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  1. You make some good points Jim, which I find myself agreeing with. However I must respectfully disagree re: “It is a privilege with conditions, like a driving licence not a right as so many assume.” It is absolutely a legal right subject to basic conditions being met. You meet these certain reasonable criteria - i.e you’re not a criminal or mad - and you can have a gun. The rest is just paperwork…….or should I say ‘data-streaming’ these days. One or two public figures have trotted out this ‘it’s a privilege’ mantra and while it may suit their agenda - they too are wrong I’m afraid.
  2. Thank you Stonepark. This is all good information. TSS seems to be the business. At its current price however, missing could lead to some serious Tourette’s…..?! TSS reminds me of the early tungsten ‘Heavy Shot’. I used it on the foreshore when first available in the UK (12 bore). It was rough and irregular in shape, but it pulled down wigeon at silly ranges. It was denser than lead - not by much - and the patterns were far too tight. Hard to get the stuff to spread, despite its uneven shaped shot. I used cylinder choke in the end. Ramble ends.
  3. Thank you Gas seal - that is most helpful. I think some of the Americans use a sort of food industry metal detector…..type of thing. I have looked at prices here: about £80. If I start dabbling in non-lead I may invest. Cheaper than dental bills…….🙂
  4. I’ve heard that TSS is great for fowling. I would be concerned about potentially biting one of these super hard pellets during a meal. Are you able to find and remove the TSS shot?
  5. I was referring to some cart’s being OTT within the context of velocity - not load. As for ‘wrong’…..definitely not. If they work for you, happy days.
  6. It was the 25 gram Gamebore ‘Regal Game’ which I found to be a little punchier than expected. The Hull ‘High Pheasant’ don’t really draw my attention in the same way. As Wymberley said, it’s likely to be a personal / individual assessment. Recoil perception is a strange thing. The only time recoil has bothered me in the past is with high volume pigeon shooting, using a game gun (12 bore). Even then I don’t really notice it for each cart’ fired - it tends to be accumulative.
  7. I’ve had guns like that - and then for some silly reason sold them….?! The Yildiz does transmit a bit of recoil however. It’s not about bad fit either - as it fits well. P.S could always be about velocity of course. Some ‘trendy’ cart’s are a bit O T T.
  8. Yes - always the balance of pattern density - v - recoil. My gun is certainly of the modern era and heavier than the dainty little 28 bore side by sides of the previous generation. I’m personally finding that 25 grams pattern brilliantly, but kicks unacceptably. 18 gram through 23 gram seems to be about right for my 6 1/4 lb gun.
  9. Ta for the info - I’m only asking as I’m trying to learn what others find successful. I’m personally finding 23grams to be a nice ‘balanced’ load.
  10. Hi Salmo9, May I ask - what cartridges were you having success with?
  11. I wouldn’t worry about it being a springer as such. OK you won’t shoot the whatsits off a gnat at hundred yards, but who cares, you don’t need to. A decent springer, a good hold and well matched dome pellet will give you a half inch grouping at 30 yards. Job done, you’re vermin has ceased to be. If it is circa 16 ft/lb or more, heavier ‘magnum’ type pellets will help settle the groupings somewhat - and deliver more whack.
  12. Very natural looking. I would walk straight past if I didn’t know it was there. Thought I was the only one eccentric enough to take photos of the hides I build…..?
  13. I drove around a blind bend early in the morning - on my way to a meeting. Suddenly saw a car stopped in the middle of the road with a lady on the verge beside it. I just managed to stop in time. I asked if she was OK, only to realise she was crying uncontrollably while cuddling a half grown rabbit, which she had apparently hit with her car. Tried to appeal re moving her car to a safer place, as she could cause a serious accident. I was ignored. Decided not to get further involved - just drove away. That’s taking bunny hugging to an extreme…!!
