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  1. He's got a lot more money than the crew of the KIrkella will have now they have been scuppered by more of his lies How great we will be Sounds like it's going to be in dock for the next two years We could do with all the fishermen to blockade all the ports till things are sorted Roll on the next election
  2. And packham is now on Countdown
  3. John Deere 9R power harrow set it with tates Dig for victory
  4. I've used Harpic 10x toilet cleaner many times to free rusted bits managed to get cast iron wheels off an axle and get the split pins out also rust off a barn find Lincoln Jefferies 177 Hope this helps
  5. Strange the miners were on strike police coming out the wood work in Bristol this is totally different these idiots get away with it Soon we won't have to worry when the home secretary fills up Euro star with illegals we will be a minority race and be able to do what ever we like and say can't touch us we are a minority
  6. Ratlegs


    Fog in March Frost in May I think the dates match ie fog today on the first frost on first of May
  7. Cut them back to 241/4 9 shot never miss
  8. Sorry to be a nuisance Looked on net a Hatsan 125 sniper vortex gas ram 29 ft lbs £130 ish A Couple of reviews on YouTube might be worth a try if I can find one local after lockdown
  9. Morning All Just wondering Has anyone any knowledge about Hatsan .22 springer FAC Do I buy one or upgrade a HW80 Many thanks in advance
  10. I've got Birds eye seeds saved from last year and plants overwintering for exotic types have a look World of Chillies somewhere near Manchester They have seeds and plants plus a very helpful website as to growing plant feeding and pest control They have been very helpful to me with plant ID
  11. If those types kept away didnt buy second homes proper locals could afford to live where they grew up
  12. A bit like near Mallory park Or when the cock crows Or Church bells ring I they don't like it stop in their posh ghettos
  13. Ratlegs

    oil tanker

    Don't give em ideas now they know they can get away with it it will be a cruise liner next with 8000 on board there's plenty parked up around the world
  14. Ratlegs

    oil tanker

    Morning all On Forces net 8th January no further action to be taken against hijackers ??????????????????????
  15. Ratlegs


    Been trying to keep fit for beating Sort of end up stiff in all the wrong places Must try harder
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