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  1. I have posted a couple of threads recently and updated one this morning. Mine is a rough gun, as previously stated it’s mechanically sound and has fired about 1.5k carts so far. The woodwork looks lovely but has had issues when it got wet, for the first time. The attitude from the RFD was nonchalant at best, sort of “ what do you expect for less than 1k “ I expect it to not look absolutely battered the first time it gets wet was my response. Im sure there are better options available for the £500-£699 mark but i simply couldn’t find one. Every gun i looked at had “only fired a few boxes” or was “immaculate” but turned out to be beaten up or really baggy and loose. Now i have sorted the woodwork its a very good gun, but i shouldn’t of had to sort the woodwork in the first place. I wouldn’t pay list RRP, a good discount is needed (i got a good discount on mine). The 912B is a very close duplicate of an MK70 and shoots the same, flat. Your very welcome to have a go with mine if you happen to be in the midlands at any point👍
  2. Just thought I would post an honest update on this gun, if anyone was thinking of buying one. So far it’s had about 1.5k of carts through it ranging from some 21g lights to 36g pigeon carts. Mechanically it’s not missed a beat, lovely clean ejections and the trigger pulls have seemed to have become a bit less spongy and it locks up nice. Cosmetically it’s a different story, I took it out and the heavens opened, we were absolutely soaked, water had got inside the action. It was dried thoroughly and put into a dry slip on the way home but the damage was done. All of the woodwork was in a real state and had swollen quite considerably ( could barely get the fore end off ) and the finish was trashed. I spent some time drying out the wood slowly then had to rub it all down with OO wire wool, retreat with boiled linseed and wax finish with renaissance wax. It now looks as good as new, however, perhaps my expectations were a little too high and I thought it would not take such a beating in the rain. Would I buy another? Yes, but I would put the work in prior and treat the wood before use, should I have to do this? Probably not.
  3. Brilliant, Thanks for all the advice. I will take it to work on Monday, blow it through with an airline then lubricate all the points. Many Thanks
  4. Afternoon all, My pal and I dared to go out for a bit of rough shooting yesterday, the heavens opened whilst we were out and the guns were drenched. When I got home I fully dried all the visible parts but noticed water was dripping out of the action. As you can see from the image I have removed the action and have thoroughly dried every part. No being a gunsmith I’m unsure of which parts should now be greased, oiled or left alone. If anyone has any directions it would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
  5. I have asked the same question this afternoon to premier guns. Once they get back to me I will update.
  6. I would snap this up but I’m waiting for the special edition JM Browning maxus to come out.
  7. My wife smashed up the 5th, yes that’s correct 5th, brand new car 3 weeks ago. She drove it into a telegraph pole! It wasn’t her fault though. When she was reversing out of a parking slot “the car just stalled” she then started the car and “ it jumped sideways into the telegraph pole” The entire ####### car lifted itself up and smashed itself into a telegraph pole on some type of nightrider kamikaze mission. The same woman once cooked me a pie that was simultaneously frozen and on fire. On another occasion she put her finger into a hand blender, chopping off the end because she couldn’t see the blade. I could go on, the list is quite long.
  8. I only shoot power red in both wads, fibre tend to streak the bores more but don’t leave any of the dirty debris the English sporters did.
  9. £115 for 500 English sporters is quite expensive buddy. My local dealer is doing them for £47.50 a slab, power red plastics for £48 and fibre for £49. They did feel quite punchy when I tried them but left the gun really grubby inside, quite a bit of debris in the barrels.
  10. Mate, the amount of dodgy Russians over there is quite astonishing. When I left (2018) the government was still giving EU passports out to anyone who invested €250,000 into the country, that included housing. They then had free access into all EU countries and just abandoned these massive houses. Paphos is littered with them, all falling into decay. You frequently see overweight 45-60 year olds covered in gang tatts with an 18 year old on their arms. I doesn’t take a genius to work out their line of business, the authorities just turned a blind eye and kept taking the money. When you live there you see precisely how dodgy the place is and combined with a corrupt incompetent police force the Russians must have thought they had landed in gangsters heaven.
  11. That is precisely what the Cypriot government did a few years back when the banking crisis smashed the Greek/Cypriot islands. Anyone who had over €100,000 in savings was allowed to keep 100k, any cash above was taken. It was applied across all banks bar Bank of Cyprus. Guess what bank the politicians were using? People were flying out of the island with bags of cash. The owner of the local shopping mall was caught with his family flying to Ireland with 8million euros in cash in luggage.
  12. Taileron

