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  1. Nice collection i particularly like the little Super Adept
  2. I wouldn't even consider it....see Avatar dive cylinders are usually 232 bar filled to 200/220. Or 300 bar cylinders having been close to a couple that have gone whoooof it is not pleasant. Get It wrong and people can see what you were made of
  3. Well i have started to 'sample it'......frighteningly good for a first attempt also started a summer fruits ( blackberry, cherry, black currant ) and a Chilli/orange. The chilli strength was a bit tricky....ended up removing them after 20 hours as it was starting to be a "lip numbing experience" will probably strain and bottle,the raspberry one this weekend
  4. Toplands .....alternate Sundays Behind Wheatsheaf at Woodplumpton bobbin Mill Scorton.....might only be skeet though
  5. Yep, we went yesterday it was worth going just to see the Stellars Sea Eagle flying ferret bloke was good amd some quite tidy young ladies on the stands as well, apparently
  6. I have two.......well 4 really but will,explain later first is a green Browning one with 2 cartridge pockets on front, game pouch on rear, inner small zip pocket for phone.... second is a Cheap Reid mesh sides and Bach item for when it's warm/hot......just worn with a T shirt the other two are a cheap Seeland version like the Browning. Other is a Garlands slightly 'fleece like" one i bought the last 2 on a whim when I first started ....then the others came along at the right price/time. I only wear them when it's warmer as I prefer to keep cartridges in pocket of whichever coat/jacket I am wearing
  7. Sorry if this comes across as a bit numb, but....is the issue with the blade automatically locking.? Like in a leatherman/gerber. Or is it the fact that the blade can, if required, be locked......e.g. opined?
  8. Excellent finish 11/10. Shinier than a politicians trouser seat! so how DID you get it so shiny? Heard something about linseed oil and superglue , but nothing further
  9. I have one.....GDK268 had it about 6 months looks to be well made, well padded inside. I have conditioned it a few times with wife's horse tack fettilng stuff and it is certainly leather. Shoulder strap could be a bit better. Carrying handles are on same side as the zip which I prefer should the zip fail the gun is still in the slip and not on the floor covered in tears
  10. Just realised. He has the same surname as that of a famous Weighng Scale manufacturer but obviously didn't receive a free sample just weighing
  11. Diver One

    Owen Jones

    Allegedly "attacked from behind" by someone who needs their nails cutting! Some nasty scratches there just putting 2+2 together
  12. Storage heaters are the work of the devil and will,only be of any use if you have economy 7/white meter/split tarrif. They charge up at night by warming a load of bricks inside then let the heat out during the following day. If it's mild the following day you are stuck with a tin can full of hot bricks also all storage heaters sold now have to comply with a new regulation and cost a fortune ....google LOT 20 just saying
  13. Mid 70s my mate decided to paint his escort van after putting portholes in the side someone told him to,warm paint he put it in the oven and it did not end well, it did not end well at all. Damage would have been reduced marginally if he had removed the lid first. Luckily the kitchen was at the rear of the house whereas the window frame was a bit further down the garden, he wasn't very bright
  14. And then there will be a glut of solicitors "have you been involved in a recent motoring issue that you may have forgotten about? Did your dash/butt cam not operate as described? Call Dry Ream and Ruffly we will fight your case and keep 99% of what you thought you were getting"
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