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  1. I would go for that one instead of the 'instant pop up lattice work type' as it has a chance of staying up,with water pooled on it. the others won't....my son used to sell them and loads were returned as they collapsed when it rained heavily. Instructions said not to leave up so all warranties were void
  2. Have a Google of Drew Pritchard. Bit of a naughty boy! ....and I wish his ex wife would tuck her shirt in!
  3. No,sorry...not those my quest continues
  4. Well,I am not a very good shot ( been missing for 2.5 years ) but I reckon I could Up my game given two shots I could eradicate the problem. Second shot would be just to make sure tap-tap
  5. Nope they were circular, with a sort of cheesesque filling similar to what you get inside those savoury Xmas football things and whilst I'm on a mission...back in the 60s , does anyone remember a packet of savoury mix called Fivers? contained 5 different savouries all mixed up crisps peanuts chippito type things twiglets small savoury mini waffle type things i am beginning to think I have made it up. My mother who is 88 remembers them though
  6. Hopes...never heard of it, but I am a bit faddy about eggs my latest mission is to find the name of the weird cracker type sandwich biscuit combination with a strange cheese like filling available from vending machines and usually bought after swimming
  7. Thunmbnuts or knurled thumb nuts loads on eBay
  8. I "inherited" an additional 5 guns around Christmas just gone. After discussions with a very nice man at BASC ( actually an ex FEO ) he told me that the capacity of a cabinet was only a guideline based on the number of 'slots in the foam' and as long as the guns were secured it didn't matter. Topping and tailing I got 6 in easily.. as a result of this I now store my 725 "barrel down" even though two off the guns have been 'given back' as it gives more space
  9. Where we shoot I don't think anyone would bother. If I manage to break both clays with a single shot then I will try to break one of the big pieces with the second barrel. I quite often manage this and it looks quite impressive. However if the onlookers saw the previous shots or the later ones they would not be so impressed at all. Did it twice today and came out with 23/50 and 21/50....absolutely dire! and yet Friday I got my PB of 66/100 AND missed some absolute sitters so I was well pleased. It's a funny old pastime
  10. That's the one! they were on offer on Amazon mid week
  11. Have a look at Arlo cameras are rechargeable magnetic mount totally wireless ........needs internet connection but you can do this with a giffgaff card and suitable router for about an additional £70 just put system in to watch my mates remote barn....local kids are setting fire to stuff. my son put same system in at work as he has had 4 attempted breaking in the past 8 weeks (3 of them using his land as access to,scrapers next door) how good is it?....well the 5 scrotes that tried ( and failed ) 2 weeks ago have had their court date set on Thursday !
  12. On a slight tangent here, sorry. About NOT giving name and address to Police when asked: I saw something on TV about councils issuing fines on the spot for people dropping litter. How does that work and where do they send the fine to? Just wondering ( no I don't drop litter.) Saw some scrotes drop their Kentucky fried rat packaging out of there car in a car park so I shouted very loudly that they had dropped something. They picked it up, probably dropped it on the first bend BUT I did my bit
  13. Personally I think it is a very brave man that just blindly drives a screw through a floorboard without knowing what is under it. And now there are a lot of plastic pipes about they won't be picked up by a metal detector just advising
  14. ''Twas this that amused I.....but I do benefit from a very puerile sense of humour for a 63 year old
  15. Is it only me that has spotted the unfortunate name that Packham has chosen for his brand of Boys clothing? Not sure if the swear filter will let me put it on here, so I won't try in case I incur moderator wrath just spotting
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