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  1. The French were succesful invading in 1066 Even the Germans could not do it in WW2 where is this invasion coming from ?????? F
  2. I have been told soak them in white vinegar this dissolves lime buildup which forces the seal out and causes the leak found this after buying new ones hope this helps
  3. Had bit of a tidy up getting a shed clearance rotavator from the back The rotavator was in bits " take it f you want it " took about an hour to be trying it in garden It is Norlett a Norwegian rebadged Flymo B& S engine
  4. Just thought Ive got an overflow shed When ever I do anything needs careful planning to get stuff out before it gets dark
  5. Been helping with too many shed clearances "this cant go to the tip" My son said if I had an aircraft hangar I would clutter it up Now I am retired we need a smaller bungalow bigger shed
  6. Found out today national lottery funds Travelers Times Thought that was for worthy causes Glad I dont buy them
  7. Camp Coffee Condensed milk a glug of Rum followed by another and another enjoy
  8. Just been on BBC Look North NE are having a go at Humber Wildfowlers causing a disturbance
  9. Parkers motor factors had mine 6 years
  10. Look on youtube European Crow Calls think it will take some practice
  11. Wonder how long before some MORON tv channel puts Top Gun on
  12. Ratlegs

    Help please

    Morning all I have got the spring and washer could anyone tell me roughly how long the spring should be as there is some mssng off the one that came out TIA
  13. No meat easy living save on washing up good to keep in the van never go hungry
  14. Mrs likes it Two are egg cups plus the toast rack
  15. Ratlegs


    Bought these £5.00 a tin from a boot sale Question are American pellets imperial size? I tried 3 in the hw 80 none would go out of the breech Then tried them in the Mercury it sent them down range well many thanks for any suggestions ( thought about melting them down for a hammer head)
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