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  1. Harking back to the presenters extortionate fees...I discovered last week that it doesn't cover any fees for progs made by BBC Studios ( Salford)...they are undisclosed . Only fees from 'BBC' were released another con trick
  2. Anywhere....ideally in your neighbours😂
  3. I wear my Citizen Hyper Aqualand Dive watch if we are going somewhere fancy or wet, when I remember, but this has just reminded me I havnt seen it for a while 😱
  4. Sulphur has now changed to sulfur!.......it's a slippery slope, I tell you, a slippery slope the continuous use of "of" instead of "have" really boils my urine cannot post a link to this so I have screen shot' it.....this the first of 4 pages I will put the rest on if anyone is interested? it shows how complex the English language is and why it makes us superior😂
  5. It came as a bit of a surprise to me to find that some of the new developments around here will not allow vans or commercial,vehicles to be parked overnight. So the people who built the place are not deemed fit to live there
  6. That size 2x2 should be ok timber around perimeter cross bars at centres to suit plasterboard size put a batten behind new ceiling, another on old ceiling directly above it in centre connect the two together with short offcuts this will stop it sagging in centre..... surprising how heavy skimmed boards are
  7. It's more likely to be "bunny vapour" if hit with that!
  8. A woman, I think in London, successfully sued NIKE because they didn't give clear instructions about tying the laces on her new trainers and the little snowflake tripped and hurt herself
  9. Halfords....look online to,see if you qualify for a "trade discount card" available to builders, sparks, plumbers and a variety of Trades id never heard of it until,someone posted on another forum I frequent it may just give you a discount on the gassing a mate of mine is a Vet....he got the card as he "maintains his own vehicles for the surgery m'lud"
  10. BBC Presenters wages over £150k published at 1100h....could be interesting reading for the over 75s who will have to pay to watch them earn it next year
  11. Isn't that the case with most things? Boris's water canon british library rewiring of, I think, Royal Opera House or somewhere similar....used wrong cable NHS Computer system Airbone Radar system VTOL aircraft successor of Harrier Military fast hook/unhook loading/off loading system (wagon with big hook on overhead arm type thing) the list goes on
  12. Dunno....but he appears to favour a very large hat!
  13. Bum update there are many many many words in the English language that have 6 letters and contain no vowels BUT ( as far as I know 😂) there is only one that contains the letter Y 3 times
  14. Update there are TWO words in English that contain 6 letters and no,vowels ( hope I havnt forgotten another as this could run and run!)
  15. There is a 6 letter word in the English language that contains no vowels and it is not an acronym
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