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  1. If you are a member of BASC I believe they now have a panel of Doctors who will do it for £50. Medcert £60. i didnt know about the BASC panel,so I used Medcert, no issues, fast turn around only slowed down by my Doctors clicking their heels
  2. Makes you wonder how people got small pox and chickenpox then!
  3. Well if I ever need to move them on you can have first dibs!
  4. Oh yes he is( will not admit it )....but he is 10x the shot I will ever be! He is the one who got me into shooting 5 years ago, then Air Guns 2 years ago. He has been shooting 20+ years
  5. Just for @TIGHTCHOKE @London Best Also , Don't forget the money and the ability 😂 I suppose , strictly speaking, I need TWO pairs of guns 🤔😉
  6. THis is just one of the stamped pair and the bag...sent to my mate to wind him up a bit l will take a pic of the full set later
  7. Soooooooo. Got the other half. Then the seller contacted me to say he had a second pair!!! So I got them as it would be rude not to. Then as a stroke of luck, from another source, I got a Croots cartridge bag for £35. It arrived Monday problem is they all have the previous owners initials Stamped on them. Don't fancy a name change, so brainwave. contacted Croots," no issue. Send them in and we will replace he straps and stamp them up". So decided to get my initials stamped on all but one Double set in case I sell them, probably won't. Quoted a weeks turn around. sent them Tuesday, paid Wednesday ( £114.50 incl return carriage) , email Thursday to say they were on their way back! Arrived fed at 0830 today. Rang them to,say they had arrived and how pleased I was. The lady who answered the phone was the one who did the work! And said she may well have made them originally unbelievable service
  8. Seriously, I looked at that and thought it was a photo of some scissors! Tha feint shadow is very clever. Truly amazing skill
  9. Just need to change a socket at home for one with a higher powered USB charge port. Can't see me ever having all five flat and need to charge at same time, but never say never
  10. Diver One

    TV aid ads.

    They use £27 as an opener ( you are correct about the number 7 ) they anticipate you upping it to £30 Cancer Research CEO had a base salary of £237,000 in 2020! Absolute disgrace my spare change goes to Air Ambulance, RNLI and St Catherine's Hospice It needs 23,700 people to give CRUK a tenner each to pay the boss's wages!!
  11. I have yet to see a monkey I'm attracted to.....except helena Bonham carter in plane of the apes?
  12. Case from UKMCPRO £30 max235h105 Orange with foam Whoops.....screen shot, sorry seller is UKMCPRO
  13. Is It easier to send you the eBay link? Soshine 3400mAH unprotected flat top,18650....they were recommended by him
  14. So,far the charger seems fine...not really had time to push it as my ratting site has gone a bit moody. charger works sequentially, so pulses the charge 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 etc then drops out the charged ones as It goes. Got the 4 cell version and 4 cells 'just in case' put it all in an el cheapo Peli copy case to keep it all together . Need to spend some time this weekend learning how to drive it properly
  15. Sorted all arriving tomorrow from Torchy Boy, best deal Many thanks for the input
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