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    Begin testing

    I've used the 33gr's in the stealth, mine being a sub 12, you would think it pointless but over 10-15m they still carry good energy.
  2. My mate has a load of these kind of relicas, there far cheaper than de-activated guns and at least you can plink with them, but there not as well made as I think they should be and for sure there not my kind of thing, I like air guns to be air guns and not try and copy so much firearm style and form, but refect in style and form there own unique and at times high grade technology.....still kind of fun thou!
  3. Chaz25

    air pistol

    Yeh they cost sum! but there is second hand, I guess you have to set your price an see what you can find, I got my BSA 240 magnum for £130 but then paid over £200 for my LP3
  4. Chaz25

    air pistol

    Thought about the webley Alecto? its a compact pump up, I have one, the grip is a bit small but they got some poke, shoot well and look awesome!
  5. I have seen a few 12 pounders creep in there stock my .25 supersport dose it, I guess a FAC springer would be quite harsh to itself!
  6. My mate has one of those, its really fun to shoot.
  7. Chaz25

    Scope caps

    The caps fit my nikko Strimmer, but they don't have the same depth will they still be of use to you?
  8. Hawk or nikko I got a new Gameking nikko sterling 6-24x50 for £100 it had been on the shelf for ages, so it shows you can find good deals.
  9. Chaz25

    Scope caps

    I have an old scope with chipped lens's if the caps fit my nikko would you want them?
  10. Chaz25

    What Optics?

    Nikko Gameking on adjustable mounts, and a hawk 2-7 x 32
  11. That would make sense, profit and cost per unit would be better, I guess looking at the Crossman straw and shroud system, weight and cost must of been the prime factor, also seen a good program on AR15 barrel manufacturing (hammer forged over a mandrel) again I guess main point for military supply is cost per unit as well as tolerance control.
  12. Ditchman…you have single elderly women (grannies) that turn over and kill people?? do they wait face down and just kill lost souls like some messed up northern troll?? I'm bloody never going north of Bristol!!
  13. Bruno, I think hammer forged barrels would be more accurately formed due to be able to control the mandrels tolerance better than cut rifling plus you would have worked hardening as another benefit at least that's my take on it.
  14. Surely a liner is part of a shrouded barrel system? my stealth, Crossman and bobcat all run liner systems, good for weight I would think, changeability, cost and harmonics?
  15. Chaz25

    New Member

    Mice should of got a gunpower stealth, its too simple to fail and its built for Americans...….
  16. Chaz25

    New Member

    HI, hansom rifle!
  17. Bruno has a good point, train your eye, its part of the skill set, and one less thing to carry but I'm a bit old school and morn the loss of personal skill with tech taking over things we are more than capable of doing with one of the most powerful computers know to man, his own mind.
  18. Chaz25

    New tool

    That's some serious James Bond bit of kit!
  19. The one to go for I would say is the Crossman 2200, the one to look for has this number stamped on the pump arm, this type has a stronger hammer and cocking lever springs, transfer port has a brass insert and a brass valve body plus the pump tube ingress hole is set farther forward so compress's more.
  20. Gamo compact but the trigger is too heavy, a slightly longer adjuster screw would sort that.
  21. Try 50 yards with a point .25 it will look like your aiming for the moon but what a shot!
  22. Chaz25

    Pellet prices

    Or you got a mother load of lead for slugs! get yourself a .50 cal pop gun and a casting kit
  23. Chaz25


    Thanks gents, I think for the cost it would find a role, I'm getting a tri-rail to move the scope up and a seal kit, so for a bit extra to the order, its not going to be a big dip into the wallet!
  24. Chaz25

    Pellet prices

    When plinking I collect the lead, next would be a way of making your own (casting and sizing ) if not scrap value would be good anyhow.
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