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  1. Thanks for the info. Ile have disengage mr impatient and just take my time with lol
  2. Cheers guys sorry I didn’t get back sooner I managed to sort it in the end I gave the chamber a right good clean out rodded it for about half hour and cleaned out all the build up and seem to work fine now with the 3 inch just need to get my head round the dodgy magazine not feeding properly.
  3. Thanks Harry ile give them a go
  4. Cheers Dave. It’s my first proper use of the 410 is there any significant difference in a 2.1/2 to a 3 inch in distance and power I know the 3 inch holds more shot but I just want to make sure it does it’s job on the bunnies.
  5. Just bought a norica 410 3 shot bolt action for the soul purpose of putting a suppressor on for rabbit as ile be using it in a paddock behind an industrial estate it has a 3 inch chamber. But it seems that it has trouble extracting the empty shell due to the swell on brass once fired. And I have to rod it out. I stripped it down bolt included and cleaned an oiled it. So I know the extractor spring is fine. It does empty and load with a 2. 1/2 shell but would rather use a 3 inch just for the extra clout. Does anyone have the same issue or use a certain brand of 3 inch cartridge that would help
  6. Hi guys. Ive just bought a norica 410 3 shot bolt action with the soul intention of getting a suppresor for it for rabbit shooting on a paddock behind an industrial estate. it has a 3 inch chamber but with the load the brass expands and it seems to have trouble extracting off the bolt out of the chamber from which i have to rod the empty out through the barrel. so ive had to feed it 2.1/2 inch from which work great and cycle without issue. my question is does anyone else have experience with these issues and if so is there a 3 inch cartridge that they use that would work. ive stripped the gun
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