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  1. I'm stuck at home with covid, not good news for the rats, just popped one. 153
  2. jamesleee123


    Maybe he was trying to get the wrong kind of response off all us blood thirsty, animal murdering gun nuts, that the antis think we are!
  3. jamesleee123


    The only mammals you should be shooting with an air rifle are rats, rabbits and grey squirrels, all with the landowners permission and all humanely dispatched. Preferably with one head shot. Even talking about shooting a fox on an open forum just plays into the hands of the Anti's. If you need a fox removing and you don't have the equipment or knowhow hire a professional.
  4. One young one just made the mistake of visiting the bird feeder. 152
  5. Female from the bird feeder, trying out hades in .177. Blimey, dropped like a stone. 1912
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