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  1. One Teague chokes case. Unwanted Xmas gift, 12g £10 plus £2.50 p&p. Collection available from Shropshire.
  2. One invector plus choke 1/4 12g for browning/Miroku £35 plus £2.50 p&p. Collection from Shropshire if wanted.
  3. Two Invector plus chokes for sale. These are the stainless steel extended version(not super extended) Two skeet 3 months old and very limited use as the wife bought me the wrong ones for Xmas. £52 each plus p&p direct from Teague. £35 each or £60 for a pair. £2.50 p&p Please PM me for further details. Cheers.
  4. 300k carts, you must be very well off indeed. That’s 1200 slabs I pay £56 per slab £67,200 in carts. This is my point in a nutshell, clay shooting is expensive. I personally can’t afford £67,200 on my hobby, but if I could then I wouldn’t be using an £800 gun. I wonder if ATA put the same fence post wood onto their guns that all the “top” makes do on their entry level guns what people would find to criticise?
  5. Not sure about that, my wife’s has had about 3k through it now and has performed flawlessly, so the material and manufacturing must be good, I suspect QC has had some problems. The wood on hers (and many others) makes my MK70 and Mk38 look like a fence post. I have previous stated that the ones I picked up had issues and were returned (but the damage could have been done in proof) but then again my MK70 has also had problems from new. A couple of pals now have Supersports and they love them and I’m seriously considering another. COVID has shown me that I have 4K worth of guns just gathering dust, and if anyone thinks it’s going away then they need to rethink that. I don’t mind having £800 gathering dust. Only time will tell if they have longevity, but it would seem that they are proving reliable so far. IMO they are a good cut above Koffs, marginally better than Yildiz (but not on the small gauges) Clay shooting is expensive and I’m all for getting more people into the sport, if any manufacturers can produce a product that can get more people into the sport on a shoe string, then that gets the thumbs up from me. Just my 10p worth👍
  6. Thanks for all the pointers, I have been using AA fields and it seems to like them. I was looking fwd to a few more shots today but the wind has been bad here, looks set for some poor weather for the next few days so hope get it out again next week. Cheers All.
  7. Just before xmas i was thinking about buying a PCP for some plinking in the garden. Went down to Bradleys angling and guns at Millride and had a look at S400/S410/S510r. After some deliberation and costings I opted for the S400 as I couldn't justify the extra expense as i was buying the whole outfit including a bottle. TBH I wasn't expecting much as it was the cheapest of the 3, but I am hugely impressed with this little gun. I have to admit that loading .177 individually for each shot was a pain in the a@@@ so i bought a rowan engineering multi shot adapter. Maybe my expectations were too low because of the costs compared to the others, but what a phenomenal bit of kit it is. The engineering seems to be top rate, its well put together and nice to shoot. Cant shoot/miss clays at the moment so I have put a couple of tins through it so far. My question to the font of knowledge on PW is there a catch with this gun? Should I be looking out for any failure points or is just excellent value for money. My pcp knowledge is quite poor so any info/advice would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
  8. Agreed, the military has been working extremely hard behind the scenes. We have got 0%, for the last 10 years we have got 1%, without complaint. The AFPRB ( total wasted of time ) was told, IMO, what funds were available the produced a report recommending 1% year on year. What really boils my blood was to hear the chancellor stating that the finances were in a good position prior to COVID-19, if that was the case why did we get 1% ( along with other public sectors, other than MP’s) for 10 years.
  9. I purchased a new bettinsoli. 410 last year, 30” with 14.8 lop. Lovely thing to shoot and look at, unfortunately the trigger packed up within a month so it was returned for a full refund. Perhaps mine was a bad one? I certainly won’t buy one again and will look a little harder at Lincoln next time. Best of luck with the search.
  10. Most shops have closed in my area. I have recently purchased from an RFD, the official line was “essential vermin control” If it falls into that category, it’s not an issue.
  11. Fully agree with you there. I like the look and feel of the Maxus Mk1 and shot reasonably well with mine. Looking fwd to the arrival of the new one, it seems Franchi/Benelli have taken on board all the points that needed improvement. Larger loading port, larger bolt handle and bolt release handle. The reviews from the USA are all good and the dimensions are virtually identical to the old one, so fingers crossed.
