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  1. In some ways unique and exciting, in others - well birds will be birds. we haven't been able to use lead shot for waterfowl since the 1980s, and haven't been able to bait or night shoot since the 1930s. My second shoot was mallards at night over a carp pond where they were eating all the carp feed. It was a magnificent night and had a nice bag. My first shoot was a warm up the afternoon of the night shoot. A small copse of wood with some pigeons. The winds were classic Scottish gales (small children were out flying shingle rocks as kites - haha) and it took me a while before I sorted out the lead. I've also had a few days on the geese and at some point I will connect on a red grouse. Lots of reason to come back over.
  2. Greetings, Wildfowler, lab trainer, and stalker from North Carolina. Have had the pleasure to stalk and gun in Scotland and Sussex on several occasions. Thought I would drop by and read a bit on this site. Also have been following the whole revocation of GL fiasco, hope it sorts out in your favor soon. Coot
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