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  1. I hope you are right, it would be nice to get an unhindered season this year.
  2. With The covid 19 inoculations ongoing, and the proposed gradual reopening from the lockdown. Do you think we will get a full undisturbed season or not. ?
  3. How is Nicola Sturgeon still in office. ? The list of issues surrounding this woman seems endless. And yet she seems to get away with anything.
  4. If you look at the prices of old C50s 70s & 90s In any condition, its as cheap to buy an old quad bike. You might get a Chinese scooter Cheaper but even those now fetch surprising money these days. I would look for an old ATV. Many of the cheaper ones have Honda CG125 clone engines and are fairly reliable. Go for one with chain drive, the Shaft drive versions are a pain if they go wrong. Chain drive is easier to keep running.
  5. Good result and picture, Glad to see you are still able to get out with the lockdown.
  6. We could well be out of the grip of the virus by the start of next season, We might see no lockdowns or travel restrictions too. This would make life easier , this is a hard enough sport to begin with but working around the virus restrictions and weather, it was hard this last season i will admit. You have to have a positive attitude to wildfowling, There is always something to be gained from an outing if you shoot something or not. If Wildfowling was simple it would not hold the same esteem it does with widfowlers.
  7. It was clear Back in last summer this season was going to be different, and the run up to the start of the season lacked the usual enthusiasm for me. Things started slow, but it was clear early on that the Pinks were coming over in good numbers. By October we were into some decent flights, and with the restriction i tended to be fowling on my own or with my teenage son. I was not 100% on the rules for travelling to Scotland, i did not want to catch or possible spread the virus, so i decided from the start i would not travel up there at all this year. The teir system we had al
  8. I feel Lead and bismuth are roughly the same in the field, Lead gains on Its density but bismuth patterns better in my experience. Buffering helps bismuth patterns like lead but i find bismuth responds slightly better to buffer than lead on %. I can onlty agree with the importance of patterning mentioned by Dave At Kelton is important, to get to know how it will work in your gun.
  9. Milk crate on the rack. gun on shoulder diagonal. One must is a duck foot on your side stand. used my XT600 for getting to difficult places for years. the duck foot is a must. Make one and weld it on. http://milkcratedigest.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/moto-crate.jpg
  10. I am in the same boat. 15 miles from home to any coastal fowling i have, so season was effectively over for me, when we locked down. There will be other seasons, we can just hope for better years to come. .
  11. If you noticed marsh Man boris johnson said the other day we might see an easing on the lock down mid February. It would be brilliant if we could safely get the last week of the season on the coast. I would be happy with the evening flight on February the 20th. 😀
  12. Look on ETSY ebay gumtree , Small lathes turn up quite often on there. I still have a Myford ML4 screw cutter i bought when i was still at school, i have two bigger lathes now a Colchester triumph 7 1/2 and a hendey 1230 . But i still use that old myford now and again.
  13. This is right My 3 1/2 inch Browning 425 is camo it is peeling in a few places now its ten years old.
  14. Yes you were shooting them in a true wildfowling style. Not the Goose shooting you see inland at all. Nice video and Good sportsmanship.
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