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  1. Thanks. So i guess the main take from this is a fully open choke gun will kill. Okay. Thanks guys👍
  2. I don’t know the name. Sorry
  3. It’s like a round gold thing with sizes on it
  4. Well it’s open choke, aka no choke at all, it’s usually superfast pigeon, and about 30 gram 6’s. No, as the shop was extrememly busy. And we had a checker from an old semi
  5. No, it was at a gun shop but wasn’t listed on the tag
  6. So what range would he be looking at shooting out to?
  7. Yes, it is open choke. No restriction. To see what it was as we wanted to know??
  8. So, i recently bought my son a double barrel SxS shotgun as he said he prefers it to the over and under. We brought it home and checked out the barells to see what chokes were in there, fixed or none. We used our choke checker and it seems they are just a full bore barrel. Now, this we know is great for a close range hide gun, however he is getting steadily better with the clay sessions and i’m wandering if it would be advisable to get the barrel tapped, and if it would be possible. Do any of you have any advice on what to do? Regards, Ryan.
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