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  1. He Used it in 10ga steel 44 gram load.
  2. Maxam/ UEE CSB0 powder . In 1 Kilo tubs £50 a Kilo. . (4 Available) . Selling for a friend items Located close too N Lincolnshire / south yorkshire / Nottinghamshire Border. Please PM for details.
  3. I thought i had heard the term "Alleged". I think the details of this, and the police involvement and subsequent actions will come out in the Enquiry in due course.
  4. I Read it was an alleged assault was he convicted.? If he was guilty i stand corrected and would agree with your comments.
  5. Form what has filtered out so far, and before any government enquiry conclusions. It seemed the Police acted in the right way, they asked Davison to go on an anger management course. And In due course returned his certificate. just the same as any of us would expect if we had complications with our Gun licences, with any of the Police forces in the country. The sad fact Davison went off the rails is as far as practical beyond any police control. What new laws will be implemented to try and prevent any further /similar crimes is futile. Killers are going to find a way, no matter what. We might be better employed as a nation, trying to look at what kind of world we live in, that drives a young man to carry out such a crime. Futile ? Probably, but no more futile than trying to prevent further such crimes with gun laws.
  6. Perhaps not , but i think hitherto we can be reasonable certain what any licensed gun owner posts on the WWW will be monitored at some level.
  7. This as been mooted before historically in the Uk, But is it now time to remove Firearms licensing from the individual police Authorities and put it into the hands of a Government department like The DVLA was from all the individual licensing departments with drivers and cars ETC, Is it time to go for longer term licensing ease the police workload. Not sure. thoughts.
  8. Expected i do agree with that, but think about the day after bird killed those poor people in Cumbria. we expected more legislation then, and David Cameron More or less said "you could not stop such events with legislation2. So if we avoid Legislation or not will remain to be seen. but looking at legislation is one thing looks like is going to happen. Lets wait and see.
  9. Was A pump action not sure if it is FAC or a shotgun / restricted . Or if he held that gun on his licence or not is unclear at the moment.
  10. Terrible chain of events, So sorry to hear of this, and a child too apparently awful.
  11. Reload mostly but been shooting some Jocker LAs 28 grams at moment,n got them a few years ago from alan at park lodge when he was still down there. I will Look at a 1oz reload i think, i am enjoying shooting the side by sides.
  12. After a 30 year absence from, using side by sides. i started using my old AYA no 4 on pigeons, And i can only say its been too long a break from them. i enjoyed using the gun after all these years and can not ever remember shooting it so well back in the day.rise. I decided i favoured the OUs and semi autos, but now i am not so sure. my re visited side by side journey started about three years ago with a 32 inch elderkins magnum i acquired from an old friend, which i found i liked for some of my wildfowling. I think i will be using the old no 4 much more in the future. So if that old side by side you fell out with all those years ago is just sat gathering dust, get it out and start using it again it might be like me its a supprise how much you actually like it. .
  13. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting this, a way of getting BB size bismuth at a reasonable price, with a little work admitted but still practical in my opinion. 😀
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