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  1. One and All - I hail from Mylor Bridge. it would be a shame to miss out for the sake of the price of a couple of Starbucks coffees!
  2. There is a league that runs in N. Lincs. They travel with the equipment from pup to pub with each pub fielding a team, just like darts matches. Near Market Rasen there are a couple of pubs that take part. Here you go. When the pubs get going again, go along and see it for real and have a go. You will either hate it, or get hooked! At least you can have a couple of pints to drown your sorrows, or to celebrate! https://lincsbelltarget.co.uk/
  3. Those who don't know about it tend to scoff, but I shoot bell target to keep my trigger finger and eye coordinated. It is superb practice for offhand shooting too. It is so easy with open sights that nobody in our club has scored a maximum yet, I cam close with a 30.5, but I have only seen a 30.6 scored once in my life! My target is set up in the garage, which gives me the 6 yards we use at our club (some shoot on 7 yards because the skittle alley is 7 yards long!). It is lit by candles, one each side which is traditional (tea lights work!). The target is set with the centre of the bull a
  4. Unfortunately hermes charge the same because of the weight - they are very sturdy. Where are you? I am in uttoxeter, so very central.
  5. Oops - I pressed the 'go' button before I was ready! How do I alter the writing please? Or do I have to start again?
  6. Sorry I have been missing. The weather and stuff got in the way. Now it is warming up a bit I am looking forward to being able to shoot more often. I bought a batch of cartridges yesterday, so I hope I can use them.
  7. Rodent proof storage for much less than the price of plastic! A really cool way of keeping your shooting bits and bobs together, cartridge storage or plenty of other uses. As a tool box, or ideal size if you have pistols. If not for your shooting stuff, how about for seeds or chemicals for the garden - safe, dry and rat proof. Talking of rats, or moles, for your trapping kit all in one place - way better than a bucket or bag have a decko at these genuine, in many cases unissued, ammo tins. 2 different sizes. I must point out - any painting on them has to be done by law before they are relea
  8. This time of year I struggle with the cold, even in the house with the heating and logburner going I still have to wear a jumper and sometimes gloves. My hands, especially my right arm/hand don't get proper blood now, the circulation is not what it was. You have to make the best of it though, so a steaming mug of coffee as the sun brings the world to life, sat by the bedroom window with the Rapid across my knees and the radiator for company. The pine tree opposite was drawing the crows and pigeons. The pigeons are still courting, despite the heavy frost and an inch of snow on the ground. Th
  9. A little video of what it is like..... sometimes, ringing the bell requires a very steady stance, eye and breathing control.
  10. Uttoxeter Bell Target Club are having an OPEN SHOOT. Sunday 14th April. There will be some big, fancy Easter Eggs as prizes as we have secured some sponsorship! VENUE: Bradley House Club, Uttoxeter. ST14 7HA Format will be Bell target Shooting. Rifles and pellets will be provided. Nice rifles too! Highest score of the day for: Men (over 16) Ladies prize Junior prize (14-16) Younger juniors are welcome to attend, but must remain accompanied AT ALL TIMES by a parent or guardian. Entry is £5 on the day. Refreshments and a raffle will be available too. If you haven't
  11. I have been using .20 since 1994. I have a break barrel Theoben. It is a hybrid of the Fenman (stock) and Taunus (barrel and action - although the action is common across the entire range). The Taunus was offered with a dedicated sporter stock, I wanted the ambidextrous stock of the Fenman so I can shoot off both shoulders. The longer barrel of the Taunus gives a smoother shot cycle with the smaller pellet. I still have the rifle and use it fairly frequently, although my .20 Rapid, also a 1994 purchase, is my main tool. There are plenty of detractors of the 5mm calibre and they are always
  12. Coming from south, got traffic lights at the bottom, before you get to the river/canal.
  13. For those who spend £20,000 on a watch, just to kill a couple of hours because their flight is delayed...... or while their Gulf Stream is turned around.
  14. It isn't the dry in your garage, not by engine standards - our relative humidity in this country is over 60% on average. A little less on very cold days. You think your garage is 'dry', but the air in it still contains moisture and it condenses out as the engine cools, so as soon as you turn the engine off (5 years ago) the moisture was already present and the hot air surrounding and within the engine held more moisture than the cooler air around it. Warm air can hold more water vapour than cold air. I would drop the old oil straight off - cold. It has already drained into the sump pan, so you
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