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  1. I have recently returned from Cyprus and can concur with your observations. We lived on the island for an extended period and so appalling was the general safety I only went out a couple of times and then decided it was time to quit. Whilst out rough shooting on the very edge of a permission near the dam, the owner of the land observed some other Cypriots shooting on the wrong side of the fence line, which is non shooting land and about 1000 signs tell you this. Rather than walk across and have a word he decided to blast a couple of barrels into the ground about 4 ft in front of us, as a warning. Absolutely mental over there, just go around the dam and try to count how many signs a riddles with holes. Needless to say, I never went out again.
  2. Sorry for the late response, been on shift for a few weeks. Thanks for all the information, I’m going out tomorrow with a friend, who is meeting his friend who owns one and is kind enough to let me have a go. He has also suffered with poor feeding of anything under 32g so I’m going to run some lyvale power red 27g through it and see how it goes. Thanks again👍
  3. Precisely this happened to me yesterday.....absolutely raging at the time.
  4. Good evening, Had a great day on the clays yesterday and bumped into a chap who had a new browning A5, ultimate ducks variant. I shouldered it a few times and it seemed very well put together, he loved it and was rating it very highly indeed. The fit would take a bit of tweaking for my build, but nothing serious. I was wondering if anyone has owned one for a period of time and what their thoughts were based on ownership (build, reliability etc). I have done the due diligence with the usual internet searches but it’s quite limited what I have been able to find. Many Thanks.
  5. +1 from me. I used to play the Rolex game and got extremely tired of being treated like dirt by dealers. It appeared to me ( purely my opinion) that Rolex need the 5-8K customers, but don’t actually want them. I moved all of mine along, I did make a profit as I refused to pay a “premium” for second hand and all were purchased off the waiting list, which for a SS black faced Sub is currently around 3 years. I now buy Bremont, fantastic quality, eye catching designs but most importantly the company actually value a customer. All of my watches are worn daily and get quite a beating but I just send them in for a £500 service at the 5 year point and they return like new.
  6. I wouldn’t be overjoyed about any costs as it’s brand new but it’s on it way now. I really like the Affinity, it’s the first shotgun I have ever owned and had such a good hit rate straight out of the box. ALL of my previous shotguns have required at least a couple of months of clays to get my eye in, and some of those were 2.5k guns, not £650 which I paid for the Affinity. If I Px it, I will get half of it’s initial costs back at best. If I’m honest I don’t think it is a mechanical problem, a primer issue is more likely, but at least I will have my confidence back in it. cheers
  7. That’s precisely the reason I bought the Affinity. It’s a dream to clean even after 150 carts, not a great deal longer than my 525. I have seen the red receiver sx4, it did stand out to say the least. Not had one in the shoulder but thanks for the recommendation I will keep my eye out for one and see if I can try it out. I wish I had not parted with my technys a few years back, not sure now why I did, but hindsight is always right. Thanks for the information.
  8. Many thanks for all the responses. Unfortunately because this shotgun uses the benelli system I cannot ease the working parts forward, if I do that the locking lugs don’t engage correctly and it gives the “benelli click”, the hammer hits the firing pin but there is a gap between the bolt head and the cartridge face and it won’t fire. I took it out today and put 50 through it, it didn’t miss a beat and thankfully no reoccurrence, but I’m left feeling very uneasy about it. I spoke to a couple of military small arms armourers today who have also suggested it could have been a raised primer which caused the incident. On balance, it’s getting sent back via my RFD for full safety inspection, but I’m not sure that even if they give me the green light I will trust it again, which is a shame because it seem to hit 80% of what I aim at at the clay range compared to 65% with my 525. Age and a bulging disk has steered me back into the semi auto world. Not sure of what to do now, perhaps a Beretta A400 could be on the cards as a replacement (just as long as the Mrs doesn’t find out). Thanks again for all the help.
  9. Cheers for the advice. I’m going to have another trip to the clay range tomorrow and see how it goes. Any further issues and I will take it back to my local RFD and have it returned to GMK for a comprehensive check. It suffered from the “benelli click” on its first outing, ( it’s 3 weeks old ) but after I intensively cleaned the thick grease out of the barrel locking lugs it’s not missed a beat...until today. Thanks again.
  10. Many Thanks for the responses and the warm welcomes. My thinking is it could be a weak firing pin return spring, if it’s not retracting the pin to the correct position, as the working parts move forward it will still be marginally protruding and would then strike the cartridge in the chamber. Does that sound valid ? When reading the responses, the suggestions also sound equally valid. Either way it was certainly an unsettling experience. Would you return it without delay or have another try and see if it behaves any better? I’m airing on the side of another attempt, however I would hate for it to occur again. Thanks again. Thanks very much, I will check that now. Just checked it, no protrusion at the face.
  11. Good evening, apologies if this is in the wrong area but I have not posted before and I’m in need of some advice. I have been clay/rough shooting for many years and have used many different brands/types/gauge of shotguns. Today at the clay range I had an alarmingly scary moment. My shotgun today is a brand new franchi Affinity sporting in 12 gauge. After around 60 shots I reloaded as usual and pressed the bolt release button to allow the working parts forward. The weapon discharged down range. I am also a military shooter so weapon safety is paramount and my finger is always out if the trigger guard. I have completely stripped down the weapon this evening and cannot find any issues. Prior to returning it under warranty has anyone else ever had this occur? And if so what was the cause? Many Thanks in advance
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