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  1. After months of no squirrel activity in my garden one was in and out driving my dogs mad for about half an hour. My Mrs just popped out to the shops and five minutes later a large female succumbed to the r10. 2100
  2. Thanks for that always good to have a back up. Cheers
  3. What's the place in Wigan Mice? Just incase cts is closed for some reason. Cheers
  4. Hi @Mice! CTS in Speke Liverpool charge £16 for a test and refill mine took a week to do.
  5. One peeping it's head out from under my shed, bad move. 280
  6. Which ultra did you get, I was at the club last week and a bloke next to me had a clx special edition in black pepper stock and side lever. Beautiful little rifle and the limited edition number was 160. Like I said the np02 is a great budget rifle but not as refined as my r10 or my lads Goldstar, good choice with the bsa.
  7. The ultra is a great hunting rifle but low shot count if you want to use it at a club or plinking, the np02 is heavier but the large shot count is great for a day at the range. And like I said its 300 quid. Where are you based Nitram, I might be interested in your lightening?
  8. I've got an np02, it's a great little rifle as accurate as I am, massive shot count and cheap as chips. Downsides are not regulated, rubbish magazines, and rubbish case. I've bought a couple of 3d printed mags which are great. For 300 quid you can't go wrong. Cheers
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