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  1. Replying to Ginger Cat On ITV Calendar Yorkshire Monday The mother of the child shot by his grandfather with an illegal airgun had a meeting with H/S who sounds keen to back the case for licencing As usual persecute the law-abiding folks
  2. Ratlegs

    Miroku 800

    I've just taken my Miroku 800 game to Trackside guns and archery 01652 678895 It is sitting the shelf there All the details are on Guntrader Hope this is of some help
  3. G4 runs Lincolnshire firearms Department, and they've just been sacked Things may improve
  4. What works when you are stiff in all the wrong places
  5. If the kids get fed mothers can have another Tatoo and fags
  6. Ratlegs

    oil tanker

    The BBC news reader asked at 21.00 what about human rights Let it be the first prison ship fill it send it back then blow it out the water
  7. Lincolnshire stuffed chine with a spot of vinegar
  8. Afnoon all My chillies are slow they had a bad start left them outside in April slugs took every thing but the stalk Two of the plants are from last year I dont know what variety they are some seeds from chillies I bought at an Asian super market But by are they EVIL Good look with your crops
  9. When the Cuba crises was on one Sunday a mix of all three types of V Bombers flew in two rows line abreast 27 in total 13 in front 14 behind just north of RAF Scampton heading East rather noisey Dog went flat down till they had gone
  10. Ratlegs

    Quad Sticks

    Hunters Vermin From your neck of the woods has done a video on youtube making bi pod and tri pod sticks Hope this helps
  11. Read in Shooting times years ago A chap in OZ did this in a Landrover went bang cut his leg
  12. Mornin All Had to try it no doubt will be walking down the street smelling of gravy will have all the dogs after me
  13. Afnoon all just been into Wilko noticed they have Lynx Marmite flavoured shower gel and body spray possible thought for xmas pressies
  14. Ratlegs


    I have just read on Brigg facebook from Humberside police Friday August 14 a forced entry into property six shotguns and jewellery stolen Im not on FB to forward the whole message
  15. Ratlegs


    Had a quick look on line I think it is a SMK B3 One bit on youtube pushed one from 8fpe to over 12 fpe Dont think I will bother Thanks to all
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