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  1. anyone got one of these. Any good. Only £32 delivered😳
  2. Cheers miki, I know there is always someone smarter than me. I’ll go searching eBay😁😁
  3. For those more technically minded than myself. I have a magnet battery which is a 12v 7Ah battery which is on its last legs. If I buy a new one which I want to last longer than the original, do I just up the Ah side of things. What do people use?
  4. No luck there or at Promatic. Any other leads grateful😎
  5. Looking for a friend, who is after the above boxes. These are the old style selector/controller boxes that have the counter that plugs in on the top right hand side. If anyone has any of the above or can point me in the right direction I would be grateful. Cheers
  6. Afternoon all, just been given this camera. Not sure how old it is but it’s never been used in anger. Replaced all the batteries but it won’t switch on. Anybody own one of these or can help, or have I been given an expensive door stop. Cheers😁
  7. Hi Misser, 15 mins from you and would love to help. Fully insured etc. PM me if you would like a hand🙂
  8. Nope, decided it’s no good. I need to resign, move to Kent and get me a new career that gives me days off when I need them. Lucky *******😂😂😂
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