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    Maybe he was trying to get the wrong kind of response off all us blood thirsty, animal murdering gun nuts, that the antis think we are!
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    The only mammals you should be shooting with an air rifle are rats, rabbits and grey squirrels, all with the landowners permission and all humanely dispatched. Preferably with one head shot. Even talking about shooting a fox on an open forum just plays into the hands of the Anti's. If you need a fox removing and you don't have the equipment or knowhow hire a professional.
  3. One young one just made the mistake of visiting the bird feeder. 152
  4. Female from the bird feeder, trying out hades in .177. Blimey, dropped like a stone. 1912
  5. I zeroed my new np02 this morning to the bird feeder, claimed its first squirrel 2 hours later. Mature female. 1815
  6. Hi fellas, I've recently acquired an np02, which is quite good for 300 quid, but the stock looks dry and dull. What is the best thing to put on it and which brands are best? The stock is walnut but it's really only a pistol shape so I won't need loads. Cheers
  7. 7ltr and my boy and I have a bsa r10 se a Goldstar se and a kral np02 all in .177. Oh and a beeman p17 pistol which is fun. The kral is also really good fun too and surprisingly accurate at shorter distances.
  8. They said a week turnaround.
  9. Well I took my tank to CTS, they are charging me a massive £15 to test £1 to fill and if it needs any work on it £5. So between £16 and £21, nearest rfd quoted £45. Bargain.
  10. It's called CTS UK and yes they are meant to be good, I will let you know when I go. Cheers
  11. There is a place in Speke Liverpool that does it for £16 test and fill bargain! I did think it was a 300 bar just didn't know what the 450 meant its not exactly clear especially since my airgun club has been shut for 16 months and no one to ask any advice. Cheers fellas
  12. Thanks for the reply I've not much experience with air tanks.
  13. Hi fellas, I got an air tank as part of a second hand deal, its out of test and empty. What I want to know is what does PS300PT450BAR mean. There are loads of other numbers stamped on it but no other mention of bar. I'm going to get it tested next week. Cheers for any advice.
  14. Hi Longbower, doesn't it help spot quarry in the canopy or undergrowth during the day?
  15. The problem was he shot across four gardens, hit someone else's property and shot at a pigeon at sixty yards with open sights, it wasn't moaning about someone plinking in the garden. He broke a string of laws and that is a problem to the airgun community.
  16. I'm not really one to be intimidated by anyone, it was just a case of how to deal with it and hopefully it is sorted now. My two neighbours know I shoot and do it responsibly so any problems I will direct to the new neighbours.
  17. The days of filling someone in are long gone, got a family, mortgage and responsible job now, plus I'm far too pretty for jail. Hopefully it won't happen again if it does crimestoppers will get a call. Cheers for all the advice, entertaining as usual. I will let you know if it does happen again, it is Bank Holiday weekend after all.
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