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  1. Do you chaps think these prices will subside to a realistic level after the virus passes. ?
  2. Over last few months Typical gun dog pup prices have increased. 2k for a pup and Apparently sold. Is this the way it is going to be from now on or are there other factors dictating this hype. And finally is this sustainable.?
  3. If you can take some measurements put them on a drawing or draw on to an image that would be helpful.
  4. The owner of the inverted card die let it go when he parted with a reloading press last year. So its make one from scratch Anyone with an 8 or 10 version do a rough drawing with sizes please so we can try and work things out from there.
  5. Will get the sizes i know who has one, need to make one in 12 bore myself.
  6. Thank you conor for this information.
  7. Poor season for me on the Foreshores. Despite looking good at the start and a few memorable outings, weather was mild and the numbers of both ducks and geese were below average. Any pinks seemed sporadic and unsettled. Travelling up to Scotland was slightly more productive, but hard work. Weather looked to be improving but rain took over and dominated the scene, testing patience and equipment to the limit. Pinks were around on some places i shoot throughout the season, but in lowish numbers, shy and difficult to get to terms with. The wet weather flooded fields giving plenty of options for wildfowl did not help . A couple of frosty mornings on widgeon was memorable. And one freak morning i had a marsh that had seen some over enthusiastic activity throughout the season, all to my self the pinks were shy as usual at first on the way inland, but one skein late on came through nice and i got two. A poor season too wet too mild and frustrating.
  8. Yes agree but i was talking your typical left hander on a typical right hand gun.
  9. Out of all the guns in the wet and filth semi autos or pumps are the most practical from a keeping clean m\maintenance point of view. Water gets everywhere in any gun, leaving it is a breeding ground for rust and problems even safety problems. Doubles that might get around this are not often encountered in wildfowling, they would be detachable lock side locks. these can be cleaned much eassier than your typical box lock double. Hammer guns with underleaver are pretty full prof in the filth the lug is manual keep the lugs clean and sevice the locks and they take the filth and a good reason why many of the old fowling guns were made this way. Once you start with top tang on a hammer gun or box lock its where dirt water can get in thankfully most are leaf spring driven so rust on the spring is less of a problem than say with a coil spring in that respect. but looked at from another angle a coil spring will often work to some extent when broken. Hammer guns can be checked relatively easy compared to the typical box locks, and most OUs can by removing the stock give some access to clean the inertia cocking mechanism, and free up the dreaded top tang safetey catches, the safety catch is often the first thing to get stiff on box locks water here seems to get in much easier than oil it has to be said. Keep guns well oiled move oil about with your thumb try and help with rust, But best to try and keep any gun out the weather if you can. Stripping a semi or pump after a wet muddy day happens routenely, but doubles No they get taken apart you get where you can, perhaps even get some oil into the rib section stop rust in there, but other than that it probably wont get fully stripped. water will get in and can cause trouble. same with semi autos, those with back tube bolt springs , get water filth down the back tube rust and spring errosion happens back there on neglected guns, the semi autos that have the bolt spring around the magazine are eassier to clean completely and the spring itself checked and lubricated to stop and weakening. Pumps are the same in this respect. So your maxus SX3s Benellis Rem 1100s with b ack tube bolt springs, are needing extra attention, the hatsans franchis and baikals are amongst the guns with the around mag spring bolt springs. less fuss to keep going in bad conditions. Rotary bolts on Benellis some other inertia guns and Winchester ranger 120 1200 1300 and SXP can be a trouble when the going gets rough. a Lug in top tanh lock up is field stripable and less complex fewer moving parts, which help keep things going and easy to maintain. I think semi and pump myself. if its bad weather or bad conditions. You do not need very much mud in an action on a double to render it broke down, and if its down in the bite or on the barrel lugs it might not be as easy as you think to get out. Often with a semi or pump there is enough inbuilt slack in the mechanisum, to clear it relatively easy. barrel off perhaps trigger group out all feasable options on a gun slip on a dry piece of grass on the marsh, not so much possible with a double.
  10. On double triggers if you shoot left hand, the trigger blade fingger pads are made orientated to the right. the back trigger for a left hander his finger is on the edge of the blades finger section . But i do see the thinking behind the position on the plate seeming wrong handed right handed you are like reaching into the guard trigger group to get the pad which id cranked to the right. I know i shoot left and never had a problem with the way right hand double trigger guns are set up.
  11. Side by sides and over and under are not generaly stripped unless its had a proper soaking or ytou are wanting to service it. Semi autos pumps and bolt actions are designed in most cases to be practical field stripped, and this means in most cases when these guns are used in bad conditions its much easier to keep them properly maintained. Any double gun can get debris in the bite or barrel flats breach face any slight debris there can render the gun unusable, there is not enough clearance in the moving parts to allow any dirt in there. Any gun any type needs consideration on the marsh try to keep it dry and out the filth if you can, semis with there plastic stocks wont need the care a oil finnished wood stock would need but its better to avoid any wet where possible, a gun slip flicked over the gun out the mud when its raining can save a lot of drying and time when you get home try and avoid filth and water if you can common sense.
  12. Not sure in the case of a single trigger SxS, but when double triggers the triggers are staggered and cranked to the right on rear trigger mostly. On left hand trigger plate and triggers are set for the left.
  13. This is the way to go you can get ingots relatively cheap now, the production up to uk size 4 is possible on typical lead dropping equiptment, but once you get any bigger you need to mold it and it gets impractical. For USA BBs Roto metals bismuth is the best option. As for TSS its no more a barrel damager than steel which is fine anyway , its mass means pressures are if anything reduced so TSS at its price point is a good safe option. The 15 weight or 13 weight is cheaper and popular option, but TSS or to be accurate 18 weight is where you can achieve the best performance. The mass has spacing to take into account and on 12s and tens the case vollume is a complication, and why small bores are in some ways less fuss. It all depends what you want and what you want to spend. You do not need TSS or any other heavyweight, Steel will work and work well up to what most mortals can shoot. So in some ways the HW shot is already OTT, and unless you are a small bore addict or old and infirm need a small gun for its handling, its probably less complicated expensive and potentially less controversial to just use steel in typical wild fowling guns, at typical ranges thus avoiding the high shooting bother that lurks under the surface of our sport no matter how efficient you are with what you use. Bismuth is good in that it to all practical purposes replaces lead in fact it could be argued the slight pellet count increase is a benefit over lead shot size being equal. Load bismuth properly protect it buffer it and pay attention to pressures and keeping velocities under 1300fps all help to improve patterns, and if you put a little time in you can make it work just fine.
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