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  1. You chaps are lucky - so jealous.
  2. Yes I see what you mean now. Perhaps Scully, your one of those lucky chaps for whom most guns fit….or near as damn it. I suppose I’m biased in advising gun fitting, as I’m one of the unlucky ones. Being tall, nothing really fits straight off the gun rack. I know an experienced coach, who roughly estimates that 60% of shot gunners are outside the ‘Mr average’ dimensions for which guns are made. If the OP is lucky, he will be a ‘Mr average’……?! Ah now you tell us. Great idea for a 40th….or any birthday. Choices, choices! Have fun!
  3. Forget about fit……?? That doesn’t compute Scully….🙂
  4. Basic grade Berettas, Browning/Miroku. Highest resale values. Again, buy one that fits. Hard to know re fitting as a novice - so see a reputable expert at a shooting ground who has demo guns. Enjoy!
  5. The OP has been through almost 2 game seasons since he posted. If he hasn’t got it sorted by now he’s perhaps taken up golf instead….?!
  6. It is hugely important that you take the above advice per JTaylor91’s comments. Basically, if it fits it hits, if it doesn’t your wasting cartridges. It isn’t a question of Beretta fits / Browning doesn’t or vice versa. There is plenty of variation within those brands and models etc. The measurements they often publish in their web sites are usually nonsense by the way. I would shoulder a lot of guns before finally buying - better still shoot with a few demo guns. When you buy the gun, get used to mounting it, then have any minor fitting ‘tweaks’ carried out by a professional stocker if necessary. With any luck you’ll be a ‘Mr average’ in gun fit terms and won’t need any further work. I’m always jealous of those lucky people….!
  7. Hi Mellors, May I ask - what is performance like beyond 30 yards with the steel 5s? In other words how far can you push the range for clean kills? Asking as thinking about buying a 20 bore.
  8. Yes agreed, it could be shooting high for all sorts of reasons - and one pattern isn’t rigorous science. Just interesting to muse over the potentials. Still very centre dense however. I had similar patterns experimenting with tungsten years ago for use in wildfowling. I couldn’t get the stuff to separate. Very centre dense and a touch high. I used cylinder in the end to get a decent pattern. The patterning cost me a fortune, but got there in the end. I still have a strong hunch that steel, being non-malleable, may demonstrate similar characteristics. P.S How do you get on with steel 4s for pigeons?
  9. Just if you get the time BinaryB - it would be interesting to see the results. From your photo above, the half choke produces excessively centre dense patterns, and high too. Encouraging for longer ranges perhaps….? Heavy lead loads with tight chokes often pattern a little high. I wonder if we’re seeing the same ‘crowded choke’ phenomenon here - due to the non malleable nature of steel.
  10. Hello BinaryB, Thank you for the post - interesting. Could you please let us know how the ‘improved’ choke worked out? Did you pattern it as you did with the half?
  11. I know it seems absurd and frustrating, however these occurrences of pigeon shooters being challenged are very rare in real terms. If the person who had his roost shooting interrupted has not done anything silly (?), they are not likely to be charged, as a criminal offence can not be proven. It’s not going to be a case of “look sarge’, I found two of the 9 dead pigeons to contain only clover in their crops!……..Shall I nick him?” Really, this is a storm in a tea cup. It is highly likely, as is so often the case, that the police have been dragged in to a non-issue, by some members of the public who reported something they BELIEVE or WISH to be an offence, but which later transpires not to be. The only real problem here, if (and I say IF) the roost shooter has not committed a different offence not yet revealed, is the hassle factor. That is, the poor chap has to go through all the rigmarole, interruption and legal process, to no doubt be told that he has not committed any offence.
  12. At the end of the day none of us are familiar with the circumstances in which the local constabulary intervened. However. roost shooting per se is not illegal and I don’t think anybody should be put off by this news. If the pigeons are habituated in terms of roosting and causing crop damage in a certain locality - it is perfectly acceptable to disrupt that activity by shooting. The challenge with our GLs (and it’s a nice challenge to have) is that they are loosely written and full of contradictory addendums. This gives us a certain amount of freedom, but also causes endless confusion and misinterpretation within the shooting community. What is more important here, is the spirit and context of the GLs, I’m terms of their intended use.
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