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  1. Well,as long as it's only hesitation and not deviation
  2. I've only ever used it on walking sticks water down first coat with white spirit, subsequent coats make it slightly darker but not much. Is this for the stock project? i have just refinished the stock on my newly acquired SxS....used Slippery "abbreviated Richards" Satin finish with very pleasing results. Original ,finish was varnish and looked awful, couldn't even see the grain. ive got pics of before, during, after if you want a shuftie?
  3. He appeared to be a true gentleman, and he never seemed to age! always amused me as he held "just a minute" together R.I.P
  4. I would agree with a trip.to Malmo. ask to have a look in the "back room" I went in 3 weeks ago to get a couple of wide triggers for my 725 after a very very nice man on here lent me a couple to try. I came out an hour later with a nice little Vincenzo BERNADELLI SxS 12g and the triggers
  5. I have CENS passive ones....the cheapest. Never had an issue an old boy who shoots with us went CENS Digital......he gave up and went back to,his Pellator cans ( electronic) as the CENS were eating batteries...apparently not ,fitted with an on off switch abother lad went for a fitted moulded type with a neck chord....waste of time and caught on his stock everytime. Eventually knot came undone and one fell off. Luckily he had chosen bright orange and he found it in the mud
  6. We all seem to have instilled the right values into our children....although at times it has been hard and I know this applies to everyone. I'm immensely proud of what my 3 have achieved and I keep on telling them. I look at my neighbours 3 (all same age as mine 36,34,32 ) I think if they saw daylight they would turn into dust! keep.up the good work 👍........remember they will choose our Care Home!!!
  7. Yes BUT it does get mentioned at family gatherings. She ended up with 2 degrees, 2012 Olympics, head of Faculty at a large High School in UK and now teaching at A Uk military High School in a Foreign land! The girl done well BUT it could so easily have gone the other way
  8. When youngestbdaughter was in her second year at Uni I convinced. Her that hens were brown, 2 legs, lived outside on grass as they were unstable and could break their beaks if they toppled over chicken had 4 legs and lived in cages because they could run up such a speed they would jump over the fences. And that's why you get 4 chicken drumsticks in a pack
  9. Battery went on XC90 day after the farce that is Black Friday spookily got a pop up from Europarts.....Black Friday Special ALL BATTERIES LESS 35%!....ooooh thought I let's have a look. Seemed a tad expensive to be. So I hung fire until Monday and rang a local Motor Factors {BBC} yes we have a Yuasa one ( I will,only use Yuasa on Alarm and control panels ). Oh goody thought I. How much? £86 with 4 year warranty and we can drop one off for you in 20 minutes as we are passing that way! This worked out at half of the discounted price at Europarts so I was quite happy
  10. It was heartbreaking to go and see her in Alderhey the day after her Op....we were in a total blur Then on the way out ( hadn't noticed on the way in) we passed the children's burns unit and things fell into a bit more perspective. I still fill up now when I think about it here's to a speedy recovery
  11. I wish him a speedy recovery. Parental instincts are invariably correct long story short... eldest granddaugter (9). At 18 months my daughter thought she wasn't walking correctly, so Health visitor....she's ok Doctor....she's ok paediatrician...she's ok so,daughter kicked off and fought for an X ray. Ten minutes later she is told that there is NO ball joint on left hip!! Emergency trip to Alderhey. Consultant went off on one. "How has this child got to,this stage and it's not been picked up?. Anyway, 5 hours in theatre and 5 months in a 'chest to toes plaster cast . So she had to be carried everywhere by my daughter who was pregnant with her second at the time.. 7 years on and All is good now. trust you instincts , parents know best
  12. Looks more like a1/2 TRS ( tough rubber sheathed) black twin and earth cables to me fastened with 1960s style buckle clips. Most like a private circuit and not Weatern Powers. But it's very hard to tell from the pic . What makes you think it's WPs? Does it come from their pole outside? just curious
  13. Stick volt meter across the blue and orange should be about. 50v DC if is still,in service BUT it could be disconnected at the exchange or local cabinet/DP more chance of it being a ceased line if has the fuses in it though EDIT put meter across the bottom side of the fuses orange white
  14. Well,if Bercows wife is going begging I am willing to step i
  15. He Is on on Eight out of ten cats does countdown a lot quite funny BUT he is an acquired taste
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