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  1. Yes, I did have a sharp intake of breath when I saw the price but...the money I spend on clays (which was zero in lockdown) would pay for one in a couple of months. I have realised that I have quite a sum tied up in redundant shotguns which I can’t use if we are locked up again and I was bored out of my mind during the last one, just fancy a new challenge that I can do at home regardless of the current situation in the country.
  2. I’m thinking of picking a HW44 up for some garden plinking when the inevitable winter lockdown happens. I handled one the other day and really liked the feel. Does anyone own one? Are they any good? Apart from a Wembley tempest when I was a kid I have zero knowledge/ experience. Thanks
  3. Yes! Pizza, what’s that all about, can’t stand it, it’s just very expensive cheese on toast. Whilst we are talking about food, I’m going to throw my hatred for bananas into the mix, truly disgusting things. Charity runners at any running event who feel the need to dress up as a smurf or similar. They always lie about their expected finishing time and are in the reasonably quick time groups for the start. By 4 miles in they are blowing out of their **** and holding up the quicker people. To add insult to injury they will be shovelling bananas into their cake hole on the start and they are always next to me.
  4. The changing of chokes when in the cage, this combined with loads of teeth sucking and arm waving whilst holding up the 6 people waiting should result in 1 hour in the stocks. Once in the stocks you should be pelted with raw fish. James Cordon.....where do I start with this individual.
  5. I lived in Abingdon Road, what an utter dive it was/still is. It was lovely to go upstairs and see the holes in the ceiling in made by rats, the leaking windows, no showers and brown water from the cold water taps. Always makes me Chuckle that civvies think we get the houses for free/abated rates not realising that we are paying the market rate to live in a hovel. The patch at BZN is an embarrassment to the service and should have been demolished 20 years ago. Before I left David Cameroon visited ( he was pm at the time ) to open the new play park paid for by the benevolent fund, he was in his full speech/bu#####t mode and told the gaggle of wives that they should be grateful for where they lived......about 0.0001 seconds later his CP team had to bundle him into his vehicle as they went ballistic and were baying for blood. We had a good laugh that day.
  6. Your correct, that was their aim, to cut down on staff numbers/vans/training etc. I still can’t possibly see though how it’s of benefit as his pay rise is a significant one, even after deductions and buying a new van, makes no sense to me at all. Preying on the elderly, my neighbour was quoted 8k for a boiler plus a load of “extra” work to bring the house up to “regs”. The “regs” were thermostatic rad valves, a better insulated cylinder and some other small bits which were not broken. She was really worried and knocked my door in tears. I asked my pal to pop around, he did the job for £500 but she bought the boiler which was a Worcester Bosch and cost £1100. We just changed my boiler, it’s astonishing what they actually cost when compared to what people are told they cost. My boiler was changed when I lived in married quarters, they fitted an ideal boiler and the MOD was paying £250 each for them.
  7. My pal has just done exactly what you described. He is a gas engineer/plumber who was working for a major player in the midlands and had his contract changed dramatically. His new terms have removed all of his paid sick leave, even though he had been sick for 5 days in 29 years and included 24 hour call outs over weekends/ holiday etc with a 5% pay cut to boot. He (along with several others) graciously declined the offer and walked, the irony now is that he is subcontracting to the same company self employed, plus a load of extra money......couldn’t make it up!
  8. I absolutely agree with your post. I used to live just down the road, Cartoontown (Carterton) in the Married patch for Brize Norton, my house was an absolute pit and the entire estates were a dilapidated dive. I couldn’t afford to shoot there when I lived just down the road. Clay shooting is extremely expensive which is why I bang the drum for the cheaper shotgun makers, gets more people into our sport. My pal and I have rented a big field and bought 2 traps, which we shoot every other weekend. The money we make from the hay pays the yearly rent and it reduces our costs considerably. £8.50 per box, 150 in a box, no brainier really.
  9. I’m sure many of you are already aware that Steve Pope of V Mach/Venom sadly passed away at the end of last year. With his loss the business has now been closed and V Mach kits were no longer available, so I thought. After a lot of searching and an emails I have now found out that his friend and work partner Lyndon Lewington of ARC Air Rifle Tuning has again started to produce V Mach kits. They are exactly the same as previous and the same price £89.99. Im not advocating the use of these kits before I get a load of incoming flak, I fully appreciate that everyone has their own personal opinion and choice of kits, I’m merely posting this to prevent anyone who wanted a V Mach kit having to spend hours searching and emailing people like I did. All the best.
