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    Agreed. A very dangerous woman.
  2. Sailing without wind is about as exciting as duck shooting without ducks!
  3. Not the case in our village. I have grass to the side and grass behind the house and every year the fields receive dry muck spreading and slurry spreading. This year’s dosage has been particularly pungent. My ex-townie neighbours, who normally sit in the garden a lot, have not been seen outside the house for three weeks. Nice story: A few years back, talking to farmer Bob shortly after muckspreading, I mentioned that his son, Richard, had managed to chuck some over the hedge onto my lawn whilst manoeuvring in the field corner. Bob said, “ooh, I didn’t know about that.” Two days later I received a bill for the muck!
  4. And virtually every one of those old SxS, whatever the barrel length, pointed and handled beautifully.
  5. I agree. I have been to the majority of game fairs since 1965 and I, too, was disappointed with last years. I left saying that I would give this year’s a miss, but may still go if the weather is good and I’m bored.
  6. Why would you or any bird notice any difference?
  7. Personally, I do not think shooting is the cause (chief cause?) of my hearing loss. Most of my shooting friends are not hard of hearing. I tend to blame industrial deafness from a lifetime spent working with noisy, rattling machinery and screaming, tortured metal. Most of my old workmates are very hard of hearing.
  8. You are correct. The aids were supplied by NHS. I found that they magnified all the stuff I didn’t want to hear in a crowded place so conversation was still impossible and I could hear tyre noise from a mile away, but no birdsong. May I ask what make/company you used successfully?
  9. Only for the entire second half of the 20th century. 32 gram load, if I remember correctly, or was that Alphamax 16’s?
  10. When I complained that the hearing aids with which I had been fitted were of no use to me as I still could not hear the birds sing, I was told, “well, we cannot enhance what you cannot hear.” Not used them since.
  11. I do hope you’ve not made Neville into a grumpy old man!
  12. But they were a good.......price!
  13. My deafness is much the worst in my right ear (right hand shot). I blame thousands of Baikal cartridges in the 1970’s, not the length of barrels they came out of.
  14. All these theories are just that......theory. In practice what really counts is what suits the individual. I am not a clay shooter, but in my (not inconsiderable) experience of wildfowling, pigeons and all types of game shooting, length of barrels makes not a jot of difference.
  15. Interesting ruse! Personally speaking, I would rather have been branded a poacher.
  16. Good post John. That all sounds very familiar here. From starting saving for a house in my early twenties I carried on like that until, suddenly, I was forty and realised I had spent virtually nothing. So then I began to spend a little as well as save/invest until I gave up full time work and took my works pension early at 53. With a part time job plus pension I had free time and enough money to do, within reason, what I liked.
  17. London Best


    Get rid of him! Or put him in a hotel, it will be cheaper.
  18. You know, you call this country so much, you really ought to go and live somewhere else.
  19. I’m sorry, but I genuinely don’t understand the question.
  20. Thank you. So, not quite the same then? And you have introduced more confusion (for me!) with Pascals. *** is a Pascal?
  21. Is there any difference between ‘BAR’ and ‘Kp/cm2’ ? I always thought BAR was 14.7? lbs/sq inch.
  22. I was thinking more along the lines of a Land Rover starting handle across the side of the head.
  23. I get the impression that very few people, in the greater scheme of things, actually travel on trains. Out of everyone I know, only one travels on a train. He works in advertising and works World wide from home on a computer but just occasionally has to attend a meeting in London. Nobody else that I know would go near a train for transport. Aeroplanes main function in the World is to take people on holiday. So they’re not important then. And as Tightchoke has said, they already have good pay and conditions. So the strikes/disruption is just for greed. What we need is another Maggie Thatcher, she knew how to deal with bolshie unions. Yeah, I’m a grumpy old ***!
  24. I have had 2 1/2 inch steel cartridges on order since last October. Phone calls to manufacturers all get the same answer: we are not producing any at the moment but they WILL be available for the start of next game season. Maybe.
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