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  1. Why do you say not the diesel, apart from the fact hat you have two petrols? Interested.
  2. Stone park, reading your excellent post above, I notice that you are calling IC choke tighter than skeet. Novices may not realise that these are the American nominations. Their skeet is actually British IC, and their IC is actually what we call quarter choke. Forgive me for pointing this out.
  3. Same here. And small shot and open chokes. Works for me.
  4. Used to do just this years ago. You need a shallow area to feed. We found a shallow, sandy area and sheltered it from the flow by a suitably placed fallen tree pointing downstream and keeping the flow away from the feed area. It worked well. There are always duck flighting up and down rivers.
  5. I have always tried to remember to grease my u/j’s about every 1000 miles, as they are always covered in ****.
  6. I believe the very good bits of kit walk-in talkies are around £1500 per unit?
  7. As far as I am concerned the effective range of a shotgun is forty to forty five yards. I consciously try not to shoot any further.
  8. Chances are the kid was being led around at the meet prior to the start of hunting.
  9. Min you, you really are supposed to replace u/j’s before they get that bad!
  10. Surely it is the larger shot with fewer pellets which needs the tighter chokes?
  11. If that’s not German, I’m a Dutchman!
  12. Not just for sport, mate, but killing them for any reason.
  13. I, for one, don’t believe there IS a pattern at 70 yards with 42 gram 3’s.
  14. The 58 pellets of No.3 in a 30 inch circle at 60 yards with 38 gram loads through a full choke puts it all in perspective. “Normal” shotguns are not made for shooting game at that range. The 63 gram load quoted is more suitable for a 13/14 lb 8 bore.
  15. London Best


    I shot over 200 foxes in two years because the county council pest controllers were releasing them in the local ‘country park’ bordering my friends sheep farm.
  16. I simply tell them that I won’t be purchasing glasses today without my wife (which is true) and they always hand over the paperwork no bother.
  17. Isn’t it the law that they must do this?
  18. Just exactly like they used before they used plastic ones?
  19. My post is all perfectly true. I refuse to have one as a gift.
  20. I have never had a smart phone and still have one which, like yours, just does calls and texts. I’m ok with calls but find texts difficult sometimes. The family are determined to get me one of those clever phones but I keep resisting because I know I just could not stand the stress and frustration.
  21. London Best


    I wonder if it’s laid any eggs in your ear?
  22. Pretty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!
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