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  1. A company presentation/ history.
  2. I can not comment on ATas having never used or handled one. But my thoughts on cheaper shotguns, today are that more CNC machines are involved in the production of these guns. and quality is going to be in theory as good as any European of Japanese gun made on the same or similar machines. final assembly fitting finishing and final Quality control are potentially areas for concern, but the OP seems pleased with the stock Finnish at least. I think if its what you want and your on a budget and want a new gun the ATA could be worth buying. I will add here, i have had a Hatsa
  3. Done. I told it like it is. NE are not fit for purpose, Biased and Incompetent.
  4. Guess you mean Robin Marshall Ball, he is national and uncontested.
  5. Just for clarification Paul Mayfield is a member of a Yorkshire wild fowling club, and that club has only tidal wildfowling available.
  6. My last one was a 2006 which replaced a 2003 and before that a 2001 .
  7. Of course . I read the statements, looked on facebook read all the posts by chriss, and asked many i knew . I am from lincolnshire and got good feedback on Paul Mayfield. So despite the fact i would love to see a wildfowler on council, and i have great respect for chris barkers proposer. I decided to vote for paul Mayfield.
  8. Had three of them. Fairly good on body rot chassis transmission , but the weak point on these trucks is the front pulley area of the engine. Key way can wear. and the front pulley can fail throwing belts and doing damage. About 25MPG not a lot more a typical Japanese pick up truck. they are a little agricultural to drive in my opinion.
  9. Voted for Paul Mayfield .
  10. No expert but i guess 1979/ 1980. T reg i don't remember seeing any past that date. the Four stroke GSs were taking over around that time.
  11. That is a nice clean bike, love the sound of triples, i have had Four over the past 46 years a Kawasaki Mach 3 500 HIE 1970 , and two Trident T150s 1970 & 1973. and a Triumph sprint 900 1996 i still have . Nothing sounds like a triple in my opinion.
  12. I had an RD identical to that M reg 1974, i bypassed the 250s altogether passed my test on a Honda 50 5 days after my 17th birthday and bought a triumph Daytona 500 1971. Then the RD350. I did a Solo tour of the Alps when i was 18 on that RD350. It never missed a beat. I can remember at first riding through France, passing the fuel stations seeing all the bikes parked and the riders laid on the grass resting. I found this surprising, but soon i realised just how big France was and how tired riding for days made you. It was a steep learning curve for me, and i think i grew up a lot o
  13. You are lucky, Closest tidal marshes to me are 18 to 20 miles just not local enough to comply with the lockdown restrictions.
  14. A small quad should be capable of pulling logs about. The Yamaha RX100 clones from china &taiwan are common and are not usually expensive. Gumtree or local auctions or free ads shoul get you a few to look at. Look for ADLY rx100, or Mota roma blster . Aeon RT100. GEO Tomahawk 100. These ATVs are Youth sized, have Copies of the minarelli horizontal engine and Variomatic transmission, and final drive by chain. Nice simple reliable mechanics, parts readily available. Being two strokes they have devent power and are mostly fitted with autolube type lubrication systems so no mixing
  15. I think their game cartridges were light green Paper cased.
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