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  1. Thanks chaps I've ordered two tuffies for the hounds. Free post too.
  2. They are saluki so a bit bony and need the padding, they sleep on the kids old bean bags, but one chew or vigorous scratch and the kitchen us full of polystyrene balls. I need something comfy and tough.
  3. Hi fellas any advice on a decent dog mattress, I've just looked at kennelnate but with postage for 2 beds it's £295, 35 quid of that is the postage. I thought it was a bei steep. Thanks for any advice
  4. I've lost a couple of grub screws on my huggett shroud, I contacted them to see if I could get replacements, and he's sending some out free of charge. Excellent service can't recommend enough. Cheers
  5. No one is bothered about the Karen's of this world, but I can't shoot birds for the same reason I can't course Hares anymore, it's against the law! Which even if I don't agree with I still have to abide by.
  6. Let's face it if it flies into your garden to be on the safe side don't shoot it!
  7. Both neighbours have open bird tables, I have cleared the squirrel population and haven't seen a rat for 2 months, I've got a trail camera out constantly, but there are Wood pigeon and magpies everywhere.
  8. I get say half a dozen mopping up spilled bird food a couple of times a day, the woodies and magpies are constantly around. I don't think I could claim damage and I couldn't prove magpies are killing birds, even though we know that they are. It's a pity because I enjoy pigeon.
  9. I'm growing peas but it's hardly a crop, think I will have to let them get on with it.
  10. Don't think I can justify as not causing damage and not endangering rare species.
  11. Hi fellas what is the legality of shooting Wood pigeon, ferals and magpies in your garden. I don't want to break any laws obviously and the woodies will be eaten. Cheers
  12. He's not on pigeon watch you have to contact him through the ad.
  13. I'm in Liverpool Andy, thanks for the offer, bit far away, think I will go with the carpet idea or might just stick with the assorted filled boxes as backstops!
  14. I've got boxes filled with old magazines, sand and even old coats to use as back stops, I got a pellet catcher to move around positions easily. It's just too loud!
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