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  1. Very satisfying when you get one 'full bore' and the light is fading a bit. Lights the room up...I,think mine does a bit more than stunning them when it has a new battery in
  2. I move in different circles to you, I have to put batteries in mine 😂 But I do like to give the spiders, fly tap and pitcher plant a lightly cooked breakfast now and again. Raw fly must be very boring
  3. I have one of the tennis racket zappers. Zap the fly then feed it to the spiders or the Venus fly trap/pitcher plant very satisfying
  4. UPDATE I have talked to Robin and can reliably report as follows He is having trouble sourcing the 'chips' as the production run from the factory has ended. Additionally there is an issue in the Tooling used to produce one of the small metal components. In both cases he is in the process of obtaining alternatives. with this in mind he is only repairing ( subject to parts stock availability ), calibrating and supplying spares as per his website. He assures me this is only a minor hiccup/glitch and to paraphrase the words of Arnie, "he'll be back." But at present he does not know the timescale . I am not desperate yet, so I am going to wait. and, may I add? , what a very nice man to talk with!
  5. That is some serious talent. Am I the only one that can actually smell the gloves?
  6. YEP! That worked very nicely
  7. Last one I saw was a "1920s shelf at side of fireplace fit" where the wall had been chased out, granite slotted in and stuck with some silicone, then papered around it. Maybe try digging in underneath and see if the granite is flush with wall or semi recessed?
  8. Just been googling. Is the FX airguns Wireless model any good/anybody got one?
  9. I am going to phone him tomorrow , thanks
  10. I have read in a few places that he is still repairing and selling spares but NOT manufacturing the complete unit due to chip supply issues. It's a pity as I liked his unit ( my mate has one ) i have sent him 3 emails and had no response
  11. Thanks for the responses for 64.5 years I never really wanted an air rifle now I have an AA s410 .22 and a Reximex regime/axis 177 both sub 12s. I just want to know what they are putting out. I can't ever see me getting a FAC. i quite like the recording feature. Looks like tonight I shall be googling the above recommendations, thank you
  12. It's probably been done to death, so apologies in advance im looking for advice on a chrono. Initially I was seeking a Combro but it appears he has ceased production. I 'think' I only want something basic BUT ,as always , will I want something better after a few weeks?😂 Thanks in advance
  13. I was thinking It may be to go in the towing eye so you see it before banging your shin on it
  14. Copper version is very good! Mind you so is the blue purple!! this is another one for the winter project pile
  15. Thanks....another granddaughter has requested pink and purple spacers,!
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