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  1. No meat easy living save on washing up good to keep in the van never go hungry
  2. Mrs likes it Two are egg cups plus the toast rack
  3. Ratlegs


    Bought these £5.00 a tin from a boot sale Question are American pellets imperial size? I tried 3 in the hw 80 none would go out of the breech Then tried them in the Mercury it sent them down range well many thanks for any suggestions ( thought about melting them down for a hammer head)
  4. Ratlegs

    Relum Tornado

    Protek Supplies are the main stockests for Relum spares They are in Bognor Regis Good web site hope this helps
  5. A non expensive way to sieve the contents of compost bin free from market bins also good to cover small seeds
  6. Ratlegs


    Not heard one yet only seen one swallow and one swift
  7. Bought this in Spain 4 euros scary sharp
  8. Ratlegs

    Mares Tail

    Tried to get rid years ago neat round up on a paint brush did not work was told to put salt on in Petrol on a brush kills most things Careful I was also told to put salt on a pigeons tail to catch it Hope something works
  9. Learned this morning St George is the Patron Saint of Armourers Happy Day
  10. Ratlegs


    Just heard on radio Norfolk the Gulls are going hungry No Pizza or Chips
  11. Ratlegs

    Help please

    Many thanks for these and future replies Watching Red 2
  12. Ratlegs

    Help please

    What make is it Where to get spares Ive had air guns for sixty years mainly BSA never come across one of these before Any suggestions greatful Ive had one "Throw it in a pond" Thank you
  13. Ratlegs

    Help please

    At great expence I managed to get this .22 is all I know Any info please the spring is broken and half the leather washer is missing Many thanks in advance
  14. Old Rosie was helping at the time Cheers
  15. I tried that years ago green wood settled funny
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