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  1. Just practice on getting the shot and the clay in the same place at the same time, and it will break 99% of the time. this is the bit I am struggling with after 3 years shooting
  2. Fit a DP secret keyswitch BEFORE the fan control switch take feed to fan control switch through this key switch along with the neutral to the fan killing keyswitch will isolate neutral to fan, feed to switch and therefore the switched output from switch as well. So the triple pole switch is not needed all three switches can fit on a single Scolmore Click Mini grid plate system and they aren't expensive
  3. Do you know any sparks? Ask if you can have some of their unused Banjos off SWA cable...that's what I use as they have a 20mm hole in them
  4. Yes ,but it looks a 🐷 pull cords are the work of the devil another option is a fan with a built in PIR or better still a Humidistat if using a ceiling fan make sure the instructions say ,"suitable for ceilings". A lot aren't and the bearings seize
  5. Assuming the blue loop has two separate 'holes' can you hitch it up a bit with a carabiner? not a great representation but you get my gist
  6. Same scaffold as mine. Hard to be sure from pics but it looks like you may have the horizontal braces the wrong way around. They should be with the clips facing outwards so if they fail when leaning against the bar it doesn't collapse outwards
  7. It was very interesting......balls of steel and then some!
  8. A number 2 Pozi bit seems to fit quite well, much better than a Philips. Tinfoil tray from a takeaway, M6 stud, hair grip I've come across all these and more on inspections
  9. Daughter got me a bottle in a Christmas box a few years ago....took ages to,find it in any supermarkets BUT it's now stocked in Morrisons for some reason it is with the oils and not foreign stuff section. It goes in everything
  10. XC90. Got one when the Shogun Classic LWB got toasted in Liverpool Echo Arena Fire great vehicle. Just has an annoying Foot parking brake pedal
  11. Excellent improvisation....another one now put in my 'winter nights projects' folder thank you
  12. During school swimming lessons in the late 60s; if you used the excuse that you had forgotten your trunks you were given a pair of maroon knitted trunks from the Baths 'lost property box' tied at the waist with a rope salvaged from the Mary Rose. As soon as you hit the water they they began to expand. When exiting the water you needed one hand to hold the trunks up and another to climb the ladder. The embarrassment escalated as all your mates shouted "elephants crutch" you only very forgot your trunks once
  13. Not being picky chaps but The advert is for PENDOWER CASHMERE SHOOTING SOCK......... I assume that is for the PAIR and not each?
  14. Excellent work yet again! my Market stick project has been put on hold for the foreseeable . My son is moving warehouse and he has appointed me project manager as well as , wiring the lights, power, data, phones, alarms, CCTV, distribution boards, building all offices etc so am there until Xmas i have adopted the inner tube trick....very handy
  15. Let's hope he is put on an open wing and not in segregation and that someone lets slip what he did
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