    Wind River

    Definitely worth watching, really enjoyed Ozark.
  13. Taileron

    Wind River

    Fargo seasons 1-3 on Netflix, excellent bad weather binge watching with a really good storyline.
  14. Because the UK military is totally undervalued, and contrary to popular belief not a huge amount of the UK population actually give a T*** about service men/women. I can say that in all honesty as I have just turned over 30+ years in the service. The situation with the Afghan terps is utterly shameful, I worked daily with them and they were putting Their country first, not ours, yes they were paid, but the risks they took (and are still taking) were and are huge. My Sqn did 13 years continual duty in Afghan alone, that’s the same people either on Ops back from Ops or prepping from Ops, for 13 years. The broken people/families/loss of life I saw in that time. The reward we received ( not that we ever wanted one ) terrible pay, station closed down and redundancy. Many people think we are paid well ( compare like for like ranks with the USAF ) the same people think we get a “gold plated pension”....that went in 2015 and married quarters are free, nope that’s not true either. I know several people with severe mental health problems who served and were just booted out the door when they began struggling. Im jumping ship soon as my loyalties have been tested to and beyond my limits. Feel better now😂
  15. Having been through a similar situation recently with a brand new car, the “full refund” Avenue is not as simple as some think. You have to give the dealership the chance to repair the issue, that’s quite clear in the guidance. Once they have been given that opportunity then and if the car fails again your case for a refund grows. It’s also helped if you have used a finance house, they have much more power than you as they effectively own your vehicle. My car would not rev through the full range and kept cutting out, it was returned for repair. The software upload did nothing, it was returned again for further investigation. Another upload was completed, it again did nothing. I contacted the dealer and asked for a replacement car, got fobbed off.....surprisingly. I then took matters to the next stage, contacted customer service, the dealership AND finance house stating that I would make no further payment unless the faulty car was replaced. Point to note her is that you MUST continue to put the payments aside in a separate account and show this to the finance house. Parked the car on my drive and didn’t use it for 4 weeks. I then got a call from the dealership who replaced my vehicle for another brand new one ( with a different spec engine) Its a long process but it can be done. I have since found out that the manufacturer has admitted to an on going engine management issue with the vehicle I owned. Best of luck, keep things friendly, use the “ I really don’t want to be doing this, but I have no option” attitude to all in the process. 👍
  16. I owned a red bezel, red face hydroconquest, automatic, for a number of years. Pros 1. Very accurate +4 secs per month 2. Very robust (dropped mine out of a tool box on the top of a C130 fin) small dent in the case. 3. Used it in all weathers, diving, pressurised environment, oil grease etc, no problem. 3. Looked the business, very close to a submariner. 4. Slipped off a ladder and caught my fall on the bracelet, which hung me up and didn’t break, tough as nails. Cons 1. The chrome plating looks blingy . 2. It’s heavy and bulky. 3. The crown digs into your wrist due to its weight. 4. The bracelet is a nightmare to remove and clean. Traded mine to buy a sub, which is what I always wanted, but I won’t wear that to work. For the money if you shop around, they represent good value IMO. Hope that helps👍
  17. That’s great to hear, gives me confidence in the build quality. I have probably put 2 slabs through mine so far (with the assistance of my mates) and we are all agreed its lovely to shoot. I’m told they are now made by Akkar, not sure if that’s a good thing or not? I handled a Akkar Triple crown at the shooting show, purely for the novelty factor, it seemed to be built like a tank.
  18. I’m with centrepin on this. I currently have both premium names and budget names in my cabinet. Nothing at all wrong with Turkish manufacturing they are exactly what they say on the tin. The main point to note with a Turkish guns is the importer, if you buy a Hatsan for example, they are imported by Edgars, who in my experience have been great, others may not be. Some premium guns are imported by some names who have a well documented poor customer service, a quick google or trust pilot will confirm this, so don’t for one moment think more money equals better customer service. I have just taken a gamble on a new W&S 912b (Turkish), for me, it’s the best fitting gun in my cabinet. The older models have an appalling reliability track record, but the importers have been great (I’m told) so fingers crossed this one is a good one. You will lose money on any gun, regardless of it value, if you sell it quickly, 20% VAT the second you walk out the door. I justify this to myself as the 20% is the price I’m paying for warranty. If I was in the market for a gas auto an escort would definitely be on my list, but my preference is for inertia ( I’m lazy and hate cleaning gas parts) so my mainstay Auto is a Franchi Affinity. 7 year warranty for a budget price. Good luck with the search.
  19. No, I didn’t try the older model, no availability. The dealer and the site says it’s a completely new design? It looks very similar to the older version. That’s what I’m hoping. My RFD has quizzed the importer who was keen to point out that production has been shifted to a new facility due to the reliability issues of old. Thanks, hopefully it will prove to be reliable.
  20. Morning all, A bit of a strange question to ask if you can bear with me. I popped into my local dealer last week to thank them for sorting out the Yildiz .410 for my little one and they had just taken delivery of a new W&S 912B. I was in the market for a rough gun so had a look, £599, steel action, multi choke, nice wood and fits really well out of the box, 3 year warranty, so I bought it. Took it out on the clays the following day to get my eye in, simply unbelievable, couldn’t miss with the thing. My buddy had a go, he was the same, another friend had a go and he was the same, all of us were literally speechless. We all shot it better than our much higher value guns. My question is this, is this a new design that W&S have come up with (as the media on the site suggests) or is it a very close clone of another gun? The reason I’m asking is that I shoot so well with this new gun and based on some reports stating that reliability of this brand can be quite poor, if this new gun drops to bits, I would very much like to buy whatever it was based on. Many Thanks in advance.
  21. The council route with a noise complain was what I previously had to do with a neighbour who continually came back from the boozer, smashed out of his head and started playing death metal at 2AM waking the kids and generally ruining our lives. Many times I asked/told them to keep the noise down and was told to **** O**. The police were utterly useless, they arrived, the noise went down, they left it began again. The council did a 6 week noise survey, which we had to make extensive notes and they served some type of enforcement order, which did nothing. The issue was finally solved my my other neighbour, age 68, ex bantamweight boxer who finally had enough, fists nearly did fly and heavy metal man was given an ultimatum. The noise ceased, he moved house.
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