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  1. I suspect they will be taking advantage of some naive foreign guns - when some form of normality resumes. Often Italians. I feel really sorry for them.....the Italian visitors that is.
  2. Yes agree - we need some ‘official response’ on this. The RSPB and eco-woke extremists (one and the same really) seem to be the main ones cycling and recycling this story - but without evidence or an arrest to prove their case. As yet we have no circumstantial context. As much as several aspects of this story look very dodgy - I would still hope they throw the book at anyone proven guilty.
  3. I agree the org’s should be be more media savvy and proactive - especially re social. However the print press will run the story if it can be proven as fake. Their main agenda is to sell salacious headlines - they are more desperate than ever for ‘attention grabbers’. I suppose what we are all mostly acknowledging - if we can agree - is that there is a strong smell of rat in this PR attack. As to the eventual outcome - my crystal ball is a little hazy.
  4. Thanks to JKD for the map work - establishing that the location / angle was genuine. Much appreciated! There are still multiple inconsistencies however - as noted. All we can hope for, is that the police respond in some fashion (eventually) and determine an outcome. If there isn’t an arrest and inconsistencies remain - then the shooting org’s should make great capital of this.
  5. Precisely! It is remarkably easy to establish who was shooting on a given piece of land at a particular time. This really does smell very rat-like. (p.s not many are convinced it was a crow. Let’s all forget that silly distraction.)
  6. Scully, I agree this video release has done some damage. Frankly I would rather it had been a bison....?! However it seems to have been reasonably limited to those Twitterers and Facebookers (for now) who were probably anti in the first place. What would make impactful headlines though - would be ‘RSPB Lied About Buzzard Shooting’ or similar. How about ‘RSPB looses Royal Patronage’. Could be a major victory....?! This really needs to be thoroughly investigated.
  7. There are now some interesting angles and questions on this - none of which involve any doubt that the the bird was a buzzard. However, there are several so called facts which, let’s say, don’t sit together easily. If it is phony, it will certainly back fire on the RSPB in a big way. Is it possible to gain clarity from the police constabulary in question or press the RSPB for answers re this rather strange case? Any legal beagles out there?
  8. No excuse for shooting a bird of prey - a crime against nature. But what a complete eejit for doing so next to a reserve...!! Hope he’s arrested by now.
  9. Hope nobody minds if I bang this drum again: We need to support Lord Botham via emails to MPs, the BBC etc. and also challenge in writing any ill informed ‘Packhamesque’ media that we stumble across. It’s easy enough via our various phones / tablets these days. If he’s prepared to stick his neck out - we should contribute.
  10. Sorry about the link. It wasn’t doing this earlier. Here is the Telegraph article by Lord Botham: I won't let the bleeding heart eco-woke ride roughshod over our countryside. My mission in the House of Lords is to stand up for ordinary rural folk like me'When I heard I was to be proposed to sit in the House of Lords, I was more surprised than anything else (or anyone else, perhaps). A mate said: “What the heck are you going to do there, Beefy?”'Here’s my plan. I want to speak up for the ordinary folk like me who were born and raised in and around rural Britain and who in many ca
  11. Just tap on the link at the top of this thread. Should open to the article......hopefully....?
  12. The article generated many Telegraph on line comments. The majority were highly supportive. There were a minority few critics, who ironically, typified the eco-woke ignorance which Lord Botham raised concerns about. One for example stated that grouse moors were devoid of any wildlife but grouse....etc. etc. Refreshingly these were largely corrected and outnumbered by positive comments. Our biggest threat is public ignorance. There needs to be a concerted high profile campaign - to raise awareness of the ‘real countryside’ and the enormous net wildlife gain which shooting brings. Perh
  13. Ian Botham has set out his stall - in support of country sports- after gaining peerage. Here is the Telegraph article. Hope the link works: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/11/14/wont-let-bleeding-heart-eco-woke-ride-roughshod-countryside/
  14. The GLs, and the need for them, have been much more misunderstood by antis over the years (especially in recent times) than by those who shoot. Of course we all need to comply re conditions - but don’t forget to enjoy the ‘sporting birds’. There’s nothing mentioned in the licence about smiling after a good shot.
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