  14. P.S Correction. First pattern was with 5s not 6s.
  15. Just get one. I went through the ‘should I or shouldn’t I’ stage……for too long. I asked the good folks on PW their opinions re Kofs or Yildiz and had a lot of helpful opinions. I recently took the plunge - opting for a Yildiz 28 with 30” barrels. The great thing about these Turkish guns, is that they allow a ‘try out’ for very little money. If whatever gauge doesn’t work out, they are very easy to sell and you won’t loose much. When I picked it up from the shooting ground, I went out on the clays with a mixture of 18 and 25 gram cart’s. The 18 gram (7s) broke clays no trouble, even the high tower 40 yarders. The recoil was negligible with the 18 grams but the 25 grams…..!!! Very sharp recoil through this 6lb 3oz gun. Later, just for an experiment, I put 8oz of lead in the stock bolt hole, thinking it was probably a little extreme. However, recoil became smooth with the 25 grammers. 23 grams seems to be just right. The extra stock weight also balanced the gun nicely. It was balancing a good inch or more in to the forend wood without the extra weight. Now just about bang on the hinge pin and really responsive handling. These aluminium actioned Turkish guns are quite barrel heavy straight off the rack, especially with the longer barrels. Just personal preference, but I find this to be a little awkward in the handling. There is a lot of questioning by some - as to why you wouldn’t just get a 20 bore. My answer is that the 28 is fun….and why not? On a more practical level, it is true what they say about the patterns, they are much better than they have any right to be. Above is a 28” x 32” board showing a 32 yard pattern from a Hull High Pheasant 25 gram size 6, 1/4 choke (please ignore the scribbled number - it’s not mine). I did a quick count calculation: a 74% pattern. This one is from a 23gram, size 6, same distance/choke, a 72% pattern. What impresses me about the patterns is that they are beautifully even. Not blotchy and no tight core. I have yet to pattern the tighter chokes, but remain confident re longer (although not ridiculous) ranges. I went for a walk about afterwards and found a crow flight line. I would estimate the highest one I shot to be over 35 yards, instantly dead in the air. My real intention for this gun however is walked up shooting - a nice all day carry and good patterns. I suppose the main downside with 28s is that clay cart’s are the price of game cart’s, but hey, you have to spend it on something. Hope my ramble helps.
  16. Yes these little 410s are magic - at the most common shooting distances. Roughly guessing: about 20 to 35 yards. Virtually no perceivable recoil. 28 bore is sweet also, as long as loads aren’t over the top. 18 to 23 grams through a nice handling 61/4 to 6 1/2 lb 28 bore is a good low recoiling formula. Great fun!
  17. Any shooting org’ insurance, which ever one, is only as good as their underwriter doing the claims work. I have learned this from bitter experience - after dropping a pheasant through a windscreen. Those birds can certainly wreck a windscreen - wouldn’t like to be hit by one!
  18. Thanks very much for that bunny blaster - and thanks again to everyone for their help. Since reading all the above, I have been on a buying mission…! I have opted for a Yildiz 28 bore with 30” barrels - on its way via RFD transfer. It is a second hand gun, and if the seller’s reports are correct, hardly used. I will be picking it up in a couple of days. CANT WAIT……!!!! As regards a 410 for my 11 year old son, I have spotted a nice little Yildiz youth version - short stock with 26” barrels. If it’s still there next week …..? Once I get my hands on this Yildiz 28 bore - I will put it through its paces and report back on PW soon.
  19. Yes I remember that peak of pigeon mania. It has calmed down in my area. I don’t know what it’s like else where. We only have a couple of people door nocking around the farms these days. Unfortunately they are known cowboys and their reputation precedes them. They occasionally get permission somewhere - but seldom twice on the same farm….?!
  20. Things have come a long way since the Roster tests. The Americans are more successful with steel performance lately as they are achieving higher velocities from greater pressures - e.g 1500 fps. We are still restricted to lead type pressures and therefore lower velocities. There is talk of CIP regs changing to allow for similar in Britain and Europe. Maybe it will happen…?? Not sure I would want to use many 1500 fps cart’s however - through a fixed breach gun anyway. Gas operated (soft shooting) semis are quite the norm in America, so I’m sure that helps…?! P.S I know that some UK cartridge companies claim that sort of velocity for some lead cart’s - but in reality they are no where near.
  21. Hi Nfinlay22, I’m Really sorry - just don’t fancy the whole RFD transfer thing. I’m a bit old fashioned and like to handle and shoot with a gun before buying. Best of luck!
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