, but anything lighter is problematic.
  4. One Xmas Santa got me a black widow AND a Gat gun. Love you Santa.
  5. That’s my plan. I really like the green milgauss AND Air King, can’t decide. The curve ball is a El Primero, but I would never use a chronograph. A friend has just bought a 1960’sGulf Monaco for ridiculous money, but it does look fabulous.
  6. That goes with all the big players. I had an original pre bond seamaster 200m quartz. I did the battery changes myself but after 25 years of faultless service it started to keep poor time and was returned to omega for a service. 3 ish years later the battery had gone so I took off the case back to find the original omega movement had been replaced with a standard ETA movement. After a return to the reputable dealer I was informed that this was industry practice as omega had discontinued the original. Raging.
  7. Franchi Raptor 12g. Had to sell it as I was going overseas for a few years and didn’t want to pay storage fees. The guy I sold it to still has it and won’t sell it back to me. Cycles anything, fitted like a glove, never missed a beat and looked lovely.
  8. I’m not sure the milkshake he got was quite as warm and mixed with chicken nuggets as the one that was sprayed all over my neck.
  9. There is an on line database to check the serial numbers. I think it’s £10 and it gives you access and allows multiple searches. I have used it a couple of times to check out watches that have been bought second hand. It’s called the watch register.
  10. If you were to take that to a Rolex dealer then can confirm that it’s genuine swiftly. A full service will be about £800 to 1k depending on what you had done. Rolex can date it accurately. You may be surprised how much it’s worth, definitely needs adding on the home insurance. There a loads of differing submariner models, here is an idea of value.
  11. Agreed, I got so tired of my cars getting whacked that I decided to never spend a fortune on a nice one so some scumbag can either key it or whack doors/shopping trolleys in it. Having said that the decider was when my young daughter ( some years back ) projectile vomited McDonald’s chocolate milkshake all over the back of my head on a journey back from the safari park. The stink was unbearable even after a deep clean/valet, I had to trade it in.
  12. Same as here. I like a nice watch. A friend said to me the other week that if his watch was worth as much he would keep it in a safe. No point in doing that IMO, mine cost quite a bit and is used continually, as such gets a battering. After 5 years I send it back to the manufacturer for a service and it comes back like new. But, I place absolutely zero value in vehicles and abuse them until the drop to bits. Each to their own I suppose.
  13. That’s what I thought. Off I went to my RFD to order one and he spent a day on the phone. Earliest he could grab on was December 2019, realistically Mar 2020. It seems browning like to put them in the website without the ability to actually deliver. Bought a black/gold instead.
  14. Hi, £700 would get you a nice maxus. I saw an ultimate ducks on gun trader a few weeks back for £850 and it looked mint. I have two and love them both.
  15. Hi, Is it brand new? I have two maxus and have bedded them both in with cartridges that have a bit of thump in them. My personal choice is lyevale power reds. Once run in I have cycled all different sizes and loads and both have never missed a beat. I have used eley select and they broke clays the same as any other cartridges, but they were very dirty and the gas system seemed to be heavily soiled (more than usual) in my opinion. I have had other semi autos that were very fussy on loads and sizes but the maxus is pretty good. The speed load function is really slick, once you get to grips with it. All the best
  16. Many Thanks for the responses. I have spoken to my oppo and it seems highly likely he is not fully releasing the trigger based on the experiences mentioned above. Hopefully this will be the cause of the issue and prevent him having to hand his gun into the dealer for warranty work. Very much appreciated
  17. A few months back I took my work group out for a day on the clays, a couple of this group now have the bug and have bought guns or have license applications in for consideration. A good friend bought himself a 525 ( which he is annoyingly good with out of the box ) My question is that of late, my friends 525, on 3-4 occasions it won’t fire the top barrel. There is no pattern to when, just entirely random. He is using power blues/ English sporters. Using my limited O/U knowledge I’m guessing the sear is not moving over for whatever reason. The gun is brand new so covered by warranty, is it a common fault that will clear over time or does it require dealer intervention? Would switching to top first aid the break in period for the trigger assembly? Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks
  18. Thanks. I really like the maxus range and struggle to fault them. The speed load function is very slick. How does your sling fit? Is it comfortable over a good walk as I’m thinking of getting one myself. cheers
  19. Got my Mrs a Kofs Sceptre SXE junior 20g in January. She had 1 lesson and now comes out every time with me and has just got her ticket through. She started off on 21g loads then moved to 24g with cyl&cyl from the off and has now moved onto skeet &skeet. She loves shooting even if she has a bad day and I’m in the process of ordering her a 525 micro for her birthday. The kofs is very light and a great size but I’m unsure of the longevity of it as its showing signs of wear after about 2.5k carts. I think if used a few times a month it wouldn’t last more than a couple of years but it was incredibly cheap. Great starter gun imo. Hope that helps.
  20. I broke my neck last year and as a result I have nerve damage which has caused my left arm to be significantly weakened. The upshot was I was struggling with the weight of my 525 and swinging when trying to hit crossers. I bought a maxus and got on with it from the start so much I have just bought another. Might be worth a look.
  21. My maxus black gold arrived today, amazing wood on it for the price paid.
  22. A particular gobs#### I’m acquainted with is a great fan on winding people up, not so much of a fan getting wound up. Last week I pulled the M and the N off his keyboard and swapped them around ( no one notices that ) then watched him graduate into an incandescent rage trying to work out why he couldn’t log on and was locked out of his account culminating in him stomping off out of the office to the IT section for a row. He came back about 45 mins later looking sheepish and muttering fu##### ba###### under his breath and changed his keys around.
  23. And me, no one I wanted to vote for.
  24. Hi originalgeezer, if you have any success with finding an importer could you let me know please. I have been scouring the internet for the same components for my maxus to no avail. I have rang various companies in the USA, all will ship to the uk but at a cost of $60. The only complaint with my maxus is the bolt handle, it feels a poor product when compared to the overall quality of the gun. cheers
  25. Good Morning, I have a couple of autos ( 1gas, 1 inertia) and I run them both on lyvale express power red 27g 7.5.PW. They are a very thumpy cartridge because of the 1500 fps velocity and have cycled all my autos with no problems whatsoever. They can be sourced for reasonable prices on line, but I’m fortunate my local dealer is also very competitive. I have read the pinned topic regarding cartridge velocities as it seems that power red are no where near the claimed 1500 FPS, which has left me wondering why I can definitely feel a difference between them and power gold which are recorded as having a higher FPS but sold with a lower FPS, I’m confused now. All the best.
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