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  1. Great quality shotgun camera. Fits 12g, 20g, 28g and .410. Brilliant learning aid. So good you can see the shot cloud. See attached url for further information http://www.tachyoninc.com/clays.html £250 local collection . £265 insured signed for courier.
  2. 2019 Tachyon guncam. Used it to learn lead on clays but perfectly suited to game shooting. Good learning aid to see where you went wrong or good for bragging to your mates for that perfect shot. Fits 12g, 20g 28g or 410. Wifi streaming and recording. £265 posted or £250 if you collect.
  3. Thanks for the offer but is a bit too far. Also thank you, but a bit too far too Aya #4 12g. The problem is the lop because we are much longer in the arm than her.
  4. My friends 16yr old daughter has started pigeon shooting with us. She is only just over 5ft so struggles with either of our guns. She doesn't have a lot of money but I'm convinced someone out there will have an old yeoman or similar in their cabinet doing nothing but gathering dust. Must be cheshire or near. Must be safe too.
  5. Has anyone got an inch long piece of walnut to extend the stock on my 1969 aya 4a?
  6. Thanks vampire. Picture would be greatly appreciated.
  7. No, it's like this https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/lanber/lanber-lan But the diagram doesn't tell you where they locate. Fyi they are parts 38 & 39 on the diagram
  8. Had a look at their web site but can't see a diagram or schematic of the lanber action
  9. Does anyone have a schematic of a lanber field over and under they can share? I need to refit the hammer return block and the cocking can spring.
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