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  1. If you need to reduce numbers, the single most effective way is to ***** the eggs. Shoot what you can, but ***** the nests of those that remain. I use a .22 air rifle and it poleaxes them, to be fair so does the .20, but on the farm lake I have only needed to take a handful to keep them tolerable. With the air rifle you can get 2 or 3 before they twig something is wrong and take wing. You HAVE to hit them in the head beside the eye, so your marksmanship has to be spot on, thankfully, they stick their heads up like an umbrella handle, which is handy. Looking front on, a neck shot works provided you hit central.
  2. Yes the chap who asked had it straight off. It has arrived.
  3. Interesting. I like 7.5s for woodcock, 28g load of Supreme Game. I sold my side x side the other week, but that load gave me two R&Ls, witnessed, on the same day up with Mark Piper at The Gearach. I had a high snipe with the same load too, a proper reaching up to a speck in the sky snipe. Pattern is everything, the pellets have sufficient energy for soft feathers. I wouldn't want to stand down range, even at 60 odd yards! My barrels were imp and 1/4, but that didn't limit the sensible killing range any, it just gave me a bit of leeway!
  4. A pair of binoculars would serve you just as well and not need the cost of new batteries every few years. Drone batteries are not cheap and they lose their ability to recharge after a few years. Using them infrequently is worse than using them regularly. They are good fun, but are a photographic tool really. be aware that birds of prey don't like them and do have a go, so do seagulls and crows!
  5. If it isn't in this section, then which section should I use to ask for reasonable gun valuation figures please? I am not sure if that counts as a 'general' or something specific I haven't found yet. Nothing specific to think of - Gunstar and those places are so awkward and clumsy to use and I am not sure they are actually representative are they? I tried to put my gun on there for sale, but it was so complicated I gave up. I couldn't work out how to do it. It s gone now, but I am on the lookout for one.... a rough idea of prices would be handy.
  6. I have only just stumbled across this section of the forum. I am not familiar with how these places work, I tend to just stick to the 'general' area and forget to look around! An old saying I was taught when learning to shoot, back in the 1970s, "If God had meant us to shoot with an over & under he would have put one eye over the other." I sold my English gun the other week. I think the pictures are still about on the sale page. I have deleted them to make room on my confuser. I bought it in the gunshop on Heavitree Road, Exeter in 1985 I think it was, might have been 84. I was milking cows on a big dairy farm at Broadclyst (Elbury Farm, owned by the Lee family. The herdsman was Graham Swinson, if anyone from that area knows if he is still about). Anyway, following my crash I have bought a semi auto. I still haven't got it yet, still waiting on my renewal (from November, with a September approach date!) I had the interview yesterday, so hopefully within a couple of weeks I can go and fetch it and see how it feels. I still have the Beretta Silver Hawk I bought new from The Countryman in Derby, the date will be in the case with all the paperwork and spare chokes. I have only ever used 'true' and 'imp cyl' through it. The other chokes have never been out of their plastic tubes! It works fine. I will try and find a picture of two and join in on here. It has accounted for a couple of cormorants this 'protection' season. I am on the licence, so don't worry.
  7. Yes, I do. It is an original Turner-Richards which is fired by pulling the pin back and is a break open design. It has the 'rubber bullet' to put your dummy skin/wings on too. It is lashing down at the moment, but is going to be nice tomorrow if you can let me photograph it tomorrow for you. It is fairly clean, not polished, obviously, but the hinge is still tight and the stem is greased, o-ring not cracked or stiff at all. I haven't got any blanks I don't think. I will have a look. There might be a tin somewhere.
  8. The last week or so has certainly been blowy and that has made any shooting a real challenge. However, in and around the farm buildings still offered some pickings, even if they were lean. The ferals are very wary and the wind has made them even more so. To make life even more difficult the starlings are flocking into the buildings, the feed passage, the calfhouse and the dry cow calving shed, tens of thousands of them. They act as an early warning system for the feral pigeons, as soon as you move the starlings fly up in great flocks and that alerts the ferals. There are so many starlings I have taken to wearing a fertiliser sack over me as a hooded shawl. Everything is an inch thick in guano, even the cows' backs. A couple of hours this afternoon resulted in four ferals, three collected for magpie bait and one on the roof which the buzzards will fight over. Oh for the jet stream to get back to normal, up north where it belongs.
  9. DO NOT use O2 in your airgun! FAC - goes from 150 shots perfill at 12ft-lbs to about 30 shots at FAC. As a rough idea of how much air you will use. Once on FAC it loses value massively, unless a Rapid, they seem to have achieved cult status and prices are according to demand. It will help you cheat the wind though. Realistic, still air, range on a woodie (I never take head shots, a good boiler house shot puts them in the bag, a slight miss on the head that smashes the beak to bits leaves a bird happy to fly off but unable to feed and die a lingering death over weeks, unless a predator takes it out. A good boiler house shot works every time and doesn't limit your shots so much. Bottle filling - use diver's air from a scuba filling place. About £5 - £10 per fill (12 litre bottle worthwhile getting to save trips to get it filled so often).
  10. Bloody hell, 30 birds and 20 birds - i think I have done well if I get 6 in a day. I get bigger numbers roost shooting with the air rifle. This decoying lark is a black art.
  11. Yours are already set apart with the other stuff. I am coming down, it isn't just your stuff. It should have been this week but Eunice put paid to that! Planning for next week sometime hopefully. Whereabouts are you chap? So I can plan logistics.
  12. Sam - is it you that has the pigeon cartridges, bipod and cartridge bag? If so your duck decoys are set aside... these are some more! If you want them added, no problem. I had hoped to be heading your way today... I think my Dorset fishing has gone west, so it will just be a delivery trip.