  10. Precisely what I expect and demand. Sometimes when I have been away on a route recovery (broken aircraft) no 5 star accommodation was available, I had to slum it in 3 star.....absolutely appalling. Not just any wages either, AND a free blue suit. Absolutely spot on, they used the crayon instead of a pen when filling out the paperwork....ended up in the army😃 Yes, indeedy do, loads of extra cash, don’t know what to spend it on most of the time. £100 extra per month for emptying the aircraft toilets and all I have to do is get covered in multiple jobbies sprayed at pressure directly into my face😭
  11. Same here, I’m sticking with my Mk38. I can’t afford to buy one, even I my RAF wages😂
  12. You can’t possibly do that! It’s an inferior quality, badly made piece of tat that will literally drop to bits the moment the warranty expires....so I’m told. I went out this very morning with my pal and did 300, 150 with the Mk38 and another 150 with my ATA. I missed all with the ATA as I was wearing a balaclava whilst shooting it out of fear of embarrassment...... oh wait a minute I didn’t do that. I shot 150 with it and had exactly the same hit rate as with my Mk38. It didn’t drop to bits in my hands, it did however get extremely hot and performed just as well as my Mk38 which cost three times the price. Lesson of today was watching the old gent, with a beat up remmy wingmaster shoot 50/50, it’s not the nail, it’s the hammer behind it that the most important.
  13. Met him twice in the 1990’s, stood to attention in my best white overalls. I working on VAREF at RAF Lyneham (visiting aircraft and role equipment flight). On both occasions he was a lovely bloke who told us to “get on the jet and eat the leftover food before the aircrew get their mitts on it” A man who absolutely personified the term service before self. RIP.
  14. Not tried that, thanks for the info. I’m friendly with the lads at shooting sports and it’s just down the road so I will pop over tomorrow and pick some up, cheers.
  15. I was out a few weeks back with a mate on the squirrels, he was using his TX200 and I loaned his pro sport. Absolute pain in the a##e trying to put .177 pellets in whilst wearing gloves in cold temperatures. We both wished we were using break barrels that day.
  16. One is 2017, the other 2018, I’m at a loss as well Scully. 31 years in the military mate. If it’s been shot once or 200 times it will get a strip and clean. Your argument is 100% correct though, my pal has a 35 year old Miroku that has had some heavy use, he gives it a quick pull through and on each occasion we go out absolutely thrashes me with super-full/super-full chokes.
  17. Thanks for all the suggestions, further to the last post I made about this issue I tried them all, but have not yet tried Ballistol or a Turks head brush. At the moment I have the brush in the cordless drill, it seems to take an age even after 15-30 mins of Phillips bore cleaner sprayed down the barrels. I have noticed that it’s considerably worse if the barrels get very hot. Today I was shooting lyevale express power blue ( I normally use power red ) it was cold outside and I had hardly any lead fowling, yesterday it was 23 degrees and we were shooting a sim driven day, the barrels were extremely hot and the lead fowling was terrible not a single area that was not covered in it. I only seem to have this problem with my Miroku’s, the other guns don’t seem to suffer with it. I’m wondering if it’s the 18.7 bore is causing it. Plastic wads leave no marking whatsoever but I can only use them on one local ground, 90% of my shooting is fibre.
  18. I wish it was that easy to removed the lead streaking from the barrels of my Miroku’s, absolute nightmare of a job that takes at least 10-15 mins each barrel. It’s only present when I shoot fibre wads. I posted on here a few months back asking if anyone had a quick fix, various suggestion, none worked.
  19. Wow, that degenerated to personal insults very quickly, well done👍 I will have a go at laughing at myself later on today as I own an MK70, Mk38 Teague, 2 ATA’s and 2 Koffs and report back.
  20. That’s precisely how I read it as well.
  21. Please excuse my ignorance, but reading the post, that is precisely what you are trying to say.
  22. Not going to disagree with what you say on their pcp guns, I have one, it’s superb. I’m not slating AA at all, just an observation. The market for springers has diminished somewhat however its still there. My local club millride has an air rifle range, which I have used on occasion, virtually to a man everyone has a pcp AND a springer. If daystate did make a spring gun, I wouldn’t buy one based on my previous experience, but if AA made a break barrel I would buy one based on my previous experience.
  23. Agree 100%. If AA made a nice, light break barrel (similar to the HW95) I’m sure it would be a success. I like the build quality of AA springers, but they are a heavy lump and I also find the loading of them to be a pain, particularly .177 on a cold day. I have a 95 which was an absolute dog out of the box, it runs lovely now after fitting a TBT kit, but I shouldn’t have to do that on a brand new gun. The internals on AA are exceptionally well put together and as I would expect from new. A real missed opportunity by AA in my opinion.
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