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  1. Hi Prem1234, Thanks for sharing. I actually already ordered one from Habit UK yesterday as i found a package with a complete set that had a remote controlled rotary for £99.99 which looked pretty cool, couldn't find any other seller matching similar price. This was the one i ordered: https://www.habituk.com/complete-pigeon-shooting-kit-remote-pigeon-magnet-rotary---two--pigeon-decoys--12v-battery-29-p.asp I will let you know if it is received and if it is any good.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just looking for a bit of advice, im looking at buy a pigeon rotary starter set that is for sale on habituk.com, the set looks nice and exactly what i want but it is a lot of money for a company i have never used before. Just wondering if anyone here has bought any stuff from them? Did your items get delivered? was the product quality good? this is the set im looking to buy: https://www.habituk.com/green-mag--decoys--battery-complete-kit-23-p.asp Thank you in advanced.
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