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  1. Seventy odd replies on this thread and the only one required was ‘yes’.
  2. We (shooters) do not “prey” on anything. The species we shoot are quarry, not prey.
  3. Actually, Neville, he was very good and gave me less grief than any of the other six.
  4. Very true. Nothing could matter less. Good write up again. Thanks.
  5. Having done something similar I have never since kept the bolts separate from the rifles. Yes the cartridges were yellow! I was very surprised that they worked. I never even looked what brand or shot size. Thanks Scully. It really was a most enjoyable day all round. He was the host yesterday.
  6. I think this one belongs in the playpen now! II always load my car the night before and can detect no difference in the performance of any cartridges. If there is any difference it must be a very tiny percentage.
  7. I’m never going to live it down.
  8. Yup, Galloping dementia, obviously!
  9. Well, I have today given a new meaning to the term ‘half gun’. I have literally taken a half gun on a day’s pheasant shooting. I was a guest on a friend’s day in Leicestershire, on a shoot I had not visited before. I always use a motor case to transport my game gun because, 1) I’ve got one and 2) less chance of breaking the gun than if it was in a slip. So, I took the gun from the cabinet and broke it down. I looked through the barrels and noticed a couple of streaks I had not noticed after last use/cleaning. So I put a rod through them and made them right, then closed the case. I would love to have seen my face when, after a raucous breakfast which set the tone for the day, I got booted up and went to put the gun in it’s slip only to open the case and find.......just a pair of barrels! I had left the stock/action on the bench. Of course, the P***taking was merciless all day, and will be for the rest of my life. Fortunately, a non-shooting guest had his 20bore Browning with him and was able to loan me that with a bag of cartridges. The gun felt really strange to me and only came up properly with great care, unlike my own which I can throw up with impunity. I was very grateful for the loan but went to the first drive not expecting much success, more so when I saw the steep bank of trees over which the pheasants were about to fly. I was pleasantly surprised when the first bird folded dead. Then another, and so on throughout the day. More P***taking, saying I should buy the gun (not a chance), but I was astounded at how well I did with a gun that just did not feel right. The day was only a smallish 100 bird day, with six small drives. The bag was 107. I managed 4/7, 3/6, 0/2, 5/9, 5/8, 1/1. This is just about spot on what I have averaged this season with my own gun. But I still won’t be buying an O/U, because, during a flush I know I would have likely got off 50% more shots with my regular gun. No matter, an excellent day with good food, good shooting (the team just beat 3 for 1), well presented birds, and above all great company, (the p***taking ********!)
  10. Get to know the farmer before asking for shooting.
  11. I am sure I will not be the only one who has had a gamekeeper walk up and thank me at the end of a drive for shooting a jay.
  12. I may give it a try, just for the entertainment value of the phone call.
  13. What do you reckon my chances are of getting it back-dated?
  14. I think the AYA is a very good piece of kit. I find O/U guns most uncomfortable to carry. Just one of many reasons I will never have one.
  15. I found that with American guests you could guarantee two things: 1) You will get a tip. 2) It won’t be very big.
  16. You are talking about two entirely different things. The Mackay Brown is a round action gun.......a specific type of trigger plate action. The AYA is a rounded action, that is a normal side lock action with rounded corners. Chalk and cheese, I’m afraid.
  17. I recently turned 73 and I am still waiting for BASC to tell me I have qualified for a discount for the last 8 years.
  18. Seen more Goldfinches during the past year than ever before, but lately they have disappeared intermittently.
  19. Wouldn’t it be nice if most of the sparrow hawks ate each other.
  20. It would be no good me having a white dinner jacket. The gravy would show up more than on a black one.
  21. It was quite common “when I were a lad”. cartridges are so cheap now compared to 60 years ago.
  22. I took it from your wording about ‘my local store in Spain’ that you were actually there. Referring to the title of the post, something which makes my blood boil is someone moaning that stuff is cheaper/better/more available in whatever foreign country you care to mention, than it is in U.K. If U.K. is so bad for them, let them leave.
  23. I once had to explain three times to the girl in licensing the difference between .357 mag ammunition and .375 H&H mag ammunition, and that .357 mag ammunition did not fit in a .375 mag rifle.
  24. In the early 1960’s cartridges were ten shillings (50p) per box, that is £2/hundred, £20/thousand. My father was at the time a serving police Constable earning £10/week. My pal’s father was a draughtsman earning £12/week. So that was two weeks wages for a thousand cartridges. I have no idea what the average wage is today, but it is perhaps between £400/£600/week? So are ordinary cartridges now between £800/£1200/1000? NO.
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