  12. How much do you want to spend? Nite make a range of watches that are robust to say the least. Nite are, IMO, some of the best watches that no one has ever heard of apart from us military types. The MX10 used to be issued, but sadly no longer. Mine has been hammered in many environments and simply refuses to give up.
  13. I had been tipped the wink by an RFD that the maxus 2 was on the way in December, so waited until the official pictures came out. I have to agree, it looks like a very close clone of the SX4 but for significantly more money. Ordered one of these, delivery is forecasted to be Apr/May this year, New Affinity 3.
  14. Sorry, I cant choose just 1, I’m a seasonal shooter/ drinker. On a cold winters day I like today I like a nice pint of mild, a nice steady beer. I like to shoot my MK70 a nice steady gun. On a damp winters day doing walked up I like a nice nip of Drambui to warm up, I like to miss everything with my S/S which has a warming effect. On a warm spring day I like a nice glass of red, a refined drink. When shooting clays I like to shoot my MK38, a nice refined gun. On a hot summers day nothing beats a refreshing pint of cider, the strong, mad variety. I like to use my semi for every type of shooting in the summer for the same reason.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Lots of scores of 1 from me.
  16. 12 years ago I had 2 jobs and was raking in over 120k, then it all went down the toilet. Everything I had been breaking my back for was “given” to the now Ex. I ended up potless owing 40k in solicitors bills trying to keep my kids (in vain). Back to 2 jobs to dig myself out of debt then more tragedies ensued. Your post is absolutely spot on, life is not a rehearsal and needs to be gripped and cherished, but people who have not experienced tragedy will quote the phrase, but not follow it. I’m retiring in 18 months ( the day before my 50th ) and will have paid off my modest mortgage. I intend to do as little as possible, spend as much time with the kids and go shooting with my pal as often as I can. Always makes me smile when thinking about the lengthy study in Norway to find what really makes people happy, the results were conclusively, low expectations.
  17. Don't forget to keep the pin feathers for bragging rights. Went out boxing day and bagged a nice brace of pheasants, on the walk in I bagged a woodcock. I was shooting Skeet/Skeet and Lyvale ultimate power 32g No.7. Good Luck👍
  18. Hermes......simply the worst courier service going has excelled yet again. The “agent” decided to launch my parcel over the fence into a completely different house on Monday. He then used his PDA to GEO tag the parcel and vanished sending me an email saying “your parcel has been delivered” After spending an age on the phone trying to speak to an actual human, the “representative” in her very best broken English could not get her head around that I did not have my parcel, because the PDA is saying delivered. Fortunately the bloke who owned the house had the decency to realise the parcel was not his and returned it to me, some would not have done that.
  19. Having size 12 feet, I have always struggled to get shoes. Usually the shops/online retailers have more choice of size 14 than 12. My recent purchase of slippers were the usual last ones on the shelf and fell to bits in quick time. I remarked to Mrs Taileron that this has happened and she has excelled herself. She has purchased me a pair of memory foam slippers, has anyone else tried these bad boys? Another level of comfort, I actually put them on and found myself groaning with comfort, like an old dog getting comfortable in his bed. Currently half price in the Debenhams sale, get a pair and join me in old F@@t comfort land, you won’t regret it.
  20. When I had my renewal in January with West Mercia, the FEO started that WM Police do not accept “due diligence” of simply hiding the keys, he wanted a key safe, which I subsequently installed. He went on to say that guns are generally worth more to burglars than the average haul in most houses, so if they find a cabinet they will ransack the house to find the keys. A few weeks later one of the houses on my estate go burgled, in broad daylight, and they got away with a safe (the size of an average fridge) which contained 40k worth of gold and ignored the shotgun cabinet.
  21. Taileron


    Part of our family Xmas build up. Good old Clark Griswold on the TV.
  22. I have two, one .410 and a 20b, one for Mrs Taileron and the .410 for my daughter, both have had about 1k carts through so far and no issues. Both the guns are non ejector as I found (particularly the .410) the ejectors are very powerful and bang the empty cases about 2 meters over the shoulder. Both are junior stock models and fit a smaller frame very well. My wife chose the Yildiz after handing a browning 525 micro, beretta Vitoria, the other 525 ladies gun and a Kofs 20b. Nicely scaled down actions, nice wood and seem well put together. Not sure about the 10 year warranty, I was told 3 by my RFD. The only downside so far are the triggers, which are horrible on both but for £395 each brand new I can’t really complain.
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