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  1. Many thanks - just submitted my response.
  2. It’s against the law to go pigeoning without a couple of good pies - at least it is this far north. They can add considerable weight to your bag if they’re gooduns... 😀
  3. Good point Marsh Man - re tall crops and cradles being handy. Think it’s going to be a couple of carrying trips from Lonnford’s 2 wheel drive - considering what we’ve all recommended. That’s not so drastic though. A good kit bag can sometimes make it possible in one go.
  4. As Bobba said - so many other factors influence the day. The decoys are only really there as a temporary set up, till the shot birds start building up. Once the plastic deac’s are outnumbered by real birds, there’s a step change in the pigeon’s willingness to commit. I don’t think one type of plastic deac’ is radically more successful than another. I would just go for the lightest to carry if your walking in: shell backs stacked on top of each other. If they are well designed / painted, it may add to the confidence factor. A rotary + associated kit may be a big carry. A flapper might be easier and lighter - I have personally found them to be a great attention grabber. Happy hunting!
  5. Hello Graylag, Sorry to hear that. When I complained to the BBC, I ticked a box which prompted a reply. I got a reply within their guaranteed response time. I have done this a few times now. Their online system is pretty good. I also sent various (well reasoned - not ranty) emails to the RSPB and received responses. I can’t offer any advice I’m afraid about Labour MPs - other than actually booking a face-to-face appointment. I suppose I was lucky in that my Conservative MP was fairly receptive. Good for you though - for taking the time to fight back!! I’m astonished at how many don’t.
  6. It’s all very well for the shooting fraternity to express these points amongst themselves - which is of course important. However, we need to focus our energy on bringing these well reasoned arguments to broader attention: MPs and BBC etc. I know that a small number have done this, but if every single person with a firearm (including air rifle enthusiasts) emailed decision makers, press and media etc. this would hugely strengthen our case. Let’s not leave this entirely to the likes of BASC and the Countryside Alliance. MPs more than ever, in the current political climate, will place a high value on each and every vote. If all MPs received a number of emails, or even better appointments at their office, this would have a significant impact. Re the BBC - they need to feel the pressure of people exploring the online alternatives to their license funded enterprise?!
  7. I have prior experience of the ‘individual licence’ procedure (couple of years ago) to protect juvenile salmonids from a certain avian species. I sought assurances at the time from NE re FOI requests not showing my details etc. I received those assurances in writing. Apparently they only give out generalised data - excluding personal details.
  8. Mick Miller, Yes completely agree that Marian has an unfortunate 'conservationists vs shooting' approach. However, was pleased to hear her corrected by one of the panel (sorry can't recall her name), who asserted very strongly, "I should hope you regard farmers and conservationists as being one and the same!" While Marion was a little rocked by that broadside, I don't think it will change her long term view. I got the impression this wasn't a real show down, just politics being seen to be done. Its just a waiting game now...………..?!
  9. Hi Wymberley, I can’t comment on others - but I submitted a 3 page evidence base heavily focused on the need for shooting over stubble. It’s just a waiting game now. Fingers crossed for a pragmatic and reasonable governance.
  10. Thanks for this Debbie. Is there any news re developments in England yet. We have passed the one week post consultation deadline - and DEFRA have not announced anything. Unless I'm wrong or missed something (entirely possible), its been a little quiet on the home front.
  11. Sorry if I have duplicated info' re DEFRA's 'call for evidence' - probably because I am a new kid on the block here. Thanks for your kind understanding JJsDad…?! Perhaps look on the positive side: the more awareness the better? Anyway, hope the guidance doc attached ends up helping.
  12. ***PLEASE READ. URGENT*** You can easily fill in the 5 minute BASC form, which actually will only take 3 minutes. BASC have done a great job here. However it is also vital that we individually contact DEFRA directly re their 'call for evidence', so they can evaluate contributions for the imminent new licence decisions. Deadline is 13th May, email: glevidence@defra.co.uk See attached a guidance doc', hope it helps. This is my first time on the forum so I hope the attachment has appeared....? Please keep it concise and to the point with plenty of examples etc. We all really need to push in the right direction - and have a loud and clear voice throughout this process. I don't think we can take it for granted that common sense will prevail?! Happy hunting all. Guidance Doc.docx
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