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  1. I shoot park lodge fairly often and even before the Covid stuff there were plenty that would just eject the empty’s and walk away.
  2. Who wants this next? I will add some films to the collection.
  3. My first day out on the pigeons was a flight line with JDog. A brilliant experience.
  4. May help you out. http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/showthread.php/64888-How-can-I-disable-the-Brake-pad-wear-warning-Wiring-damaged
  5. I was under the impression any warning light on the dash is now a fail. Did you put correct pads on? I had an Audi that had a metal wire in the pad that when worn to a certain point the wire was broken which put the warning on.
  6. Musto br2 waterproof breeks. Bought new last year and only worn a few times. Waist 32 but runs a tiny bit small. Small tear on the inside of the left leg, hasn’t gone through the lining so easily sewable. Don’t fit me anymore after lockdown 🐷. £60 posted.
  7. It uses Google maps. I’m not sure what would be better? If you press the icon in the bottom right it switches to a satellite view.
  8. I went for Hunter balmoral neoprene lined last year, ****. They cracked within 6 months. Aigle for me next.
  9. JTaylor91

    Irish passport

    Interesting, I’ve only ever had an Irish passport. I have never found any benefit to it so far. Quite often it’s been a bit of a pain as I’ve been questioned and my passport scrutinised under a microscope while travelling. Guessing it’s because I don’t have the accent to go with the passport.
  10. I know, I think the whole lot was sent due to the Polish chaps struggling to explain what was happening. The helicopter didn’t land and flew off when I told the operator we had got her out.
  11. Well a resurrection of a thread but I used this app in an actual scenario yesterday. While walking the dog, two Polish chaps shouted me over. A woman that I have spoke to a few time’s had fallen from her mobility scooter and into the canal. They had hold of an arm each but they couldn’t pull her out, the three of us tried but with the sidings and her being on the bigger side it was a real struggle. They had already dialled 999 but with their limited English the operator didn’t really know what was going on or where they were. I spoke to the operator to explain the situation and the operator as
  12. Always fancied one but never thought of anything I would actually want. My old man has some he did him self with a pin and ink when he was a kid: A barcode of 3 lines that get progressively better (that was his practice), 3 dots on his hand and a little cross.
  13. JTaylor91


    Cheers for the recommendations, my mate who I’m planning on tagging along with recommended the vango cairngorm 200.
  14. Problem after a recent update I believe
  15. JTaylor91


    Looking for a backpacking tent to do a bit of “wild” camping. 2 man would be ideal. Don’t want to spend a fortune.
  16. See them fairly often around where I am in North Lincolnshire.
  17. Welcome, whereabouts are you?
  18. I always thought a rule of thumb was 3 days for raw meat 4 days for cooked.
  19. I’m sure I saw a video of somebody wedging an orange in the steering wheel that fooled the car into thinking somebody had their hand on the wheel.
  20. This was when I lived with my parents. We are back down to a washing line, it is however a snazzy retractable one, fancy.
  21. I grew one of these that ended up like a bush. Always kept well watered and used water from the condenser clothes dryer.
  22. An ex girlfriend gave me a Tramadol once for a headache. I thought it was a paracetamol, definitely got rid of the headache.
  23. I think he would take about 13k. He was recently offered 12k and turned it down.
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