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  1. The poor lads not felt a breeze like this in 10 years 🤣
  2. Anybody got a spare dog coat laying around? The mother in laws dog groomer got a bit over zealous with the clippers. I’ve never seen a shaved collie.
  3. Turns out s686 ejectors are a straight swap.
  4. Evening all, Does anybody know where I could get ejectors for a Beretta S58? I’ve tried google and Brownells but nothing listed. It’s a mates gun so not sure if ejectors from other models would fit?
  5. Get her to take a look at the Shotgun and Chelsea bun club they have groups that get together all over the country. https://www.shotgunandchelseabunclub.co.uk
  6. The sear looks good, shame it didn’t live up to expectations. I spent a few years as a fishmonger and we would basically give skate wings away and it’s one fish I’ve never tried. Next time I’m at the fishmonger I will grab one. My go to if I fancy some fish past the usual cod, salmon etc is always gurnard.
  7. Hogg’s of Fife moleskin breeks. size 36 never worn, still with tags. £30 posted
  8. I wouldn’t trust my other half to change the wheel on a wheelbarrow.
  9. There is a tool for it but in the past I’ve used needle nose pliers wrapped in electrical tape. https://www.tyretracks.co.uk/shop/wheel-nut-covers/algrip-wheel-nut-cover-removal-pliers-detail
  10. I tried looking online but everywhere wants a photocopy of a prescription from a vet.
  11. We had a problem with fleas. Tried frontline, advocate, tablets all with washing and spraying bedding and the house. Finally Bravecto along with the usual spraying/washing has done the trick. I was talking to the vets and it’s quite common to have fleas that are resistant to fipronil which is the active ingredient in quite a lot of the spot in products.
  12. Not sure if the 725 is the same but on my 525 if you push the lever over to the right and the push slightly on the piece that’s raised in the centre. Then the lever goes back to centre.
  13. Might have to have a drive up there at some point, around an hour from me.
  14. That’s the reason I sold mine to one of the online companies. Especially when the car I was selling was likely to attract your typical boy racer.
  15. Depends which shop you go to round here. Ranges from about £12 to £18 for 2 fish and chips.
  16. Cook it like you would a steak. Sear the living daylights out of it on both sides. I would make a salsa verde to go with it along the lines of below. https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/salsa-verde/
  17. Thanks, she lives in a bungalow so stairs won’t be an issue. I will pass on about getting in and out of bed and the crutches. She’s been told about 3 months to recover.
  18. My mother in law is very much in the same boat and is getting hers done private on the 8th of next month. The NHS couldn’t give her a date and as you say would likely end up in a wheelchair before she could get it done on the NHS. How did you find the recovery?
  19. JTaylor91

    A real treat.

    Happy birthday, have a good one.
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