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  1. Exactly - there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s crack on and forget about the unnecessary GL angst……..until someone dredges it up again…….😁.
  2. This has all been discussed endlessly on PW - and there appears to be a periodical resurgence of angst every once in a while. In essence there are so many conditions and counter conditions within GL42 - resulting from attempts to satisfy conflicting stakeholders - that it is virtually condition free. Here’s one example: we are advised to initially use non lethal methods, OK…..then read further down that section, and guess what, you don’t need to use non lethals if you think they’re impractical or ineffective. Essentially we have an extremely wide range of reasonings to shoot pigeons. So much so in fact, that it would be virtually impossible (should there be a highly unlikely legal response) to prove that a certain shot pigeon had not been damaging food resources of some kind. Personally I am no longer concerned about the GLs. The key protagonists who challenged them in England have failed and redirected their efforts elsewhere. I think we should move on and just enjoy our pigeoning. Happy hunting all.
  3. I find that they are all much of a muchness. The organisation is just a marketing ‘front’ for an insurance underwriter. Make a claim and you’ll end up dealing with the underwriting company anyway. They will be a bunch of shysters like any other. I would say just join an organisation you like - as they benefit from your membership sub’s. Alternatively find the cheapest cover if you are more price driven. Hope that helps.
  4. I agree. The victory is extremely useful and should not be squandered. We should now build on this momentum.
  5. Thanks for the reminder - have just written to my MP via email. It would be great if few more do this also.
  6. Thanks for that - yes funnily enough I did check their site. My point is more about supporting them to use the word ‘hunting’ and not regard it as a dirty word - I.e not to be cowed by a few bunny huggers. Have just received this response. Looks like it’s still under consideration. A few more emails of encouragement might help……! “Thank you for reaching us! We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our website has been updated recently. We have removed all the hunting items from our website. That's the reason you are unable to find the category. We are in discussion about it. If there are any new updates in future we will update it. I will also take your feedback and forward it to the appropriate team. Please let us know if you have any issues. Have a great day:)”
  7. I think it is important that we all offer Decathlon (and any other business being bullied) support and confidence to keep selling ‘hunting’ goods. I have just emailed Decathlon to say that I have bought some of their excellent hunting equipment / clothing recently and would like to continue doing so etc…… (I have genuinely bought some pretty good stuff from them by the way) If they feel under pressure from the trolls and bunny huggers, I think they need to feel an equal and opposite support ‘pour les chasseurs’. Imagine if their email box was swamped with support messages. It only takes a few seconds: customer.enquiries@decathlon.com I think we have to remain vigilant and proactive - as individuals and as a collective - if we are to prevent the antis gaining too much traction.
  8. Don’t be put off shooting the woodies. The general licence basically gives you a green light for preventing damage to “feedstuffs, crops, fruit and vegetables” and also “spread of disease.” Re air rifle use, watch out for pellets exiting your property if shooting in to boundary trees. As others have mentioned - sub FAC is great for bunnies too. Nice and safe for a small acreage. You’ll obviously need a second gun for foxes - but again safety is your major consideration. Good luck and happy hunting!
  9. I did hear they’d lost some access in the Beal area - but not that wildfowling was to end.
  10. I’m going to have to experiment with a few steel loads - grasp the nettle so to speak....?! I was hoping that steel 5s might be OK for pigeoning, Does anyone have any experience of those?
  11. To be honest that’s my approach too. Cylinder for birds flushed off my spaniels nose - which are usually about 20 yards when shot. I use a Teague half choke for birds which rise ahead of the dog. The Teague choke profile produces patterns similar to an ordinary (gun maker supplied) 3/4 choke. Lovely pattern quality too.
  12. Once I’ve got my choke cartridge - I don’t think about it at all. I just go shooting.
  13. Interesting what you say re steel being effective on pigeons. I must admit, I haven’t tried steel yet. What load / pellet size would you recommend Scully?
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