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  1. Not had Holy island permit for about 6 seasons, But IIRC if you wanted one you just paid your money and got one. Dont remember ever having any problems with availability.
  2. not sure how you would guarantee a uniform quantity of toungsten per pellet. my thoughts are if you mix it it will just stay low down in the melt and probably all be gone in the first pellets dropped. And i dont know how you could clad bismuth with toungsten powder. Just my thoughts on the matter, i have never mixed any toungsten powder with anything or even seen any for that matter.
  3. God report enjoyed reading it 6.5 , and well done to the young chap and his pup. 😁
  4. And absolutely nothing wrong with discussing such matter if you so wish. Develop your loads ask away questions and enjoy your sport, this is just another aspect of the sport you clearly enjoy , if other see any relevance to their requirements of the sport for such debate is neither here nor there certainly no one else s bushiness but your own and those who chose to reply to you.
  5. Game Shooting - Does cartridge velocity have a significant effect over 40 yards on the effectiveness of a 20 gauge cartridge ? Simple answer IMHO, Probably not. But with the caveat that although a faster initial load still has the laws of physics acting upon it, it will if it starts out faster be quicker at the Finnish . Now what fps/ terminal FTlbs that delivers on target, and how significant it is on effectiveness depends on many variables . I believe a better yardstick than initial velocity or measured/ calculated speeds or effectiveness, might be to in field evaluation, that might or might not incude pattern testing depending on your school of thought on that subject. but will most certainly have evaluation of the given loads effectiveness on the chosen quary and in the choice specification of the gun. In the case of steel shot Fast/ hyper loads, the calculations show no advantage in effectiveness of a 1750/ 1800FPS 24 gram load over a 1350/ 1400fps load, in fact the slower load in many gun choke combinations will quite often show pattern densities greater than the high velocity loading. this fact and the calculations put a lot of wildfowlers off using the faster steel loadings, but if you can A get the quoted velocities from the readily available powders or get the fast loads to work as in pattern / be effective on quarry that is one other difficulty we face today. But if you can actually achieve such speeds stay within the gun you are using s pressure limits and get these fast loads to hold a pattern/ be effective at your over 40 yard ranges, then i myself use them and get on very well with them have done since around 2002 when i started loading these type of loads. My feelings are, dont get hung up on the theories/ get out try the faster loads, see first hand what they are like, and how they work for you, It has gotten to the stage at least 15 years ago now, dont even try to talk fast loads to the vast majority of fowlers or shooters out there , just claim if asked "gamebore super steel" , It saves the debate and balistics quoting. Try for yourself and decide yourself is my advice.
  6. 3 inch will do what you do curently, but if that ever changes and you decide to shoot forshores or shotgun for foxes eyc you might be glad of the 3.5 inch chambering, you can use 70mm / 76mm in a 89mm gun but not a 89mm in a 76mm gun . Personaly i would go 3.5 inch for no other reason than it opens the option to use 3.5 inch Whenever and if you ever chose to, with a 3 inch you dont have that option. .
  7. Some sport around the firth of forth into west lothian Can Shoot the gosford house area Near aberlady, Its not that dire. and its Well placed for travel up into Scotland, A nice area to retire to i think once you get established (if you do) The Wildfowling situation might not look as bad as you are thinking. If you want any more advice just ask,.
  8. He Used it in 10ga steel 44 gram load.
  9. Maxam/ UEE CSB0 powder . In 1 Kilo tubs £50 a Kilo. . (4 Available) . Selling for a friend items Located close too N Lincolnshire / south yorkshire / Nottinghamshire Border. Please PM for details.
  10. I thought i had heard the term "Alleged". I think the details of this, and the police involvement and subsequent actions will come out in the Enquiry in due course.
  11. I Read it was an alleged assault was he convicted.? If he was guilty i stand corrected and would agree with your comments.
  12. Form what has filtered out so far, and before any government enquiry conclusions. It seemed the Police acted in the right way, they asked Davison to go on an anger management course. And In due course returned his certificate. just the same as any of us would expect if we had complications with our Gun licences, with any of the Police forces in the country. The sad fact Davison went off the rails is as far as practical beyond any police control. What new laws will be implemented to try and prevent any further /similar crimes is futile. Killers are going to find a way, no matter what. We might be better employed as a nation, trying to look at what kind of world we live in, that drives a young man to carry out such a crime. Futile ? Probably, but no more futile than trying to prevent further such crimes with gun laws.
  13. Perhaps not , but i think hitherto we can be reasonable certain what any licensed gun owner posts on the WWW will be monitored at some level.
  14. This as been mooted before historically in the Uk, But is it now time to remove Firearms licensing from the individual police Authorities and put it into the hands of a Government department like The DVLA was from all the individual licensing departments with drivers and cars ETC, Is it time to go for longer term licensing ease the police workload. Not sure. thoughts.
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