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  1. I’m still waiting on a price. If you don’t mind would you PM me and let me know how much your paying please? Cheers
  2. Some clown in my house was admiring the lock up engineering of his new MK38. Turned the gun over to absorb the lovely clunk and fitment of the action, closed the action and caught the web of skin between his thumb and index finger into the action removing a fair chunk which has not grown back.
  3. Sir, you are clearly a mathematician of the very highest order. I shall brief Mrs Taileron on this formula which must be adhered to.
  4. Sat down last night and counted up how many I have had since getting my ticket in 96, WOW.....I’m ashamed of myself. If Mrs Taileron knew how much cash I have parted with. Absolutely, positively not going to buy any more😳
  5. I have been exactly the same over the years, every one I purchased was “definitely a keeper” The problem was I did just that and kept them. Realised in lockdown that I have a load of money tied up in guns that I was unable to use. I have now parted with all but 4. The new “keepers” are my Yildiz .410 (daughter) Yildiz 20g (wife) MK38+MK70 (me). If I was brave enough to work out how much cash I have parted with over the years I suspect the remaining few hairs on my head will immediately fall out.
  6. After buying my little one a .410 recently, I got the itch and had to have one just for a bit of fun. I managed to narrow the field down to a Yildiz, which my little girl has and a bettinsoli evo. A sliver pigeon would be the ideal gun but I just can’t justify the expense for a bit of fun. Tracked down an evo at Croxton service station just outside ecceshall, part of MJR Militaria, I dealt with Duncan who was a nice bloke, we negotiated a discount for cash on a brand new gun and away I went. Mistake No.1, should have bought a yildiz, the Evo had an awful trigger which after 25 shots gave up completely with a parting gift of a nice double discharge. I was seriously expecting the usual RFD mess about and a refusal to refund, followed by letters, emails and the like. Not the case this time, he was hugely apologetic for my troubles and immediately offered me a refund/repair/replacement of my choosing. Spot on service from a genuinely nice guy.
  7. Quite a rare beast in GR6, I bet the wood is lovely. I’m going to retire in a couple of years and have promised myself a nice GR5/6 as a gift to myself.
  8. Same here buddy. I have a 32” MK38 with a trap fore end, that is muzzle heavy, but I find it fantastic for DTL. My MK70 is a 28”, I whacked a pair of 1/2 & 3/4 Teague Extended Chokes it it, the balance is spot on, exactly on the hinge. Absolutely love it.
  9. No problem mate, they usually crack behind the grip and can be repaired very successfully so have keen eyes. If it’s an Invector gun, it’s old, invector plus is 90,s tech
  10. I have a grade 1 MK70, low in the comb, very flat shooting, absolutely excellent gun. GR5 have a long documented history of cracked stocks. GR 3 is the best overall option but a good one holds a premium price. They are really rock solidly built, look out for the bottom hinge pin being flattened on the lower side (heavily used), sloppy trigger or cracked heel plate. All can be sorted but obviously it needs to be reflected in the price. A good friend has owned one for 32 years and it’s never missed a beat, he is a keeper and has really abused his gun. Best of luck buddy👍
  11. Breiley extended bolt handle and 4 beretta victory Extended Chokes to fit Affinity. Case and key also. I have used them in my gun for about 12 months, selling as I have parted with my Affinity (with deep regret). Sizes Cyl, IC, M, IM. £60 for the lot, plus postage. Absolute bargain as the bolt handle alone cost £45.
  12. Wow, what a lovely comment to make about something that has a personal meaning to the individual.
  13. Thanks for the responses, I had not heard of Phillips cleaner so have ordered some.👍
  14. Morning all, firstly apologies if this question has been asked before, I have searched for answers but can’t find any information. Has anyone had any experience of using magic bore kits? Are they any good and is one better than the other? I have switched to 100% fibre wad shooting and the streaking in the barrels is taking some proper elbow grease to remove. My Mk38 is particularly bad, it takes multiple soakings and rodding with bore cleaner and various brushes after a 100 bird shoot. My other guns seem to be easier to remove the streaking and the magic bore looks (on the video) to be a perfect solution for my 38. I only shoot Lyevale Power reds, which are a nice clean burning cartridge. Thanks in advance.
  15. I have seen work done by Weismans in Cannock and Simon at doveridge, both were very good.
  16. Taileron


    Watched episode 1 last night, We thought it was excellent. Managed to find the central TV interview with Neilson and watched that last night, Tenant has him absolutely spot on. An unnerving character.
  17. Fantastic solution, I nearly soiled myself laughing at your idea😂
  18. Snap, my ATA was also a lemon after a couple of months, that went back to the RFD. Past history, I tripped and dropped a brand new Allsport and bashed the stock (£399 replacement) my buddy did the same thing last Sunday and dropped his RS12 QRR and bashed the stock and dinged the barrels.
  19. Valid point, I’m hopeful that mine will be still going in 10 years time, but only time will tell. If it lasts 5 years then has to have work done which makes it financially not viable it will be scrapped and I will look upon it as a £10 per month loss. I spent £35 on a Chinese takeaway last night, so it’s a loss I’m prepared to gamble on. Just my luck that it will have firing issues tonight, I will be back to using my MK70 and worrying the entire time about damaging it.
  20. No, you asked the correct question and I answered it. I own a 912B.
  21. It is, if you can actually find a decent 2nd hand browning/Miroku/beretta that hasn’t had an absolute hammering. I lost count of the miles driven, visits to RFD,s and time spent on Guntrader wading through the dross, after almost 10 months of searching I gave up and bought a new Turkish delight. Ideally I would have found a nice MK70 that had been looked after for the sub 1k mark, it’s just not that easy. Every example I looked at was a dog. The best was described as “mint” and “hardly used” by an RFD, It turned out that the stock had been drilled, plugged and the fore end was like a blind cobblers thumb.....it was £1200. Browning/Miroku/Beretta are excellent guns that cost money, because they are worth it, if, and it is an if, you can get a good 2nd hand one for the right money it’s a no brainier, you are absolutely correct.
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