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  1. clayshooter60@yahoo.co.uk Hemsworth and District Clay Pigeon Club are situated just off the A638 at Hampole near Doncaster. They have no facilities other than the shooting layout, so are very cheap, but they provide some very good targets, are very friendly and very good at what they do.
  2. Our 11/6 specifies that non Certificate holders must be supervised by a Certificate holder, we do "Have a Go" sessions, and a system in place for those non Certificate holders wanting to take up shooting to learn how to shoot, we have four Certified Safety Officers and Coaches, and a small pool of trusted members that undertake this duty, BUT the kicker is the Insurance, this stipulates that only authorised staff are allowed to undertake this supervision, which means that someone cannot turn up with his mate and share his gun, and shoot under his instruction without a staff member present, anything else invalidates the Insurance.
  3. Hi Guys, I know this is an old post but for any shooter thinking of going to Emley Moor, they have now closed down permanently, apparently they had some sort of problem with the Land owner.
  4. Apparently this shoot is no longer operational, the local council refused planning permission, finally shut them down permanently,
  5. On an O/U shotgun the barrel centers are further apart at the breech than the muzzle, the gun is tuned so that the shot from both barrels will hit the same point in space at 40 yards, so shot from the lower barrel will be rising slightly out to 40 yards, while shot from the top barrel will drop slighly, this situation can be exploited by using the lower barrel for rising targets, and the top barrel for such as settling duck, since most modern guns are multichoke, the choking can be selected beforehand.
  6. This shoot is closed, apparently they were operating without planning permission, the local council were conderned regarding the damage that had been done to the woodland wuth tree felling and other issues, appeals were ladged, heard and dismissed, that`s it FINITO.
  7. Hemsworth and District Clay Pigeon Club at Stubbs Hall Farm, Hampole is ok for an occasional visit, shoots every Sunday at 10.00am, very friendly, and whats more very cheap.
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