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  1. Obviously if somebody has a problem that would be the best time I imagine. You can always ask now and again if you notice birds on their land.
  2. Good plan, get some cards printed up from vistaprint to hand out.
  3. Get knocking on doors. Be prepared for a lot of rejection. Best of luck. I have just got my first perm so far from a veteran.
  4. No problem. It’s not advertised anywhere at the minute so no rush.
  5. Near S****horpe but I do travel to Leeds for work.
  6. I’m sure BASC will dip into the war chest to fund a legal battle.
  7. I had it listed for £350 I think. Open to offers.
  8. Shame you don’t want a L/H o/u 12b I’m selling the other half’s Kofs. It’s very light for a 12, she had no problem with it and she’s only small. Shot maybe 100 carts until she got pregnant. If you haven’t already, check your wife’s eye dominance. A lot of women are right handed but left eye dominant. That’s why my other half chose to shoot left handed.
  9. This was my worry. Hopefully the chap will hold off a few days. The other fields have very little in the way of any hedgerows so I may struggle setting up some sort of hide if they are anywhere else.
  10. Hopefully get out on the perm next week so I am looking for a bit of knowledge with a plan. I have had a scout the last few days and there is a mixture of around 100 pigeons and 50 crows hanging out in the wooded area of the picture below. However only a few down on the field maybe 10ish of each at a time. I was going to set up as below. The wind usually blows as the blue arrow, hide in black, decoys in red. I know the field is going to be ploughed in the coming days so it might throw the plan completely out of the window.
  11. I have just seen a video of a Chinese man eating live baby mice with a side of sliced raw tomatoes. I wonder if behaviour like that does cause these new diseases, who knows what those tomatoes were sprayed with.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree. I was speculating on the reason he was found not guilty of that offence. The second somebody decides to use a tool for their work as a weapon it becomes just that....a weapon.
  13. I think he got off the offensive weapon charge using the excuse he had it for his work as a handyman/gardener.
  14. Apologies, I was referring to the Quorn packaging.
  15. I don’t believe they mention chicken anywhere on them.
  16. They weren’t the Quorn nuggets were they? They’re alright.
  17. The ones I shot at would be able to be put back in the box and re sold as new
  18. Or if you’re on iPhone you should be able to choose the picture size
  19. I’m going into the bunker, see you all in 10 years.....If there is anybody left.
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