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  1. Everything comes back eventually, mainly undamaged! Now THAT does annoy me 😡 on the plus side I have got 3 months work wiring Data, comms, lights, power, alarm, conveyor belts etc in his new warehouse AND he is buying me a scissor lift to make life easier 👍👍👍
  2. Just a thought, for those without access to a welder, you could use a Vine Eye and put the bolt through the 'eye' part with a couple of 'penny washers' as spreaders
  3. Well,it's reminded me that my Son has borrowed my lazy Tongue riveter and not returned it 👍
  4. You could always drill it and put a 6mm bolt through it.....Industrial culinary Chic 😂
  5. Receive with thanks printed laminated next step, I think, is to put them onto card and/or the thin ply and cut them out
  6. The stronger the cheese the better BUT it MUST be taken out of the fridge for sufficient time for it to breathe in an emergency extra mature cheddar or Stilton may be substituted
  7. Any of my wife's cooking would do the trick used by NASA for Shuttle ceramic tiles
  8. Well I meet one of those criteria
  9. Back in the day I helped my Dad by watering his prize tomatoes with the 'brown liquid in the bottle' he favoured Tomorite i used Jeyes Fluid
  10. Choc chip cookies (aka Maryland cookies ) hobnobs any choc coated biscuits to save angst and chocolate digit unpleasantness use TWO choc biscuits 'choc to choc' so you only hold the uncoated side never try a completely choc covered biccy unless drunk
  11. Why would they? they didn't bother telling me when I renewed a couple of weeks ago.....not impressed not impressed at all! "can I borrow an umbrella Mr BASC?" "certainly Mr Member you can HIRE it for as long as you want" "damnation it is raining, Mr BASC. It's lucky that you hired me an umbrella 🌂 " Mr BASC "give me the umbrella back NOW as nobody is using them so we will not be hiring them out anymore" Just fuming
  12. And she is not holding the sign AND she has a bottle of water in her right hand ( I think )
  13. Probably not worth much. Loads on fleabay that aren't selling at about £6 also there are not many folk about that still have a brace ( still got mine from my pre-apprenticeship days about 55 years ago) I see it everyday on site Cordless drill, blunt bit, throw bit away, use new. Disposable society, not many can sharpen drills nowadays
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