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  1. That is a Mk. 1 Meteor and originally the piston washer was leather. That one has been modified. Dunno what with, I have only ever rebuilt Mk.1’s.
  2. Type of stock, ramp front sight and sliding rear sight adjuster are all peculiar to the Mk. 1.
  3. A guy in Arizona once wanted to show me his new .22. He pulled it from his wardrobe and handed it to me. I racked the action and ejected a round. He said, “what did you do that for?”
  4. The simple answer is, if you buy a 20 bore use a 20 bore load through it. That is 21 to 25 gram.
  5. I used to use a 12 bore when I was 13. To be fair I was a big 13 year old. Never had any recoil issues and there were no 21 gram 12 bore loads in 1961, always 30 gram or occasionally 28 gram (3 old pence cheaper per 25).
  6. Been watching too many American tv shows, obviously.
  7. London Best


    Back in the seventies a friend of mine bought a Solway Zipper at the game fair in July and after the ‘fowling season ended in February he sent it to Barbour for reproofing and repair. Barbour returned it (refurbished) with the comment that they could have made a better job if he had returned it twenty years earlier!
  8. IF it were to become a legal obligation and there were, say, 7000 sgc holders in your county, can you imagine the situation at the police switchboard between about 8am and 9am every Saturday morning?
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    Don’t forget, they risk YOUR family too. You don’t have to be in the ropy car.
  10. I used to help look after an estate in rural Shropshire. When we first started lamping activities we used to call the local police control room and inform them that there would be a lamp working in xyz area. They always thanked us very much, and WITHOUT FAIL sent a ****** patrol car to investigate. Obviously, we gave up trying to liaise with them. My FAC is with Derbyshire. I obtained some stalking in Leicestershire. I was contacted by Leicestershire firearms dept. and informed that they required me to notify them every time I went out with the rifle in their area. I told them on the ‘phone that it would not be happening as it was not a legal requirement, put the ‘phone down and ignored it.
  11. London Best


    These are what we are all mixing with on the roads. Vive la MOT !
  12. London Best


    Good point bluesj, I never thought of it like that!
  13. It was needs must with the recovery, and I did shear the handle (safety overload feature), but it put just enough tension on the line to allow me to reverse out of my predicament!
  14. I bought one on special offer at the 1979 boat show, £19.95 I believe I paid! Absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Mine has removed/refitted several Land Rover engines, winched boats, and once extracted my Range Rover bellied in snow.
  15. You’re kidding, right? Don’t do it, give them to me and I will replace each one with a shiny new one!
  16. When driving the Land Rover even my wife has been known to tell inconsiderate drivers, “move it or I”ll shove it!”
  17. My BRNO Mod 2 bolt action is chopped to 18 inches ( from 25 I think) and is much better for it out of the LR window. Still deadly accurate and no noticeable loss of velocity with Winchester subsonics.
  18. I used to buy Red Rivals and Blue Rivals in the ‘60’s. I can’t remember where, but it would be in Derby somewhere. I think it may have been from the old-fashioned ironmongers, Wallace’s. There used to be an impressive confetti storm when you fired one!
  19. I am not sure that, as stated, a primed case counts towards your limit. I don’t think it counts until you seat a bullet, making it a loaded round. Does anybody know any different.......for certain?
  20. With shotgun ammunition there is no limit stated on a shotgun certificate. With ammunition for a rifle it will state on a firearm certificate how many rounds of which calibre you are allowed to possess, dependent upon what quantity you requested, eg: an allowance of, say, 150 rounds would be of little or no use to a target shooter for range use but is probably adequate for a big game hunter for one or two trips overseas each year.
  21. He’s size 16 and actually he can’t read or write. Bet he can count money though!
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