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  1. The 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act was there all along and the previous GLs allowed for an exemption, as do the current GLs. What changed primarily, after the WJ attack, was that Juniper was stubbornly obstinate re the need for evidence before shooting. It was pressure from the House of Commons Committee and Gove as the DEFRA minister, which resulted in the GL ‘get out clauses’ and wording which is difficult to legally challenge….watertight as you would say. We don’t have Juniper to thank for this however. It is for these, and other anti shooting stances that Juniper has taken, which make him an odd bedfellow for BASC….very odd.
  2. The new general licences are pages longer than the previous ones, with new clauses and additions, and minus the collared dove etc. etc. only because Mr Juniper insisted on these amendments. That is why the new licences caused so much initial confusion. Thankfully as the dust settled we realised they are also full of legal contradictions and ‘get out clauses’ primarily due to direct intervention from DEFRA (often at a ministerial level). Thus we can use them without fear of crossing legal red lines. If Mr Juniper, a close friend and associate of Mark Avery, had entirely got his way, let me assure you, we would be in a very different boat - a very leaky one. It is understandable that for these and other reasons, BASCs recent association with Juniper is surprising. This isn’t BASC bashing by the way, as in many respects the Org’s have had no choice but to ride the green wave or be swamped by it. Many of us acknowledge this. However BASC have some explaining to do re Juniper. As for the badger cull, I freely confess to knowing little about it.
  3. He may not be a member of Wild Justice - but is so closely aligned he may as well be. He was also single handedly responsible for cancelling the General Licences when Wild Injustice challenged them. A more anti-shooting bunny hugger you could not find….!!
  4. It shows that the practice isn’t very switched on. They can either do the admin and take your £50 or do the same for Medicert and earn precisely nothing …..?! I’m sure if this basic business reality was illustrated - they would change their policy.
  5. Well done with the little 410…!
  6. Apparently steel shot aren’t made like ball bearings. I have heard that for shot manufacturing - they cut sections of wire then roll them under pressure…? I’m sure that if or when we end up using steel, market demand and competition (as we have with lead shot currently) will generate more availability. We just don’t have a mass market yet as there is little demand.
  7. I don’t think legislative manoeuvres, which would cause the demise of any caliber, would be welcome. As for the 410, many have a great affection for this little gun. For a long time they have been popular as first guns for juniors - I think hence the nostalgia factor and ownership among adults revisiting their childhood.
  8. Challenging times - I hope you have much better season this year. Good luck!
  9. There could be all sorts of reasons why you’re getting a poor return - but 5 birds to your own gun for a season….?! I would almost rather play golf…and I don’t even like the game…..🙂
  10. Wheat is only one part of the equation. Depending on who’s crystal ball you’re looking in to, it could be £275/tonne or £350/tonne at UK harvest this year. That’s not a deal breaker for pheasant shooting, as it only increases overall shoot running costs by about 20% - 25%. The real problem will be the lack of poults. The UK is only 30% self sufficient in poults and the bird flu knee-jerk from DEFRA has cut off 70% of our European eggs and chicks overnight. This when bird flu is already widespread in the UK….?! Stable door closed, horse bolted etc. DEFRA should have had an army of vets random sampling a percentage of livestock - checking / screening for disease. Instead we have catastrophic damage to UK rural livelihoods. Where is the ministry of common sense in this…..??!! Rant ends.
  11. Not quite. Canada’s are on the GLs as they are an invasive species - which competitively exclude native wildfowl. They’re very aggressive. For example, a small lake near me, with lovely mixed nesting habitat and islands etc, has just one pair of canadas on it. If it was my lake……??!!
  12. Yes you can - but which ones are freshly laid? You could mark a dummy egg and keep taking the additional ones, but with too much disturbance she’ll clear off.
