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  1. Thanks for the reply guys I've had a quick look at Gun plan along with CCC3 and SACS they all seem to be much the same?? will take a look at Churchill for the Dog thanks again...
  2. Hi all what type of insurance do you require to rough shoot, and can anyone recommend a good dog insurance
  3. dazza71

    Keith Flint

    Great band great people I raced with Keith for many years a real gent that will be sadly missed within the music and motorcycle community Rest In Paradise god speed my friend..
  4. He's coming on great guns, we take him out on a 100 acer site opposite us which has a mixture of hedges, ditches, woods and open fields that has rabbit sets, badger sets, fox holes pigeons squirrels and the odd muntjac so plenty to get the scent going we have him on a 20mtr training line at present but he is unaware that we do not hold it and he's happy to run side to side of us as we walk never to far away he's also out with other dogs so gets to play like a puppy should but every now and then when he is hard on a scent we recall him with the whistle which he responds to like a rocket as we treat him (rightly or wrongly depending who you talk to) on his return he's bit of a puller if we walk him on a normal lead but I'm a tad reluctant to hold him back just yet as would not want to hinder his desire to hunt.
  5. what a great thread to follow we have ourselves a 5 1/2 month old English springer who also lives indoors
  6. Anyone know how to date a Spanish Master, thanks in advance
  7. Great post some good advice there, some days we end up miles away so will be putting a kit together ASAP
  8. He is coming on great guns he's on a training line at the min but come's back on the whistle, got a good nose too, he found a fresh rabbit set this morning and is hot on the tail of the pigeon's
  9. Great read I'm in the market for a Beretta and have been looking at all the new Guns, but after reading this I think I may be wiser to cast my net into the older used market
  10. Some great looking Guns on this forum I do love a side by side
  11. Thanks for the welcome guys
  12. Hi to all, from sunny Essex getting back to shooting after a long break
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