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  1. As old’ Union, I have always made firing pins from silver steel by this method. Never known one break.
  2. I think Barbour is still the brand to go for if you want to push through briars and thorn hedges. None of the ‘modern’ materials that I have tried will stand that.
  3. Altberg. Thousands of squaddies can’t be wrong.
  4. A friend once bought a new Solway Zipper at the Game Fair at the end of July. He wore it for fowling on The Wash until the end of the season and then sent it to Barbour for reproofing. They sent it back as “beyond economical repair” This was around 1972.
  5. I think the “drop your gun” saying comes direct from cowboy films.
  6. The thing is, no shooter is going to want to DROP his gun, which could be worth many thousands of pounds and he has saved all his life to buy. Being asked (told) to lay it down is a totally different thing. I would not drop one of my guns to the ground, even if it was a rough old single barrel.
  7. Personally, with such a question, I would ask Vithavouri and not folk on a forum who may or may not know what they are talking about. This is not aimed at the advice given by any individual member.
  8. My kinetic puller has one size fits all collet, which expands with an ‘O’ring. I have used it for calibres between .22hornet and .375H&H. Sorry, I cannot remember the make unless I go and look in the loft, but the green packaging suggests it may be RCBS.
  9. I just leave mine behind a tree, covered with leaves if possible.
  10. I have half a dozen issues here which you can have.
  11. I went to the fair at Ragley yesterday and have to say I thought it a great improvement on last years effort. This was only to be expected with the on/off arrangements before last year’s show. Yesterday was VERY busy and gunmaker’s row was, I thought, very good. There was a small fishing section, quite a lot of forestry/estate management equipment for sale, a fair few vehicle stands and quite a lot of country house/garden furniture. Also a fair bit of horsey stuff. I thought, overall, a good effort. Took bacon butties and a flask of juice. Came away buying nothing, but there is nothing I need, I had gone for a day out.
  12. The increase in fuel consumption and drop in performance was noticeable when low sulphur diesel was introduced. At first they called it “city diesel” and regular derv was still available as well, so easy to make the comparison. Now all pumps are low sulphur. But I do wonder if HGV pumps still have derv?
  13. I think the point is that there almost certainly will be more Tory MP’s who shoot than perhaps there are in all the other parties put together. Nothing more.
  14. My Aldi cheap spotting scope came supplied with a cheap tripod. The tripod was carp. The scope a little better.
  15. It’s OK, you can get them in camo too.
  16. I must live in a different world, as I have never heard of any of these people!
  17. Seeing as it appears to be confession time, I will own up to having three pairs of Crocs. Scruffy (puppy chewed), better, and a suede top pair for going out in the evenings.
  18. As I regularly have to remind my RFD friend, you don’t need any qualifications to start a gun shop. Again, use a gunmaker.
  19. Absolutely NOT! Far, far too many of ‘em buying houses up here for retirement as it is.
  20. I did not use snap caps until I had to have new mainsprings in my ‘knockabout’ gun, a Spanish BLE bought new and used regularly, (very regularly), for thirty years. As my ‘best’ side lock went out ten times last season I use snap caps when not in use. All the other guns, all SxS, get far less use, the .410’s once or twice a year and the 20 bore maybe every two years. Maybe the Spanish 12 had springs of lesser quality? Who knows? All the others are English made.
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