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  1. We have an Equestrian suppliers.....Only Foals and Horses in Liverpool,1 there is the Liverpool Supporters shop,called, surprisingly Liverpool 1 BUT next door but one to it is the Everton Supporters Shop called...........Everton 2 whoever came up,with that deserves a medal 🥇
  2. Silly bitch...needs to 'man up' and get a life she'll be on some Z list "Celebrity dancing in the jungle on ice with a choir spinning chair program" next. Mark my words
  3. I know it is off topic BUT it is still basically PLUMBING just human plumbing! Check your PEE....I did and I'm still,here Paddy Ashdown recently passed away because of it, so did 'Kojak' Telly Savalas. And a lot of others but I'm not doing a list
  4. I'm not usually this quick, ever. But I'm sat in bed bored to tears after being in hospital this am to see the 🇯🇵 👀 👨‍⚕️ for my post C check. Good news is I passed with flying colours
  5. That makes the Amazon version look a tad expensive
  6. Well that will teach me to read the post properly , whoops Or could you adapt a TRV radiator tail extension
  7. I am intrigued by theses posts about 'posts' how strong do they have to be? what weight do they have to carry? what length do they need to be? i only ask as I made a telescopic pole to use out on site for measuring heights of objects.( car park lights etc) It was made of plastic conduit and Electrical compression glands and cost a couple of quid in bits
  8. I would hazard a guess at a' 1/2" male iron nipple with internal hex drive" but i I am an electrical engineer not 'wet' take a pic of it and go to a proper plumbers merchants and they should sort you out in seconds
  9. LWB Shogun Classic DTi....mine is still in that Echo Arena car park 🔥 in Liverpool ( well,it was 10 weeks ago ) best car we've ever had until we replaced it with an XC90
  10. In future can you tuck your shirt lap into your pants then, please. bloke in front of us has a hell of a "bike park" on display 😂🤢you can almost tell what he had for breakfast
  11. Yep there is one of those at the two clay grounds we frequent he has standard length chokes, extended, ported (vented) the bloke is a total 🔔 end and he still misses as many as everyone else
  12. Well I have either end of your 'range' A 125 from the 1980s that I am "looking after". And a 725 that is mine dating from about 2012 i shoot the 125 far better than the 725....It just seems to fit me better BUT all the measurement differences are minimal. Main difference being the 125 is 28". And the 725 30"
  13. I have a wifi version its ok for stuff you need to see when you get within a few inches of it...waste of time on a barrel tried it on my 1890s SBS, used the 45° mirror to see sideways waste of time.....far too close and just a blurred image
  14. I got a brattonsound 5 gun cab prior to getting my first SG 2.5 years ago. My mate said to buy bigger as I may get another gun eventually. it easily fits my 6 guns and a spare barrel for the semi just saying
  15. Have you not seen any of the others?.....right up my street ! Dansette record player rotary dial,telephone electric guitar automatic toaster were the most memorable , must be because I cannot remember the others
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