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  1. Police raid Gypsy Encampment

    I know one who's an absolute gent, he doesn't associate with other travellers and always lives on his own or with his sons.
  2. vw Caddy Maxi Kombi 2014

    Now sold.
  3. vw Caddy Maxi Kombi 2014

    2014 64 plate VW Caddy Maxi Kombi. 1.6 diesel, manual 5 spd box. High spec models are very rare as most were std & used as vans, this has been owned by us from new & used primarily as a car. Seats 5 with masses of leg room in the back. We have had 4 adults & 4 full size bikes upright in the back. It passed it's 1st MOT today with just 16851 miles on clock. The rear seats split/fold and are also quickly removable. A few tiny stone chips but paint is otherwise unmarked. Never been crashed or even bumped. Loads of tyre life left & unused spare wheel. Emissions recall has been carried out. Additional to the std spec: Metallic grey paint A/C Bluetooth hands free phone connection inc multi function display Rear privacy glass DAB Radio/CD Electric windows, heated/adjustable mirrors Height adjustable drivers seat with under seat storage box Cat 1 alarm/immobiliser 15" alloy wheels Colour matched bumpers Centre console /arm rest with cup holders Roof rails & Thule roof bars Sun visor/ vanity mirrors L&R 12v power output in luggage area Rear parking sensors Cruise control Rear load liner fitted from new Floor mats front & rear. Set of unused snow socks. The closest similar spec/year we can find is on Autotrader for £15595 inc. Asking £14640 inc vat which is reclaimable if you're vat registered. Pics on request. Any test welcomed but fully comp insurance with other vehicle cover required for test drives. 01256 703593 Mon-Fri 9-5.30.
  4. How would you want to go After you've gone?

    I want as much of my useless carcass to be used for transplants especially my skin for anyone unfortunate enough to need skin grafts (they hurt a lot) What's left can be burned & the ashes scattered round the tree where my dogs are resting. No funeral & deffo no religious ********, my Mrs has been told to spend the cash on a huge ****up in the pub.
  5. Warship

    Remember the Ugandan Navy?
  6. The somme or flanders fields

    This ^ If you don't have any relatives that were there, see if there was anyone local to you with a special story, do some research then go and find the places they were in action. It can otherwise look like a big expanse of fields/woods and a bit meaningless.
  7. Urgent advise

    Just be careful who's watching. A 'keeper local to me used to help Police with injured deer on the road but now won't as there's often a do-gooder screaming about taking them to a vet. This is another reason to be cautious http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1515201/Two-years-and-50000-later-ordeal-of-policeman-who-put-dying-cat-out-of-its-misery-is-finally-over.html
  8. Researching WW1 military records

    This place is a good source of knowledge http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php If you haven't booked somewhere to stay this place is run by an ex REME chap called Dave Platt whose knowledge of the Somme is 2nd to none. http://www.beaumonthamelview.com/ Dave does guided tours & will research your relative if you give him the basic info.
  9. FTCH Sired ESS pups

    Have sent you an email ref the pups.
  10. Am I in the wrong?

    I'm interested to know what make/model & where you can buy a new helmet with ACU gold sticker for £20 inc P&P? Please enlighten us.
  11. Mini Digger Hire

    Unless you've driven one before I would suggest paying a bit more for a driver, I didn't (how difficult could it be after all) and in all the fun of it forgot to measure how deep I was digging. I now have a shed base with about 2 feet of hardcore and a concrete slab that would support a small house
  12. things your mother said to you

    "You'll hurt yourself" when I bought my FS1E aged 16. She was proved right!
  13. Deputy mayor of Calais say's its down to us?

    Sorry but we must read different history books.
  14. Deputy mayor of Calais say's its down to us?

    I think it's you who needs to research some WW1 history, as for "holding back the Germans" they were coming close to collapse and insisted on a major offensive from the British to relieve the pressure. That offensive was the Somme where 60,000 British & Commonwealth soldiers became casualties on the first day of whom just under 20,000 were killed. There were 750,000 Commonwealth soldiers involved in that battle on day 1, I doubt that they would have been "overrun in days" but granted if the French has collapsed the Western Front would have been a very different place.
  15. School trip

    I was on the Gravenstafel Ridge last Saturday 100 years to the day from when my Gt Uncle was sent into action there with the 8th DLI in 2nd Ypres after the Canadians had been so bady affected by the 1st use of poison gas in WW1. He was the only one of 8 runners to come out alive. We went and found the name of his mate Bob Hogg on the Menin gate. Very moving indeed.