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  1. Hello,I'm afraid I'm not sure if i'm in the right forum/webiste to be talking about stuff like this,so please do give me a warning if im not supposed to be talking about this here.I'm a bit chatty and i find it hard for me to get to the point at times so,im sorry if i write alot till i get to it. I've got a nearly 2 year old dog, who i'm afraid might have heartworms/worms-I Pray she doesnt and she does seem mostly fine but she sometimes show symptoms of some worms from what i read-Maybe im just being overly worried but better safe than sorry. she has been constantly itching-she was always an itchy dog but seems to be worse,scoots her butt in the grass from time to time but she does get a bit of poo in her bottom as she has a long coat so i have to constantly clean it (urgh sorry)sometimes coughing but she does eat random stuff even when i try my best to keep it from her, like wood sticks,notice her more tired but still playfull but maybe not as much etc...and she drinks from the fish pound that i have when shes out in the yard,even though she has 2 places with clean fresh water and i constantly tell her and warn her to not drink from there as it is still water as it is mosquito time and they do tend to drown and fly over it- constantly worried as i just read that still water thats been out for a while and mosquitos can give heartworms(?) I just gave her a dewormer tablet 3 days ago and a spot on even though she does not have fleas or ticks and i did not seen any worms on her poop so i guess she does not have them but i am worried about heartworms and dont really know how it works to get them checked or if i give her a pill for it? I tend to avoid the spots on in the winter or colder seasons as they have chemicals and i try my best to keep them from her. Onto another topic- What are your thoughts on Annual boosters and titter tests? Unfortunately where i live vets are firm on Annual boosters and arent really open on discussing about vaccines. Thank you.
  2. Wow gorgeous dogs and fantastic views! Here's mine- Nearly 2 year old Lab x Portuguese water dog mix Havent got any recent pics in my laptop,so this is my most recent pic here at the moment-she has grown a bit more but not much has changed.
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