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  1. I've still got a dolly tub in the garage somewhere. Complete with the little shelf on the side for the bar of soap , well,I,assume that's what it was for. Also the old galv bath which I used to mix the plaster in when renovating the house . Waste not want Not and all that malarkey
  2. Mmmm.....you may experience a double discharge
  3. Just a word of warning. Be VERY careful with the chemical ones, the resultant liquid is evil. I spilled some on an expensive engineering try square years ago and ruined it
  4. That looks good! I'm only assuming it's Beech, or was that standard? still awaiting a response from Baikal and Aleksei
  5. Thanks for that. My local Gunsmith ( that I Got this from ) is going to whip the stock off for me, to save any unpleasantness. There are a couple of pretty deep scratches on it and a few dings. I was thinking of using Slippery D's finish as I have used It before. However I believe the stock may be Beech and have read there could be issues with this finish onto bare Beech? Any thoughts? I could use Tru Oil ( achieved a nice finish on my 725 Sporter with it ) in either case case I don't know if the stock will need darkening /staining a bit first? It f so, water or spirit based stain? questions, questions, questions
  6. Steri spray OR .....I had to have a nose operation due to a serious diving accident. To clear the ensuing blockage I had to snort saline everyday and spit out the resulting conglomerated thrake hat collected in my throat. It sounds gross.......and itbwas BUT it worked. I do this now when I gets t a blocked snotter. 1tsp salt in 1 pt boiling water. Let it cool. Warm slightly before using. Make fresh every 24 hours. I found it easier to snort from an egg cup
  7. Ah, school caps, with the little button on top of the crown! Those in the know could aim a blow there and "dead leg/dead arm" your head
  8. Total disaster. Wouldn't germinate. I now think there may have been something Moody in my water sprayer. Ended up,ditching all the compost with the ungerminated seeds into one big pot and threw it in the garden. 10 germinated BUT I have no idea what they are! next year will be better as wife has just bought a 6x5 green house, heated, lights, power, auto vent. Apparently since I assembled it I may be allowed a corner
  9. When I started junior school in mid 60s you were meant to wear your uniform when out in public at weekends! If seen to be flouting the rules by a teacher it would result in a detention the following week, bit harsh
  10. I was in ,Mac Donald's once and they had a list of the ingredients in all their products. i don't eat red meat....haven't for 60 years. Beef burger.......beef and seasoning! vegeburger?....it was like a list from Dr Bunsens lab, never had one since. May be tempted by this new offering though. Their coffee used to be ok, used to be free refills but I bet that has stopped
  11. I am in the fortunate position that I have quite a few cylinders, nearly all 232 ( apart from 2 7l 300s that need testing) i just use a cascade system filling from the lower pressure cylinder first until it equalises, then on to the next. It takes a bit longer, but I'm tight 😂
  12. Hermes have a ."last mile" delivery centre near me. To see them all in a morning ramming 7 zillion packages into a Saxo is laughable. I am surprised anything gets delivered
  13. That does look the same as mine.......and my serial number pre dates it also in the right "light" mine seems to have 1963 engraved on it which would tie in with the BNP proof markings of PB in the cross swords indicating a date of 1964. shot it yesterday and it shoots and handles very nicely. It appears to be choked at 3/4 and full which is a bit tight for my level of accuracy so I am thinking of getting them opened up to 1/2 & 3/4. I think the sympathetic stock restoration could well be a no goer as it has some very deep scratches on it, along with a lot of dried BLO or similar at the action/stock margins. However it looks like a pain to remove the stock. I've taken trigger guard screw out and the concealed one behind which goes through to behind the safety. Removed the one through the Bakelite pistol grip 'crown??'. Looks like there are more behind the plate and this is where I get twitchy having not done one like this before. Googled Anson and Deeley action/stock removal and it may be above my pay grade I have also emaile Aleksei and Baikal to see if they can shed anymore light on it. Bit weird as I cannot see any markings on the sides HOWEVER all the serial numbers are the same...action, barrels, forend all have c1646 on them
  14. Get the slightest ding in the side and they are scrap as they won't retract or extend i use Little Giant ladders, same as used on traffic light repair. They are the dogs back wheels, bombproof and a lifetime guarantee. Can even be split into 2 smaller trestles to put a plank on or make a work bench not the cheapest BUT the most versatile. Looking for some 1000Volt rated ones but they are a tad pricey at moment so will stick with the fibreglass steps
  15. @Velocettedo I take it that an IZH54 is a good thing then?....sounds like it might be cannot find anything near the trigger guard heres a few more pics I knew today was going to be a good day . Went to read my mums leccy meter and the digits were my Date of Birth! Side pin
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