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  1. Car dealers will not even let you pay £15,000 in cash in UK.
  2. I have had one since 1995 and I do not think you will be disappointed. Mine is a 1958 and with 12.5 grain Lilgun and 35 grain V-max handloads it will group on a drawing pin @100 yds.
  3. A lighter gun is very much my preference. My 12 bore game gun weighs 6lb 2oz and is never used with more than 28 gram. McNab Highlander nice gun (if you like o/u), I have two friends who have the 28 bore, both weigh 5lb 14oz and are just about suitable for 28 gram. Neither friend uses 28 gram in them, both saying if they want to shoot a twelve bore load they will use a twelve bore. I couldn’t agree more.
  4. Not a lot of money to a 3 X 300 bird days a week man with a new Range Rover. I think they would sell at that.
  5. TT, you should market those commercially (bit posher of course).
  6. A long time ago I had a petrol series 3, bought at 14000 miles. It always did within a decimal point of 22 mpg, checked religiously every tankful. One week it dropped to 17. Checked next week, 17 again, nothing obviously wrong with performance. So I did a compression test and found no3 cylinder to be well below the others. Head off, valve burnt out. New valve, back to 22 mpg straight away. I have never had a diesel Defender average less than 28 mpg. Current 2.4 Puma drops to just over 28 in Winter or motorway cruising. Ran it from Derbyshire to Oban for a weeks holiday in Summer and it averaged 31.5 for about 1600 miles.
  7. After 43 years running nothing but Defenders, I have to say if that was mine I would be giving it a dose of looking at, because there IS something wrong with it. Should do 28 all day long, never mind the load.
  8. I too have shot grouse with Guy, on Thrumster Moor where he lives, but we used somebody else’s pointers.
  9. Warm green shooting coat, XL/44 in chest, button fastening, large bellows cartridge pockets, fleece/faux fur lining. Lining includes sleeves and is removable (buttons) for summer use. £25 POSTED, or collection from DE7.
  10. A few years ago I was hunting driven boar in Croatia with Guy. One evening he fell asleep halfway through dinner and his face fell forward on to his half full plate. The rest of us were halfway through desert when Guy woke up and carried on his story where he had left off, whiskers full of dinner. A proper British eccentric and a proper gentleman.
  11. When I had my first air gun I had a mate who would cycle five miles on a Saturday morning and use all my pellets. So I made him bring his own pellets. Then he wouldn’t go home until he had fired his box of 500 Beatalls. Through my bloody gun.
  12. I make that 3/4 and super full. But the constriction depends on the bore size just before the choke, not the proof size 9 inches from the breech.
  13. When I was looking for my Holland Royal Sportarm had all the best ones I looked at, but unfortunately all way outside my budget.
  14. Sportarm sell the best stuff.
  15. I guess sixteens cost more than twelves even then. I didn’t start shooting until 1960, so my memory would be early ‘60’s prices. Unless we’re all so old and senile none of us can really remember. (Looking forward to incontinence and dribbling in my pudding.)
  16. A snow plough used to be a standard Land Rover accessory.
  17. 10/6 is 52 1/2p, that was for 25 Grand Prix 1 1/16 oz (30 gram) cartridges.
  18. Which is a completely unnecessary complication in my eyes.
  19. Yeah! Remember Yellow Wizards. Then there came Red Rival and Blue Rival. They were, I remember, on a par with Yellow Wizards. When I started Grand Prix were 10shillings and sixpence for 25. I pax were 10 shillings and threepence, so I bought Impax to save threepence. That is one and a half pence to anyone under fifty.
  20. Most successful cartridge in history. I think they started making them about 1900. They were everybody’s go to cartridge, because every ironmongers sold them.
  21. Heads up! Watch out for the owner.......him speak with forked tongue.
  22. Muck and rust can cause this too. Doesn’t have to be a worn sear or too fine adjustment.
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