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  1. Dave Walker in Warrington
  2. £80. Gotta say, I’ve been out the last couple of weekends and the 692 is ace, My scores have improved massively compared to my B725, had a bit of grief with GMK but all is good now
  3. I think I probably would Westward, but doubt I would buy new again, at least paying less for a used one would leave money left over to have a service and check over to make sure everything is right. And now I have a good local to me contact for blacking I wouldn’t be worried about buying a marked one any more
  4. Just an update. I’ve had the barrels redone at my own expense, they are ready today. The gunsmith I used told me that when he started to rub them down to remove the original blacking there was evidence of rust under the blacking. So this was obviously a manufacturing fault from new. I have emailed GMK but no response so far !
  5. GMK really are a waste of time. I collected my gun this morning after GMK refused to fix it under warranty and were so secretive over the cost of repair that after 3 days I still couldn’t get a figure from them. There is now a small fresh scratch to the blacking near where the barrels meet the receiver, one of the ejectors flew across the room when I opened the box and I am now missing the outer cardboard box. The scratch doesn’t matter to much as I am having the barrels re blackened at my own expenses but it just shows how much care they had taken with my gun ! I wouldn’t trust them with a plastic toy gun after this
  6. Who is it and where are they located please ?
  7. A few people on here have commented on GMK's service and now I have first hand experience of them I can agree, shocking ! I called the retailer this afternoon after GMK told me yesterday that they would contact the retailer first thing this morning, they hadn't heard anything from GMK. So I telephoned GMK to ask what was going on and was put through to their workshop. I asked why they thought this should not be covered under their warranty, the reply was that there is a tiny mark on the barrel. I asked would a tiny mark cause a 5mm diameter patch of blacking to disappear, "No" was the response. So I asked what could have caused the loss of blacking and the response to that was "I don't know, it looks like it could have rubbed on something." 'i asked what it could have rubbed on to remove the blacking, silence ! I then asked if it isn't covered by their warranty what would the cost be for the repair, "you will have to speak to your retailer as the costs have been emailed to them", I called the shop to enquire the cost, they haven't received it ! So i have been without my gun for 2 weeks now with no work carried out, whether it will require paying for or not. So frustrating
  8. After my gun being away for a week and a half I’ve heard nothing from GMK, so I called them today. I was told their workshop don’t think this would be covered under warranty as the gun could have been dropped, but they don’t deal with the public so I need to call the retailer tomorrow. I sent them the complete gun, the rest of it is mint apart from the black spot coming off the barrels. Looks like I’ve got a battle on my hands !
  9. That’s what I’m thinking, they’ll say it’s rubbed on my gun sleeve or something like that. In truth the only thing that’s been on the barrels is gun oil when I’ve wiped it down.
  10. I suppose I just want my gun back ASAP
  11. This is the first problem I have ever had with a shotgun, so I have no experience of GMK or any other manufacturer / importer. Hopefully they will honour something on this, if not I will just have to pay to have it sorted and get on with it
  12. Gun back at Beretta dealer and will be sent to GMK on Monday. The dealer said it looks like there could be an imperfection in the steel at that spot. See what GMK say next week
  13. Hi, I got into clay shooting 7 years ago when I was taken on a corporate day to Hodnet. I was hooked straight away and within weeks I bought my first gun, an old Beretta 682. I then moved onto a brand new Beretta Silver Pigeon which I only kept for a couple of years, then I changed that for a brand new Browning 725. 4 weeks ago I part exchanged the Browning for a brand new Beretta 692 with adjustable comb. I’ve only shot with it 3 times and love it, even after only 300 cartridges it feels “right”. When I purchased the gun there was a tiny mark on the bottom barrel, it didn’t bother me to much as you really had to search for it under a bright lights and I thought it was nothing major. I clean my gun after each outing and I’ve found that each time I’ve cleaned the gun the mark has got bigger and bigger, to a point where I now feel I need to do something about it. Are there known problems with Beretta blacking ? I am going back to the gunshop on Saturday to see what they say, are Beretta likely to cover this under their 3 year warranty ? i have already enquires about re-blacking so I know I can get this done myself for around £180
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