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  1. Yes it is, only thing is I’m scratching about now looking for them, they are scarce up where I am
  2. I’m sure you can do that yourself, see that you only stay a few doors away, cheers for the offer tho lol
  3. I’m looking for someone that needs rabbits taking care off. I’ve just rid a ground full of rabbits and what a difference it’s made since I started the shoot, farmer is well happy, so I’m looking for areas in or around Dundee, Angus or Perthshire but willing to travel, I use the 22lr and sg, been doing this for over 10 years, so we’ll establised in my own right, and know the rules of the land, Cheers Hugh
  4. Would be intrested in this, only thing is I have no retriever
  5. Ok thank you will heed what you are all saying
  6. Sorry I don’t have 17wsm, just the 22lr and 243, plus sg, That’s what I have mate 22lr and 243
  7. Ok thanks, will get them to fill the ticket out,
  8. Hi I’m going to USA in a few months, I just found out that I can buy ammo and bring it over here, flight is united airline and the allow you to bring ammo onto plane as long as u have it in a lock box, thing is would I have to declare this even tho I don’t get a random search, and plus how do I get this put onto my ticket, do I just do it myself
  9. I do, but the best night shooting was in the evening, I just stood there and every 10mins or so they just kept comming back, they must have had chicks to tend to, I shot 40 that night on the same spot just on the tree line
  10. Can’t wait for the long summer nights, pigeons just keep comming back to roost, I’ve had the best shooting in the evenings, no net no decoys just under the trees where they are comming in, ive used the magnet and decoys which does work but feel I’m waiting long periods of time in between flights, what’s your view on evening shooting
  11. Shug1

    My truck

    Yes mate anything to get out of paying, I only drive just 2000 miles a year and I’m on that aswell just to keep things a bit cheaper, it’s a weekend toy,
  12. Shug1

    My truck

    Yes all declared bud thanks
  13. Shug1

    My truck

    I know what u mean mate, head was more in the bonnet rather than her ???? 😂😂
  14. Shug1

    My truck

    Yes I agree mate, I had 110 myself at one point, sold that and got my self the Nissan Terrano mistral import auto , brill for off roading, no clutch control
  15. Shug1

    My truck

    The truck also suffered from over run, beilive it or not after swapping the turbo and radiator and glow plugs she started up, and still going strong
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