  13. Shoot the Canadas, the eggs go cold, no second clutch, job done.
  14. I think sadly we are all fiddling while Rome burns. And it is not changes in metal types for shot manufacturing, legal or financial threats…..or indeed any of the common woes we all discuss endlessly, which will see the demise of shooting. I’m afraid the biggest single threat to all forms of field sports is its ageing participants and lack of youth interest. While there are of course exceptions, this powerful trend can not be denied. I do a lot of fishing too - and if you look at the average trout fishing comp’ on a local lake I sometimes fish, the team photos look like an outing from an old folks home, and there aren’t many teams left either. It’s the same in a lot of shooting syndicates too of course. I know that some PW contributors have made great efforts in helping youngsters to get started. Full marks! However, we need a seriously well coordinated effort from the org’s, country estates, RFDs, clay grounds and all, to really turn this situation around!!! What I generally find, is that there are plenty of willing youngsters if you offer them a chance, but they (or more often their parents) don’t have any knowledge or confidence in gaining access …so they don’t….and that’s a great shame.
  15. Mole are hopeless. They seem to price them per box and panic if you ask for a thousand, as though it’s absurd to sell that many….?! I have on occasion had to buy a slab of pigeon cart’s from them - but only as a last resort.
  16. Surely putting 1,000 cart’s in your vehicle - and then taking them in to your house - isn’t too much of a chore (if you’re fit enough of course).
  17. Best bet is to buy in quantities of over 1,000 from a clay ground your journeying to shoot at…..if at all possible. If they don’t sell your favourite flavour of the month - you either buy what’s there or burn more diesel chasing your favourite. They’re the choices.
  18. Yes I agree re discrimination and also clunky language and descriptions. Plenty of opportunity to point those out in the response boxes though. I see the Environment Agency have chipped in too…?!
  19. Some of us are quite capable of informing our own individual responses - which is fortunate in the absence of any steer whatsoever from BASC. I would estimate that there’s a huge amount of experience and knowledge among PW members, which should form an important contribution. For anyone considering a response, pour yourself a cuppa then just click on the link and start - it’s as simple as that!
  20. Hi McSpredder, I have completed the consultation questionnaire. There is nothing personal or sensitive being asked for. I think they just want your details to avoid any inappropriate flack - quite a normal thing with government forms. Some of the questions are a little strange - as they assume that you’re a clay shooting ground owner - asking about feasibility re lead shot recovery etc. There is also a section on muzzle loaders - which I couldn’t answer - as I have no relevant experience. You will find most of it relevant however. There is plenty of room for comment - so you can make your case. They ask for evidence based points where possible……but your experience is evidence right?! I would encourage anyone to complete it.
  21. Now now….it’s not like you to be cynical LB…..😆
  22. Thanks Stonepark - hugely useful. I’m sure a lot of people will be completing this quick questionnaire about the REACH proposals. I would still urge all concerned to send emails to MPs, as there needs to be some chatter and awareness ‘in the house’. Some MPs will not even be aware of this issue. Is it worth a 2 minute couple of sentences? They need to feel some constituent pressure. They certainly won’t act without it…..!!!!
  23. Hi 8 shot, thanks for that. Yes it’s encouraging that BASC are engaged. I have had similar ‘off-line’ conversations myself. I was rather hoping that policy decision makers and those involved in the REACH initiative, particularly the HSE, would take note.
  24. It is reasonable to demand that the so called decision makers allow for a special derogation re using a 410 and lead shot for certain vermin control circumstances. This could be with consideration for steel shot having the propensity to rebound off stoney ground or buildings etc. The HSE (one of the key protagonists in this debacle) should be made aware of these risks. Additionally, it could be argued that the 410 is ballistically unsuitable for the larger steel shot required for humane lethality. Therefore there may be a robust rationale for the continuance of lead shot - especially in the absence of any affordable alternative. Bearing in mind the moderated 410 is often a necessary tool in some circumstances, I would hope….I say HOPE… that this is born out in policy. If key decision makers have any sense of being connected with the shooting community, and that is a big if, they (or probably their researchers and info gatherers) should be looking at the main representative forums such as PW. If any of them are…..hello and welcome….. please would they kindly take note of my points. I will of course be putting these points to my local MP (and shooting org’). I would urge others to do similar.
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