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  1. All fitted today, just the job. Many thanks to @amateur cracking bloke.
  2. Not sure what she had eaten, I didn’t see her get anything but must of got into something quickly. She’s back to normal in herself, took her out yesterday with the dummy for a bit, she was looking pretty knackered after only half an hour which isn’t like her so called it a day and went home.
  3. She’s been given promax which should do the trick
  4. My other half had a similar story with Ariat, a popper came off one of the boots. She contacted them for the popper to be replaced they wanted her to destroy the boots and get a refund, no replacements available. I just replaced it myself in the end.
  5. Update, pretty much back to normal. A little lazy and slow to get up this morning but got better through the day and now eating again.
  6. It’s out of stock but is this the one you’re after? https://www.gboutfitters.co.uk/accessories-c6/mens-accessories-c23/hats-c11/harkila-pro-hunter-hat-p51
  7. This one? https://www.outdoorandcountry.co.uk/mens-harkila-pro-hunter-cap.html?c=Willow Green&gclid=CjwKCAjwnPOEBhA0EiwA609ReQyNyORso2fvUlQsJGvrTIFX2D2N43iqW6dIdbXN69mOOYwGC00w2hoCTKYQAvD_BwE Or this? https://www.afarleycountryattire.co.uk/shop/harkila-cap-pro-hunter-willow-green/?attribute_pa_select-harkila-size=2xl-61cm-24&attribute_pa_colour-options=willow-green&gclid=CjwKCAjwnPOEBhA0EiwA609ReY1fzDae8uBkaW88-wEcHWO0mRRHfhQR6uvBN8cOB0t2-ZZrj311uRoCT4IQAvD_BwE
  8. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere of the stickers trapping moisture against the barrel.
  9. Good to hear, I wasn’t particularly worried about the sickness but the stiffness and not being able to get up started to worry me.
  10. Last 2 days Bramble has been throwing up and has diarrhoea. Late this morning she all of a sudden struggled to get out of bed and is unsteady on her back end when she does get up. Trip to the vets and they expect it to be just a stomach bug and have given her a course of antibiotics, this was at mid day with a slight improvement now. The vet said her back end was physically fine but just didn’t seem to want to stand on it. Has anybody else had a similar experience? She’s obviously been off her food but has been drinking.
  11. £200 each before they go on eBay
  12. BASC don’t provide legal expenses cover anymore
  13. I think he travels about if you want him to, I’ve seen him give lessons at park lodge.
  14. Nets, poles, decoys, gun and cartridges, maybe a seat if you don’t want to be crouched for a few hours.
  15. Could I please get some pictures of the Farlows slip?
  16. Cape cod cloths should shift that.
  17. Some brilliant people on here.
  18. My other half is only small, when she shot she used a kofs 12G. She never had any issue with recoil it was the weight of most guns that was the issue for her. Her kofs is very light. Out of interest are you shooting left or right handed? My other half is right handed but shot left handed due to being left eye dominant, apparently most women are left eye dominant.
  19. Interesting, never seen one before but I haven’t always paid too much attention.
  20. I’m not a bird enthusiast but noticed a bird on the telephone line that looked like a skinny sparrow with a red head. A bit of a google tells me it could of been a redpoll, looks exactly the same as what I saw.
  21. You’ll be fine. Mine isn’t even bolted to the floor and is above the skirting.
  22. If it’s a solid wall it will be fine.
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