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  1. Had one last week in the garden forgot to list. 13
  2. Both neighbours have open bird tables, so the rats are moving between, my feeders are all the hanging type but obviously with spillage the rats stop to feed. My boy and I have shot 4 in the last month or so and the squirrels haven't been near for ages, they just scamper along the back fence and never come to feed.
  3. Its not poison I'm putting down its just peanut butter to keep the rat still enough to shoot. I just wondered if there was any other bait that the dog wouldn't eat but would entice a rat.
  4. Hi fellas, as some of you know I've had a few rats in the garden, my son and I have shot a couple using peanut butter as bait, however every time I put bait out my pain in the ar$e Saluki keeps eating it. Any ideas for a bait the hound won't eat , he's literally just come in eating one of them filled coconut feeders that had blown off. Cheers
  5. Did this sell? If not I will take it cheers.
  6. I started a thread about a valuation for a rifle I was pondering buying, I didn't realise it was against the rules, so I apologise.
  7. Popped one earlier, my lad spotted it and held the lamp on it whilst I shot it, old school.
  8. Just popped one, prepping Christmas veg and my boy spotted one with the lamp quick sprint upstairs and a Bisley magnum to the head. Merry Christmas everyone. 253
  9. May I ask how do you get your limoncello so yellow?
  10. My son shot 2 this evening, first he's ever got, get in there son. 251 total
  11. My 12 year old boy shot two from the bathroom window, watered down peanut butter bait BSA GOLDSTAR SE .177. Good lad.
  12. No sign of the rats all week, we sat watching all Saturday afternoon and evening and no sign, not even on the trailcam, it has shown a hen blackbird taking the peanut butter bait though. This particular blackbird has a stick jutting out of the middle of its back, it looked like a cocktail stick but through my scope it is a natural twig anyone seen anything like this?
  13. After days if no sightings, not even on the trailcam a squirrel has just scampered across my back wall, I'm ready with the r10 as I write this.
  14. Its a plr 500 pistol lamp with a red filter, I use it with the dogs. It kind if floods my small garden so may be a bit overkill!
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