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  1. Good scope for sure, but total over kill when shooting at 15-20 yards I've moved into the use of a dot sight, would like to find one with a bit of mag built in, but the 30mm hawke is much more suited to how I'm using my stealth.
  2. last time I tested my PCP think its about 400 fps but it is pushing a 34 grn pellet so more bumble bee than wasp!
  3. I'm thinking around a value of £90
  4. As titled Nikkon Stirling Gameking 6-24x50 illuminated mill dot boxed, got this new a year ago its good but more scope than I need, so I would like to trade for a good stirrup pump for my PCP would like one with a gauge (as my PCP dose not have one ) but would consider one without. thanks Chaz
  5. I do like the pump ups, there seems to be quite a tradition for them in America, like the 2200 magnum by Crossman, Benjamin392 etc, there much like a pcp with a pump built in and can give fairly good power depending on pump, chamber volume etc energy's around 15-18fpds they will be much nicer than a spring gun at the same power plus its a work out per shot 😁
  6. The Ranger is very cool, hard to find! I have the early trooper with the long fore grip that some fool cut down to look like the model that's in your picture, trouble with that is mine is made with only one grip screw so it move's a bit under use! Mine cost me £60 and is fairly good so yeah tad over priced 🙂
  7. I have the 177, there about 10lbs energy with good accuracy the feed system needs the gate worked on a bit (lifting ramp angle is wrong) but there a very fun garden gun, you can blitz the tube mag in no time. Ho if you do strip it for bits I would be interested in the trigger adjuster screws....please🙂
  8. Nice gun always wanted one, did not know they came in .25 that would be the one I would like!
  9. Chaz25


    A real tractor of an airgun, easy to improve on as there very AK47, a good main spring and seal works very well.
  10. Brake honing kit works well, used one for my supersport and gamo paratrooper, also the supersport was fitted with an after market spring (thicker wire and more coils) by another owner, it was dam harsh and creeping in the stock all the time, I cut 5 coils off and finished the end correctly, its now putting out just under 11 pounds with some space for shims so final output can be adjusted by preload, but most important of all its stopped being harsh and the output is very consistent so one factor of accuracy is now very tight, the less variables shot to shot the more on point your gun becomes.
  11. Chaz25

    Hands Up

    Torx tools will fit allen heads, sometimes better than allen keys
  12. Try some thin washers on the trigger some side support would help.
  13. thanks I'll give them a try, the BSA likes lighter lead the stealth heavy , I pushed a tin of the H&N slugs through them both, my gun's spit them out just fine.
  14. Chaz25


    Had a HW 35 years ago, good gun can't see why it would not do just fine, I have a breaker carbine, a pump up and a PCP the breaker is the most strait forward of them all.
  15. I've used the 33gr's in the stealth, mine being a sub 12, you would think it pointless but over 10-15m they still carry good energy.
  16. My mate has a load of these kind of relicas, there far cheaper than de-activated guns and at least you can plink with them, but there not as well made as I think they should be and for sure there not my kind of thing, I like air guns to be air guns and not try and copy so much firearm style and form, but refect in style and form there own unique and at times high grade technology.....still kind of fun thou!
  17. Chaz25

    air pistol

    Yeh they cost sum! but there is second hand, I guess you have to set your price an see what you can find, I got my BSA 240 magnum for £130 but then paid over £200 for my LP3
  18. Chaz25

    air pistol

    Thought about the webley Alecto? its a compact pump up, I have one, the grip is a bit small but they got some poke, shoot well and look awesome!
  19. I have seen a few 12 pounders creep in there stock my .25 supersport dose it, I guess a FAC springer would be quite harsh to itself!
  20. The caps fit my nikko Strimmer, but they don't have the same depth will they still be of use to you?
  21. Hawk or nikko I got a new Gameking nikko sterling 6-24x50 for £100 it had been on the shelf for ages, so it shows you can find good deals.
  22. I have an old scope with chipped lens's if the caps fit my nikko would you want them?
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