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  1. Curry and egg makes a smashing sandwich a good bulker up in a curry 5 sticks of Rhubarb its sweet and sour vegie curry chuck it in Banana still tastes of banana even in a curry or chlli Throw anything in make enough for two meals nuke the second helping not tried Jeruslem artichokes in one yet super raw in a salad just like water chestnuts
  2. Hope frosts have gone set the seed last Sunday Jack will be looking for a Bean stalk
  3. dogsnott

    long bow string

    I am looking for a string for a Barnett Sidewinder bow the one with wheels each end now out of production wondered if anyone has any new old stock?
  4. My Grandfather made them out of national dried milk tins The head cut out of half inch wood then painted sadly this was in the 1950s and they have rusted away
  5. Any mention of folks using lawn worm killer?
  6. Got some in an old bird box near back door nice to lay on lawn and watch them
  7. Been reading La Chasse a French shooting magazine Thought Errrr what would French hunters do faced with NE?
  8. Up here in North Lincolnshire frost on our shed roof 05.00 Sunday 12th old saying up here Fog in March Frost in May We had fog 18 March so that should mean frost 18 May Im tripping over plants that are ready to go out
  9. Hi from Lincolnshire Watching Country File We dont need to shoot just cover everything with nets what is NE doing about this?
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