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  1. I shot a dozen at roost yesterday. 6 were absolutely stuffed with mast, 2 with acorns, 1 with frozen tatties 1 with holly berries 1 with dirty barley and 1 with clean wheat. Several of them had a smattering of clover too.
  2. Hi JDog, I suggest you Google Radiotherapy and Intermiitent fasting this will minimise the damage to healthy tissue and stress the cancer sells to the maximum. Believe me it works! Regards andrew
  3. ******** they are charging people to shoot pigeons for sport and making a living from it! They are definately out to get Guides! Woodpigeons: an unforeseen consequence of our successful legal challenge is that a spotlight has been thrown on the shooting of Woodpigeons. As far as we can make out, the shooting of Woodpigeons for ‘sport’ or for food is not authorised under any current legislation. Woodpigeons that are legally shot, eg for the purpose of preventing serious damage to crops, may be sold as food. Any cursory reading of the shooting press will reveal that there is a lot of shooting of Woodpigeons for sport or commerce outside of the terms of the law. This is presumably why, buried away in the recently-published GL31 is the phrase ‘IMPORTANT: this licence does not permit the killing of woodpigeons solely for commercial and/or recreational purposes, and only activities conducted in accordance with this licence are authorised. If there is evidence that this licence is being used inappropriately then Natural England may review this licence.’. We believe that there is plenty of evidence that Woodpigeons were being shot for the purposes of commercial and recreational purposes before the revocation of GLO4, GL05 and GL06 and would be amazed if this is not continuing now – at a time when shooting of Woodpigeons to prevent serious damage to most crops is long gone (especially for Oil Seed Rape). Now it may be that society thinks that Woodpigeons should be a species that can be shot for recreational or commercial purposes but that is not the current legal position as we understand it. Defra should take urgent and active steps to make this clear to stakeholders which go far beyond two sentences buried in GL31. Defra may wish to consider legislative change on this matter and if it does then it should take that opportunity to specify that only non-toxic shot should be used for these purposes in line with the recommendations of the Lead Ammunition Group report of 201510and the science laid out in the Oxford Lead Symposium of 201513.
  4. ******** they are charging people to shoot pigeons for sport and making a living from it!
  5. That would be good news for the average shooter!
  6. Has Packham done us all a favour in that the "Not for profit" clause could have effectively made pigeon guiding illegal?
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