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  1. There's a man after my own heart. We only use Cheddite universal trap 28g 7s felt wad , just because they are the cheapest . Also,Malmo is only 15 minutes up the road from our clay shoot
  2. I get mine tomorrow ☹️
  3. I used to use the buffalo horn caps and polish them up, until I saw some knives on here with a piece of brass on them. Its a hell of a lot of polishing, sanding, filing, buffing, polishing etc but quite satisfying when finished
  4. Doesn't it have to have a hydrostatic test in between visual tests. , at about 2.5 year intervals? Or does this not apply to Air rifles/pistols?........Never used one other than for diving so its all new to me.
  5. Brilliant, well impressed. And that takes a lot coming from me !
  6. Yesterday I was threatened with having my National,Insurance number suspended! Don't know what good they thought that would do!
  7. Just bought present wife a "Pet urine torch" from Lidl for Valentine's Day she seems happy enough with it, it's the thought that counts:apparently!&
  8. I have worn shorts everyday for work for the last 12 years. Whether I am in a meeting with the FD of some multi national company, or a local factory, shorts it is. I started with cancer 12 years ago, 9 tumours and 8 operations later including innumerable biopsies I cannot wear long pants as it rubs on the scarring if I kneel down or stretch. So it's shorts and braces. well, it was until,a few weeks ago. Call from social services to try to get some lectric on to a property . "Meet us outside, it's NOT good. Disposable boiler suit, double gloves, vapour rub inside the mask. DONT we
  9. I have a Ryobi planer, not yet let me down after 7 years
  10. Mine sort of did the opposite
  11. Early 70s I used to fiddle with minis and Coopers decided to build an engine hoist whilst prepping for the welding with an angle grinder I managed to wrap the flex around myself. Best option was to pass the grinder behind myself whilst it was switched on. Passed it behind my back and got finger of the 'receiving hand' between the guard and the rapidly spinning grinding disc. At this point I realised that my method of disentanglement was not in my best interests; and also that it really really hurt. But I never did it again
  12. As my late Father would have said "nice job, proper tree wood"
  13. To,quote from the Press article May has repeatedly said he would rather be remembered for saving animals than his Queen records. dont get me wrong, I am a big Queen fan as is the wife ( she first saw them live when they were supporting Mr Glitter!!) but I doubt he would have his current wealth and lifestyle just from his animal diddling. wihout Queen he would just be another bloke needing a haircut
  14. I first came across one early 80s fitted in a large system room for a high end print company....I got very twitchy when asked to relocate it, very twitchy @Westleyare you keeping OK?...still need to have that coffee!.....we've only shot 3 times since march but the other side of the river each time. We'll be back
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