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  1. Brexit was voted for The security fence from Calias is going to Mexico We have left the club The French will be glad to be rid of them THIS IS ONLY THE START Send the bill to Farage
  2. The Lincoln Oil Engine Club have a members for sale bit
  3. dogsnott

    hessian sacking

    A builder gave me some a while ago Gets his hessian from builders merchants
  4. I have a wax jacket bought in the early eighties Rewax with hammerite waxoil for cars every two years leave in the sun to soak in Bit tighter now but still waterproof
  5. Did Oliver Cromwell start all this?
  6. dogsnott


    Morning All Went into Norwich yesterday, Found Hoopers Surplus, 20 pottergate NR2 1DX A well stocked shop Accupells £10 a tin, thought after I should have bought more Well worth a look
  7. Why waste money on them Take them to Longleat throw em to the Lions It worked with the Romans
  8. Spotted this on net looks like others are fed up with them
  9. Try Crawfords at Frithville near Boston I think they have most Marshall bits
  10. dogsnott


    Suppose take your socks off and tread them like grapes
  11. dogsnott


    Heading towards that time of year I thought what a chap told me a while ago He had been to currys bought a new top loader spin drier chopped his apples spun them dry collected the juice so simple all stainless not a lot to clean after Hope this of use
  12. dogsnott


    Many thanks to all for the advice use it get used to it different to the Cadet
  13. dogsnott


    a little advice please I have just bought a hw80k a step up from a BSA cadet It is a 1994 one 10.7 ft lb is it time for a spring change or just a strip and clean Suggestions please
  14. dogsnott

    Best vacuum

    I worked at a council tip fo a couple of months the amount of dyson vacs was unbelivable I would jokingly say are you buying another dyson the answer was usually unprintable I have had a vax 30 years
  15. dogsnott


    Have heard the security fence at Calias is coming down 1st November being sent to Mexico
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