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  1. We used citric acid on diving gear BUT that was mainly stainless or brass/chromed brass
  2. Diver One

    face masks

    My daughter has been to the local Aldi this morning...there was a woman in the queue with a carrier bag on her head. not sure if she got a pic or not
  3. Contact the Financial Obudsman...very helpful did you pay by credit card?.......If so contact the card provider as your contract is with them and not Virgin ( I think )
  4. No.2 Pozi bit is a good fit....better than a P2 also a,Rothmans fuse
  5. Diver One

    face masks

    Mel.....you have mail
  6. Diver One

    face masks

    A while ago 3M asked if I wanted some free masks i thought mmm why not so,they sent me 50! And I use them at work if I have to crawl,around a loft or whatever, Used 3 on a job last week. THEN I saw what they were going for on eBay . A £1 FFP3 mask was going for £35 and an auction for a box of 10 was up to £325! so.....I have kept 10 for the family and given the rest to my wife's school which she is helping to keep open for vulnerable children along with those of key workers luckily all the eBay sales have been taken down...but they get put up again quite soon.
  7. Can i make a suggestion?.........temporarily sign the guns over to a mate whilst you are using the mines. Just in case the scrote tells a little fib and says you took a shot at him! JUST A THOUGHT
  8. What have you sprayed on it?..........Cillit Bang or something? father in law worked for a chemical company and got me some cleaner. Used it to clean some fans. FIL asked how it had worked. Said it was great but needed more as we had run out. RUN OUT he said, how much did you dilute it? DILUTE,! We used it neat, should have been 400:1
  9. My wife was born on March 21st she always says this is the first day of Spring does anybody want to tell her she is wrong?
  10. Depends if your old charger will charge the new battery it may fit physically BUT not charge Lion charger will charge all,3 formats NiMH will charge NiMH and NiCad NiCad only charges Nicad Plus....plug in batteries are getting rarer
  11. Pardon my ignorance but is this what in the 60s/early 70s I would have called a 'sheath knife'?....it looks very similar
  12. Where's the butter?...........Last Tango in Paris How do you wish to pay for my plumbing services, madam?.....most 1980s Special Interest films i love the smell of napalm in the morning
  13. Diver One


    Half a dozen of mine have woken up.......the rest are sulking
  14. Mine is held on with a couple of rare earth magnets countersunk into the flat sides......I can never find my tape and when I do it has usually lost its stickiness
  15. DONT Let them have the tin back! A small bit in a plastic bag maybe but KEEP the evidence
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