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    I really must make a passionate plea for you to vote LibDem or Labour or even Father Christmas, just not for anybody who will give you Brexit. We really need you in the EU! Who is going to help us bail out the German banks if you leave? It's only a trillion, you wont even miss the money. Come on...what happened to the nice, friendly country who was always willing to lend a hand? Thank you in advance. The Italian people.
  2. I am an ex-South African, retired and living in Italy. But my entire pension pot is invested in the UK, so what happens in the UK is of great importance to me!
  3. I have never been PC, and don’t plan to start today. What was TM and other remainers doing near the D-Day celebrations? And Merkel? And that snivelling little Vichy French toad? Don’t tell me times have changed! Don’t tell me it is time to forgive and forget. Don’t tell me we must move on. Because that would negate the loss of every single soldier who died for our freedom. These soldiers (including my grandfather and his brother) fought and died to protect us against the Third Reich. To give us the freedom to decide for ourselves, to govern ourselves, to be free. And yet, TM and company want to pull us deeper into the Fourth Reich? Hitler must be laughing in his grave! He’s got his “lebensraum” all right! All of Europe! Don’t the Remainers read anything? Don’t they see what is happening in Europe? Mama mia, even in Italy which has always been leftwing the information is freely available. This “ club” serves 2 countries. Germany and France. Belgium as always is the remora which picks up the shark’s droppings and can be included with these 2 . For everybody else? Rules and regulations. Orders. You have ONE foot in this mess. You can still pull out. Those of us with the Euro can’t. For us it is too late and we can never leave. I have to stress again, if you remain in the EU the days of picking which rules you like will finish in a year or 2 and you will become satellite states of Germany just like us. Once you have the Euro there is no going back!
  4. Don't worry too much. The second jump is the scary one. Ditchman, Jeyes fluid! What a nostalgic memory! I think all the Hercules (called a Flossy in South Africa) in the entire Commonwealth smell of Jeyes.
  5. What worries me and many outside the UK like me, is what will happen if you are forced to Remain. You have one foot in the EU and one in the UK and they certainly won’t allow that to continue if you crawl back with your tail between your legs. You will certainly not be allowed to continue with your pick-a-mix of EU regulations like now. You will be punished and made an example of. I don’t think many of you realise just how small the EU’s impact on your daily lives is at the moment. From shop hours to what you can buy in Abdul’s corner shop. What you can buy in Boots without a prescription. Protection of the yuman rights of criminals. You don’t have any protection unless you are either a politician or a criminal (often the same thing!) or a famous lefty (Sting who uses migrant labour in Italy comes to mind). Workers rights? Don’t make me laugh! But the Pound is what really sets you apart from us slaves. The Pound is why so many small people like me from all over the EU and all over the world invest in the UK. It is safe. The Euro is not. It is why you have the massive investment from the Russian mafia and why you have the massive investment from the Arabian countries. Do you think that is going to continue if you lose the Pound? And you WILL lose the Pound . You will be forced into that because it is the first thing that sets you apart from us. The first thing that allows you to be an individual country, to have a national identity. The Remainers are worried about (probably temporarily) losing a few businesses. But if you do remain, given the almost certain severe punishment awaiting you, you are probably going to lose a lot more investment that if you Brexited.
  6. Hello all I am an ex-South African, retired and living in Italy. Sometime in my past I took the Queen’s shilling, farmed in SA and was a professional game hunter. I don’t hunt much anymore, especially here in my area of Tuscany where a large part of the gamebirds has been overhunted to almost extinction. I do still hunt the odd boar for the table but my passion is FITASC sporting. I spend a goodly amount of time reading (lurking!) on the various forums. I am a fervent Brexiteer (I might live in Italy but my money lives and works in the UK!) and have wide interests including Land Rovers and British shotguns and rifles.
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