  13. Soory chaps, I have had some help with the setup stuff and put my town in now... Uttoxeter is near Alton Towers if that means anything. It is about as central in the country as it is possible to get - straight line from Brum to Manchester about 30miles north of Brumingham. In the triangle between Stoke-on-Trent Derby and Burton-on-Trent. I do travel, so it is possible to help with mileage. For instance I am off to Porthcawl for sunrise tomorrow! I shall be going to Andover and Portsmouth soon and then up to Northumberland... so you probably aren't that far off my route to meet up. A load of books to go through yet - and there are some duck decoys (6 or 8).
  14. I have a load of kit to clear for a widow. You may have seen the post that was taken down... there are 21 pigeon full body decoys, I found another one after taking the pictures. The big net is about 20ft x 10ft. The hide poles are metal. The kit bag has no holes in it and acts as a rucksack for easy carrying into your position and doubles as something to sit on if you stuff it with straw or grass. All the decoys, both nets and room for some cartridges in the bag - the picture at the end is with everything in the first picture in the bag, except the poles. Does £75 all in sound about right? Obviously transport will have to be arranged, but I am travelling a bit, so can always meet en route if it helps, otherwise you are welcome to collect.
  15. Re your blurred vision through the scope - just take the standard sights off and put them in a box for safe keeping. The reason you get the blurred fixed sights in the sight picture from the leup is because low magnification has much greater depth of focus, as does a smaller diameter objective lens - higher magnification and larger front lens BOTH reduce depth of focus. For fast target acquisition a lower power scope is preferable, high magnificatin that you have to fiddle with the focus every time is a pain in the neck in the field. You want to be able to see the target, lift the rifle and shoot, not faff about fiddling with the scope... I shoot virtually everything on 6x through either a 40mm or 32mm scope. That included professional stalking and fox culling out to 800 yards. The 6x is plenty for that and for pigeons and squirrels (iguanas are similar hunting, just in a different scenario). If I am shooting close quarters, then I turn it down to 4x for the greater depth of field and wider field of view to pick up rats running across th eyard, that kind of thing. I look forward to seeing some of your exploits.
  16. You should use it more, it is better than whatever else you've got, including that 12 bore! 😁
  17. Poor old nail... but it still does what it was built to do.
  18. Does anyone know anything about them? First hand rather the same information that can be gleaned through goggle.
  19. I was lucky enough to work on Shooting Times as a regular freelance, through the editorship of Tony Jackson, then a couple of quick changes of editors that didn't suit the title until Jonathon Young, who then took over The Field from Julie ? and Patrick Fong who was the picture editor. Those days magazines meant something, they were regarded greater respect because the information was vetted several times before publication and the contributors were carefully selected. What we have now is the result of only going to the lowest bidder. I remember going to the Christmas Party in The Guards barracks (club?), right opposite the Hyde Park lake. The editorial teams were seen as 'costs' and advertisers seen as 'revenue'... and that was when the contributors' paymnents were cut but advertising rates were increased and the start of 'The Great Slide'. If you want good journalism and photography you have to pay properly. To put it into perspective, I was being paid more in 1986 than in 2006, not pro-rata, actual fee, to the point where had I continued to work for them I would have been working for less than £30 a day, this is in the last 10 years. It is little wonder that the standard of content has diminished.
  20. Seen through rose tinted glasses of nostalgia in reality. The similar era Simmonds WTCs were far better scopes, even the Tascos were better. That same nostalgia and the legacy of JD will provide a financial buffer though - £95 ish would be about the mark.
  21. I think you'll find this is the crux of it. The clue was in the first couple of sentences: the scientists..... they get funding to do research. A group of them have gained funding to research the toxicity of lead and have discovered it is poisonous to humans! (Who knew? 😁 ) Yes, they are trying phase out lead from every facet of our lives, which is why the beneficial properties of it in petrol were cancelled out, and in paint and how many people still get their drinking water delivered through lead pipes? Or have they had them replaced with the even more toxic copper version? 🤣 You see, you make the mistake, like so many people, of thinking laws and Governments are there to make logical decisions based on common sense. Whereas they are actually directed by people with more power than the Government and who really fund things behind the scenes in their own interests. Whenever an authority or business tells you they are doing something for your benefit, e.g. smartmeters, you know very well it is for their benefit. When a Government tells you they are restricting freedom in some way for 'your safety', you know they just want to prevent the general population from having access to that, for their benefit and they use the 'public safety' argument to disguise it so it gains popular acceptance. The trick to life is to suss this out and just do your own thing. I am stockpiling lead ammo!
  22. Because the EU lead group have been told by some scientists that lead is poisonous and shouldn't be used..... forget the shooting of the lead, think of the manufacture and transport of the products..... dear Mr. Eley / Gamebore / Lyavale ? Rio et al... are you making employees work in an environment where lead is processed? That is verboten.
  23. Is this the place to talk about Saxby-Palmer cartridges, still in their original packets?
  24. Staffs Police also admin the West Mercia lot from what I can find out... my renewal (been an unbroken SGC holder since 1975, and since 1986 with Staffs) was due on 25th November. My application and Drs report was with them in second week of September, well ahead of the 8 weeks cut off. I have been advised that my extension on the extension will need to be extended again and not to expect my renewal to be processed this side of April.... it was over 9 months last time.
  25. Now that might be a very interesting gun. Could you do yourself a favour and fire a pellet into something soft and post a picture of the rifling marks in the pellet? If it is what I think it is, it would be a very rare gun and I could give you some more history on them.
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