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  1. Oowee that last pic has your dog taken some mind bending substances brilliant pics by the way
  2. Hear is my dog max, two year old minature jack russell endless energy. Loves picking up pigeons that I shoot and loves cats not
  3. Paddyscot

    Excited much

    My wife went to see metallica in slane castle on saturday said they were good. On the way home fell ,now broken ankle had op steel plate and screws not good. She also had ticket booked for bon jovi this saturday but now resting up with lots of tlc
  4. FOXHUNTER1 some red hinds
  5. FOXHUNTER1 its all reds where I am but I have alot of ground in wicklow with lots of sika one morning there was 74 out feeding I will try to get a picture
  6. Normally never anybody on this road this is country life in ireland
  7. This was taken last november total gridlock
  8. Hello all a bit of background to this head got a call from a farmer I know said he was having trouble with deer in his barley field. I said I would have a look, when I did there was 24 hinds there and a 22 point stag. Went up next night about 7 30 jumped the gate walked up to next field deer tracks everywhere, walked along ditch stopped 10 yards in,was only standing 3 mins and he appeared. Quickly got the 270 on the sticks and bang shot in the neck at 25 yards.As you can see he was a 12 pointer a baby and weighed 188 kg dressed out oh my back.The head will be bleached and antlers polished and mounted and given away to a landowner I do a bit of shooting for more photos to come from that thanks from paddyscot
  9. Its the first time posting photos sorry if its in the wrong place. Took me ages but I won in the end just. Hello Walker570 im in the republic of ireland moved here from scotland about 20 years ago
  10. JDog nothing to worry about, u should be more than happy with that. Wait till all other crops are up all yours sown should make some great shooting. Let us know how u get on please should be a great report
  11. Thanks Wb123 give me a pm when ur back
  12. Hello all is there any gamedealers in northern ireland that takes pigeons
  13. Long time reader so thought it was time to join in the madness. I used to live in scotland but moved to the ireland hence my user name. Im into deer stalking pigeon shooting, foxes, crows and rabbits. Looking forward to posting some pics
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