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  1. Thanks for that.....that's next on the list! 🥃🥃
  2. In y 3 years of missing clays I have tried the following water /windproof Ice Stop gloves.....not warm Mac wet Climatec......fantastic grip in the wet, not warm or waterproof Lidl special neoprene fishing gloves....toasty warm, waterproof apart from the flip back finger tips BUT thicker than a whale omelette HST Tactical gloves....water proof, wind proof but as much grip as a Vicars Handshake Deerhunter leather/fleece........good so far but NOT tried n driving rain its a bit like finding the best tool box/bag/case/carrying system... 48 years of research and disappointment along with angarage full of failures and I'm almost there. Give it another 30 years and I reckon I'll crack it
  3. Is that the Timbermate one....I think it's timbermate or timberfast or timberfix. I've even seen it used to bond granite Its far more controllable in a mastic gun
  4. Same with designer clothing labels...... allegedly, obviously only a rumour and I have no first hand experience whatsoever, really, really 😉
  5. Well 80 yds is approximately the same height as a 25 storey building. Have a look up,at one tomorrow it's a looooooongbway up!
  6. Long story short spotted blood in my pee....tiniest amount possible, barely visible went to docs prob a leaky blood vessel,or infection. Take these antibiotics, come back in 14 days but we will get you checked at hospital,just to be safe diagnosed Type A, grade 2 Bladder cancer at age of 56. World fell out of my posterior i am now 7 years 3 weeks on. .9 tumours, 8 ops, no chemo available, allergic to alternative chemo Finally got correct stuff. 3 years of that. Had a check up on sept 24. All clear again. Next is in April then I go on yearly checks i feel very lucky and so glad I didn't ignore it. Please please PLEASE check your Pee the operations and treatment are all done "through a natural male opening'.....it's not particularly pleasant but it's a damn site better than the alternative
  7. Herbs are ERBS Jacobean is JACK O BE-AN Aluminium is just wrong Bowie knife is a Boooooouieeeeeee knife its all a bit odd
  8. I may not be 100% accurate on this but entwistles had two,shops....one in blackpool and one in preston near the cattle market ( now a housing estate ) Later moved to their now closed location at some time there was a split and the Blackpool shop,was taken over by Vaughan Landless a gunsmith the shop eventually closed and Vaughan now does his smithing from Pilling. The S . Entwistle Clothing brand I believe is owned by his daughter Lauren Landless. I know this because he is my gunsmith
  9. Drill from outside to inside drill hole oversize fit plasti tube if possible and seal into hole fit tap pipe inside this tube so that there is no friction on expansion and contraction...it will constantly move but only by maybe a mm or so
  10. I've tried gloves, moving trigger back, moving it forwards with gloves, without gloves. I just thought a wider trigger may help i don't really like shooting with gloves on unless it's peeing it down then it's Macwet for the grip. Bitterly cold then fleece/leather Deerhunters
  11. Clutching at straws a bit here but.... has anybody got a broad trigger for a 725 S1 Sporter that they would like to be rid of for not a lot of money? Preferably the plain one BUT ideally I would like both to make the gun 'complete'. I have started getting a sore trigger finger and am thinking that the broader trigger may help when I bought the gun secondhand 2 1/2 years ago it only had its fitted trigger and the choke box just had two spaces where the 2 alternative items would normally rest thanks in advance
  12. https://www.parcelmonkey.co.uk/quotev3.php
  13. And the two lower and smaller ones.....similar to tiny reconnaissance spaceships put out prior to the landing of the mother ship....could they be from the Planet Belisha?
  14. Nothing to see here, it's just aliens. Move along now
  15. Have a look at Parcel Monkey.......my son owns a large Online sales company. He gets his customers to use Pacelmonkey if they are returning a non warranty item
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